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Home > New Gear > Roborock T6 using experience: the most outstanding smart robot vacuum cleaner I have reviewed
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Roborock T6 using experience: the most outstanding smart robot vacuum cleaner I have reviewed

Roborock T6 using experience: the most outstanding smart robot vacuum cleaner I have reviewed

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-02 4096 1

The newly released Xiaomi Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner was sold out within 11.5 hours as soon as it went on the first sale. We have written many reviews about it, so we will share some actual using experience about this product this time.

Roborock T6 design  

The original intention of buying a vacuum cleaner for many users is to save time and free themselves. However, the using experience of most vacuum cleaners is not so good. Since Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner released, the LDS laser navigation smart robot vacuum cleaners are well received. As the latest product of Roborock Technology, the Roborock T6 also adopts LDS laser navigation, and the upgraded algorithm makes it much smarter than last generation.


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Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner specs

First, you can check the main specs of the Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner.


Product name
Xiaomi Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner
Product size
13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
Product weight
Suction Power (Pa)
Number of sensors
Mopping attachments
Microfiber mop + 10 disposable wipes
Mopping Function
Voice control via Xiaomi Mi AI
Water box capacity
Water box capacity
Dust bin capacity
Min/max noise
App control
Mi Home App
Battery capacity
5,200 mAh
Battery life
150 minutes
Barrier Height (in/cm)
0.78 / 2

How about the suction and noise of the Roborock T6?

The suction is what most people cares about. The maximum suction of the Mijia robot vacuum cleaner is 1800Pa, which performs well in most cases. While the new Roborock T6 further increased the suction to 2000Pa, so let's see how about its actual performance.

First of all, we scattered some leaves and small pieces of paper on the ground to test the cleaning performance of the Roborock T6. Through the test, we can see that the Roborock T6 can almost clean them up after a round trip.

Roborock T6 clean some leaves and small pieces of paper   

In the second scenario, we created some troubles for it. We scattered some screws on the floor. To our surprise, the Roborock T6 absorbed all the screws. Although it generates louder noise after absorbing the screws, it proves that the suction of the Roborock T6 is very powerful.  

Roborock T6 clean some screws 

Then what about the noise? The Roborock T6 is equipped with a new 30.5mm motor with a gearbox, and it is filled with some soundproof sponge and noise reduction air screen, which will greatly reduce the cleaning noise.

Through the test, we found that the cleaning noise of the Roborock T6 is much lower than the original Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum cleaner and the last generation of the Roborock T6. Its cleaning noise almost doesn’t disturb you. However, we don’t recommend you to use it during the sleeping, as the high-power motor will still generate some noise.     

Roborock T6: obstacle climbing ability test

The obstacle climbing ability is a key factor that users need to consider before buying. As there may be some thresholds at the door of each room. If the vacuum cleaner has a bad climbing ability, it cannot automatically enter the room to finish the whole clean plan.

The original Xiaomi Mijia vacuum cleaner can climb up to 1.5m obstacles, which is fine but not outstanding. While the obstacle climbing ability of the Roborock T6 is 2cm. In our test, the Roborock T6 can successfully pass the aluminum alloy  threshold to enter the kitchen. However, if it takes the water tank, the climbing ability is slightly weakened.     

Roborock T6 obstacle climbing ability test 

Roborock T6: new map system experience

Many people reflect that the Mijia Robot vacuum cleaner has a good performance. It relies on the excellent LDS laser scanning algorithm and the ability of intelligent path planning. The Roborock T6 further upgraded the map system, officially called Map Management 3.0. In my using experience, the new map management system offers better display effect and cleaner real-time position.  

Roborock T6 new map system 

When you open the map saving mode. The Roborock T6 will intelligently partition your house, and divide your house into different cleaning areas according to your rooms. You can also adjust the cleaning area at any time according to your needs. You can also set the forbidden zone or virtual wall on the Mijia APP if you don’t want the T6 to clean the area.   

 Roborock T6 intelligently partition  house

Besides, I found that we can select the assigned area to clean even after we enable the scheduled cleaning. For example, after I get up every day, I just want to clean the bedroom. As long as I choose it on APP, it will finish the cleaning task according to my needs.

After a period of use, I found that the Map Management 3.0 system is indeed the best map system I have used and reviewed. The Roborock T6 is also one of the smartest sweeping robots.

Conclusion and suggestion

Generally speaking, the Roborock T6 is smarter and further optimized the using experience. However, there are also some disadvantages for me. For example, the water tank capacity of the Roborock T6 is a little small, which makes it hard to finish the whole cleaning task at a single time for the large house. While if you don’t mind adding water halfway, it’s not a disadvantage for you.   



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