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Home > New Gear > Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

By  Lydia Scott 2020-05-20 9560 1

Some time ago, Roborock T7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner showed up with a brand new floor mop system and map management 4.0. After a short interval of two months, Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the upgraded version of Roborock T7 was officially released. Roborock T7 Pro features ReactiveAI binocular obstacle avoidance, 2500Pa high suction, 297ml constant voltage electric water control tank, multi-map management, real-time video and other features, which can also be regarded as an upgrade for the pain points of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner industry. So what is the cleaning performance of the latest Roborock T7 Pro? Now, Gearbest Blog has got the Roborock T7 Pro, I would like to share with you the Roborock T7 Pro using experience review.

Roborock T7 Pro Review: A Highly Technological Appearance Design

Like most Xiaomi Mijia and Xiaomi eco-chain smart appliances, the Roborock T7 Pro takes a simple style, the overall design continues the family layout of Roborock, and the protruding circle on the front is a laser ranging sensor and a laser pressure sensor. The top of the sensor bulge also has Roborock's LOGO design. This time Roborock T7 Pro only has obsidian black as a color match. Compared with white, black has a relatively stronger texture, and it is not too simple, and it can be well integrated into most people's furniture furnishings.

In addition, the surface process of the Roborock T7 Pro cover has changed from the previous high gloss spray-free paint to IMR, that is, in-mold transfer. There is not much difference between the two processes, both of which are quite new, beautiful, and textured. The problem is that fingerprints are obvious.


The front of the Roborock T7 Pro uses three physical buttons, and all reboot, networking, start and stop operations can be completed through these three buttons.


For floor-sweeping robots, product size is more important than appearance, especially height. The height (thickness) of the Roborock T7 Pro is 96.5mm, which is easy to enter for most clean corners such as the bottom of the TV cabinet and sofa. In addition, some small obstacles at home can be easily overcome by the Roborock T7 Pro.


As for the charging base, the size is not large compared to similar products on the market, and it is very friendly for users whose home area is not large. The back of the Roborock T7 Pro charging base also has a winding function, which can control the length of the wire according to the actual needs, and will not feel messy because the wire is too long.


The bottom of the Roborock T7 Pro is also equipped with a one-sided rotary brush to better sweep away accumulated dust when cleaning walls and corners.


The brush also has the function of intelligently adjusting rotational speed. To put it simply, when the robot sweeps to the wall or corner position, the rotating brush will rotate at a high speed, while when it is not on the wall, the speed of the brush will automatically come down to avoid hitting the garbage.


All the ladies in the family have such an annoyance. That is, longer hair is easily wound around the main brush, especially around the rotating shaft, which is difficult to clean, and if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the rotation of the main brush.


To solve this problem, the Roborock T7 Pro main brush swivel adopts a quick disassembly design, so that the shaft cap can be removed and the hair wrapped in it can be easily removed by simply turning it around.


The Roborock T7 Pro water tank uses an electronically controlled effluent design, which is much more high-tech than the plant bionic water tank (that is, the water is shaken by the movement of a floor-sweeping robot). Therefore, when mopping the floor, the sweeping robot can control the water output as needed to avoid the embarrassment that the mop is not moist enough and has no cleaning ability, or that it is oversaturated and leaves a water mark. With this function, when you preset the cleaning mode of the sweeping robot, you can set the small amount of water in the bedroom, the amount of water in the living room, and a large amount of water in the kitchen.


Although the water tank looks small, it also has a 297ml capacity. For an ordinary family of 80 square meters, if the living room, kitchen, and toilet are dragged every day, and the bedroom is dragged every three days, the water will be added once every three days.


But it is worth noting that the water injection outlet of the water tank is quite small, and there is a relatively dense filter, so the faucet can not be turned on when water injection, can only slowly wait for it to fill.


In addition, the built-in battery of Roborock T7 Pro is still 5200mAh, with a maximum suction of 2500pa, which is basically the same as Roborock T7. In short, as long as your home is not a large villa of more than 300square meters, there will be no problem with a thorough cleaning in the fully charged state.


Taken together, the appearance and basic functions of the Roborock T7 Pro are basically the same as those of the Roborock T7, but the Roborock T7 Pro has an AI binocular system, two 500W pixels 120-degree wide-angle cameras in front of the fuselage, and a Qualcomm 8-core CPU. To put it simply, the obstacle avoidance ability of Roborock T7 Pro is stronger and smarter than that of Roborock T7.


Roborock T7 Pro Review: Using Experience

The algorithm is the technical core of the floor-sweeping robot, and it is the key to path planning and a complex environment to deal with calmly. Roborock T7 Pro integrates Reactive AI's RR mason 7.03D algorithm with Qualcomm 8-core CPU, so this also greatly improves the obstacle avoidance ability of Roborock T7 Pro.


Next, we focus on the AI binocular obstacle avoidance of Roborock T7 Pro. At present, AI binocular system is widely used in the field of UAV and autopilot. At present, DJI UAV, Tesla, and Baidu L4 mass production autopilot technology all use binocular vision systems.


The sweeping robot is actually a small autopilot system, and in a sense, the home environment is even more complex than the road environment. There will be many easily identifiable signs on the highway, such as lanes, traffic signs, brake lights, etc., and there are fewer types of obstacles on the road. On the other hand, the home environment is complex and varied, there are no fixed signs, there are obstacles of various materials, and there are all kinds of obstacles that make the machine stuck and unable to clean, and there are also many machines that need to bypass obstacles to avoid pushing away. such as wires, slippers, pet droppings, but also need to ensure coverage to avoid a missed sweep. This is also a big pain point for floor-sweeping robots.


So what are the benefits of a binocular vision system equipped with a floor-sweeping robot? The intelligent obstacle avoidance function can be realized through binocular stereo vision and AI object recognition technology, and the common obstacles such as weight, fan base, shoes, and wiring board in the home can be avoided by a sweeping robot.


According to Roborock, the success rate of obstacle avoidance in the same complex environment is 90% higher than that of robots without visual obstacle avoidance. At the same time, real-time photos of obstacles will be displayed in App map to enhance the user experience, and the real-time video function will be added to meet the security needs of caring for the elderly, children, and pets.


In short, with the AI binocular system, Roborock T7 Pro is more intelligent in obstacle avoidance, such as pet poop. At the same time, there are more application scenarios, and the addition of real-time video function can also be regarded as the work of a smart camera.


We set up a messy actual experience environment, with some sundries and toys on the bottom. But the performance of the Roborock T7 Pro is still beyond my imagination. From the practical experience, such as weight, fan base, shoes, patch boards, toys can be avoided smoothly.


In addition, Roborock T7 Pro in this messy environment did not forget his job, in standard mode, the basic cleaning is very clean, but some dead corners are still missing.


Safe obstacle avoidance can also be achieved in a dark environment. The Roborock T7 Pro is equipped with adaptive infrared supplementary lights, which can also achieve safe obstacle avoidance in dark environments. Can avoid all visual range of the household common width of more than 5cm, between high 3cm-8cm (higher than 8cm LDS can see) obstacles, even if you can not identify what objects can also be avoided.

In addition to avoiding obstacles, with these two cameras, the Roborock T7 Pro can also provide remote housekeeping and real-time video. When you are away from home, you can also use Roborock, to check the situation at home and whether your pet is mischievous. But it cannot be viewed when the machine is charging. In addition, you can also watch the whole process of robot work through your mobile phone, which is still very interesting. To ensure privacy, you also need a hand-drawn password to view videos.


There is no need to worry about the safety of the camera, Roborock T7 Pro fixed two cameras in the front of the fuselage, the collision buffer in the front of the fuselage is active, in order to ensure the binocular effect, the binocular visual opening of the collision buffer uses reinforced glass to prevent daily scratches at the same time. In order to prevent dust from entering the binoculars, a dustproof buffer soft glue and a precision filtering respiratory system are also designed in the activity space between the binoculars and the moving collision buffer. ensure that the collision buffer can breathe flexibly while isolating dust from the air into the binocular camera.


Roborock T7 Pro continues map management 4.0 on Roborock T7, mainly a customizable cleaning scheme. In the past, we can only choose to let the floor-sweeping robot carry out global cleaning or area cleaning, but now we can make a detailed cleaning plan, and the cleaning suction of different rooms and the amount of water sweeping the floor can be combined at will. In addition, the cleaning order of different rooms can also be adjusted.


Cleaning restricted areas and virtual walls can also be set up on the map. For example, I didn't want the sweeping robot to enter the bathroom, so I set up a virtual wall at the door. Valuable and fragile items are often placed near this table in the living room, so a restricted area is set up so that these items are safe. There is also a floor mop restricted area, which is mainly used to mark carpets. When no mop bracket is installed, the floor-sweeping robot will clean the carpet normally and will avoid it automatically after installation to prevent the carpet from getting wet.



The Roborock T7 Pro costs 3899 yuan, which is 400 yuan more expensive than the Roborock T7, in return for an AI binocular vision system and more intelligent obstacle avoidance.


In addition to obstacle avoidance, AI binocular vision system also brings more games, such as real-time video function is very interesting, the sweeping robots in addition to sweeping the floor can also look after the house.


At a time when the cleaning and endurance ability of the sweeping robot has reached a high level in the industry, the Roborock T7 Pro can be said to bring new ideas to the industry, and maybe one day, the sweeping robot can also become the intelligent center of the family.


Going back to the product itself, if you have children or pets at home and the cleaning scene is complicated, then Roborock T7 Pro is definitely a good choice.

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