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Home > New Gear > Roborock T7 Unboxing Review: The Best Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner As For Now
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Roborock T7 Unboxing Review: The Best Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner As For Now

Roborock T7 Unboxing Review: The Best Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner As For Now

By  Lydia Scott 2020-03-23 13425 69

A month after the release of the Roborock P5, the Roborock T7 is officially available to consumers. This is the latest flagship product of the Roborock technology family, which has a very significant upgrade compared to the previous generation of Roborock T6 and Roborock T7. For example, the new large-capacity electronically controlled water tank, can accurately control each milliliter of water, such as 2500Pa suction, which can absorb more dust, such as the new upgrade of the map management 4.0 system, so that users more convenient and easy to use the product. Now, Gearbest Blog has got the Roborock T7 for the first time and has experienced it for a long time. So how will the upgraded Roborock T7 T7 change our lives? What will be the difference in user experience? This Roborock T7 review post will give you a detailed answer.

Roborock T7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Outlook Design

In terms of design, the Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner is still a good project. Roborock T7 as a whole continues the family design of Roborock Technology, with a simple and generous design concept. Compared with other exaggerated shapes or color matches of the robot vacuum cleaner on the market, Roborock T7 is very fresh.

What Gearbest Blog gets is the white version of Roborock T7, the whole body is pure white, and the water tank buckle in the watchtower and butt position above the fuselage uses a small area of bright orange embellishment, which adds a little bit of spirituality and vitality to the whole robot vacuum cleaner.


The front of the Roborock T7 uses three physical buttons, and all boot, networking, start and stop operations can be completed through these two buttons.


At the bottom is a familiar design language, including detachable main brushes and up and down telescopic rollers, as well as guide wheels, edge brushes and other parts.


Roborock T7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Using Experience

Before Roborock T7 works, you need to bind Roborock T7 to your Mijia App in the same way as other Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Press and hold the outermost keys to reset wifi, and open the Mijia App search product.


All your next control operations will be done on Mijia App.


Roborock T7 carries the new RR Mason 7.0stone robot system algorithm, RR Mason 7.0has smarter mapping and positioning, smarter route planning and other features. According to the official statement, the "real-time data management algorithm" is responsible for managing and distributing the environmental data collected by the sensor, and the "perception and mapping algorithm" is used for data fusion and analysis. then the "navigation and motion algorithm" carries out dynamic navigation and planning according to the analysis results.


In the experience, the biggest impression of the Roborock T7 is that it is smarter, for example, there are only a handful of hits against the wall, there are few repeated paths, and for example, the Roborock T7 can clean more area at the same time.


Roborock T7 Cleaning Test

In the face of some complex cleaning environments, Roborock T7 can easily cope with the help of powerful algorithms. For example, the bottom of the sofa, it will not be like some products, around the sofa leg "hit the head" can not get out. For example, when you encounter obstacles such as table legs, Roborock T7 will immediately turn around, explore the road with a new angle, detect impassability, and immediately clean up other areas.


In the experience, we also found that there is a significant upgrade to the Roborock T7, that is, when the machine is about to encounter an obstacle, the machine will do a significant deceleration instead of crashing into it.



For example, in the narrow environment shown below, when the Roborock T7 detects an obstacle ahead, it will immediately change the appropriate direction, just like having eyes, knowing where the correct exit is, rather than simply sweeping by memory.


The maximum suction of the Roborock T7 is 2500pa, a full 500pa higher than the Roborock T6 and the just-released Roborock P6, which means that the Roborock T7 can absorb heavier garbage particles. For some larger kernels, the Roborock T7 will also be easily sucked into the dust collection box inside the fuselage at one time.


Of course, no matter which suction mode it is, you can hear the inevitable noise generated by the Roborock T7 at work. When I use it during the day, I will choose standard suction, and when it is quiet at night, I will choose quiet suction. The above two kinds of noise are acceptable, but when MAX mode and strong mode suction are turned on, the noise is still relatively obvious. Of course, if you prefer a quiet living environment, you can choose to clean regularly when you are not at home, or remotely controlled by Mijia App.


Roborock T7 Water Tank Test

The Roborock T7 has ushered in a very big upgrade in the water tank, which is divided into two parts, with a water storage tank at the top and a mop bracket at the bottom. The Roborock T7 has the largest water tank in the Roborock technology family, with a capacity of 297ml.


After taking it apart, as shown in the following figure:



In the way of disassembly and installation of the water tank, Roborock T7 is also more reasonable and user-friendly. It uses a drawer-type mop bracket design, which does not need to remove the floor-sweeping robot from the bottom up, just press and holds the orange buckle from the back of the Roborock T7 to install or remove the water tank and mop bracket.


The electronically controlled water tank of the Roborock T7 has a 297ml capacity, and officials say small water can mop 250square meters of land and medium water can mop 200square meters of land.


The peristaltic pump scheme is adopted in the electronically controlled water tank. Compared with the traditional diaphragm pump scheme, the former has the characteristics of high precision, low noise and not easy to clog. The Roborock T7's mop bracket has a constant pressure floating design with a ground pressure of about 300g. When starting to mop the floor, the electronically controlled water tank of the Roborock T7 will actively increase the amount of water sprayed to wet the mop quickly.

Roborock T7 Usability and Convenience Test

Like the Roborock P6, when intelligently choosing path planning, it will give priority to the "long side" for cleaning. To take the simplest example, your room is long, so the Roborock T7 will choose the long part to clean when planning the path.


For example, in the picture below, in the east-west direction of the bedroom, the Roborock T7 uses horizontal cleaning. And the north-south direction of the kitchen, Roborock T7 uses a vertical cleaning method.


Smarter choice path planning reduces repetitive paths, which means further compression of cleaning time. In fact, the author's test, about 80 square meters of houses, cleaning time is 36 minutes, cleaning area of 36 square meters. It takes about a minute to clean a square meter, and the power consumption is 13%.


The Roborock T7 has a built-in 5200mAh battery and, in standard mode, lasts about 2.5 hours at a time, and officials say it can clean up about 250sq m of the housing area. The Roborock T7 also supports the intelligent breakpoint continuation function, which calculates the charging time according to the uncleaned area and comes out to continue cleaning when it can meet the remaining cleaning tasks.


In addition, the Roborock T7 has a new multi-map management system that supports customization including room cleaning order, suction size, and water tank size.

What’s more, the Roborock T7 uses a very user-friendly custom water control, with a set of very rigorous and reasonable algorithms.


If the user sets the amount of water in a room to off, Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner will not spray water at the beginning of cleaning but will give priority to cleaning the dry mop area, and then quickly wet the mop into the room that needs wet mop.


Of course, with so much praise, Roborock T7 is not completely flawless in use. For example, in our experience, we occasionally encounter the problem that the Mijia App and the sweeping robot can not connect, or the connection is slow, which may be the reason for the early engineering machine.


The advantages outweigh the shortcomings, we believe that the Roborock T7 floor sweeping robot is a very mature and friendly intelligent floor sweeping robot product, worthy of the flagship responsibility of Roborock technology. Roborock T7 has smart sweep algorithm and more reasonable user-friendly operation, which is a comprehensive work of the latest technological achievements of Roborock science and technology, and will certainly bring consumers the best user experience and higher quality of life.


At present, the Roborock T7 is priced at 2899RMB and is now on sale in China, with a choice of white and gold colors. It is unclear when the Roborock T7 will go on sale in India or other countries. I believe it won't be long before you can buy the latest Roborock T7 floor sweeping robot.

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