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Home > New Gear > Roll into fun with the Planet Boy RC ball shape robot!
Roll into fun with the Planet Boy RC ball shape robot!

Roll into fun with the Planet Boy RC ball shape robot!

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-10-13 5018 7

The Planet Boy 2.4GHz RC Ball Shape Robot is one of the most popular toys on our Gearbest. Why? It could be its R2-D2-like look or the fun functionality that hides within. We will try to answer this and many other questions in this review.

Planet Boy Robot unboxing and review

After I open the package, the first thing that catches my eyes is a ball — then I also see the hemispherical head and a steering wheel type transmitter. Okay, so there will be some assembly involved.

But it's actually much easier than I thought. The second I put the hemispherical head on top of the ball, it immediately attaches to it — the first step of the assembly process is already behind me.

How to assemble the Planet Boy Robot?

Before starting the assembly, you should prepare 6 x 1.5V AA batteries and a small slotted screwdriver. Once everything is ready, start with installing the battery.

Step 1: Install the battery for the transmitter

Use a small slotted screwdriver to remove the screw on the back of the transmitter and install 2 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Step 2: Take the robot ball apart

Hold the ball in your hands, press and rotate it to take off the top part.

Step 3: Install the battery for the main engine

Use a small slotted screwdriver to open the battery cover of the main engine and install 4 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Step 4: Put the main engine into the ball

Once the battery installation is finished, press the red button on the main engine and get ready for a performance - the robot will starts speaking and singing. Then, put the main engine into the ball and make sure it's secured in place.

Important: don't switch off the power when putting the main engine into the ball.

How to play with the Planet Boy Robot?

When all the installation and assembly are finished, you can finally start playing with the Planet Boy.

You can use the transmitter to control the direction in which the robot moves. You can make the mini robot show off its best dance moves - just press a button, and Planet Boy will switch to a different set of moves to different music tracks.

Note: The control distance of transmitter is 5-10 meters, so you should use it within the effective range.

As you see, the head is connected to the main body with a super magnet. Which, in turn, allows the head to move freely with a 360 degree range. What's more, the robot's ball-shaped body and tumbler design let it easily move in any direction without falling down.

More interestingly, in Automatic Patrol Mode, Planet Boy can follow its own previously made tracks — the built-in probe helps record the tracks into the robot's memory and also lets it discover new routes.

If you want to experience a better acousto-optical performance, you can turn off the lights or put the roboty in a room with dimmed lighting. Then, you will see Planet Boy's friendly glow and enjoy a truly club-like dance performance.

Just look at how Planet Boy can dance all your troubles away!

Having played with the robot for quite a while, I can say with confidence that not only is it loads of fun — it's also a great babysitter. Kids simply love ordering Planet Boy around and dancing together to the catchy tunes.

Pros & Cons

In order to give you a fuller picture of what Planet Boy is actually like, I've summarized some of the key pros and cons in the table below.

Pros   Cons

Attractive appearance, strong build.

Creative design.

Nice acoustic & visual effects.

Colorful LED lights flashing rhythmically.

Ergonomic & anti-slip design of the transmitter.

Five action modes, easy operation.


× You will need a screwdriver to insert and change batteries.

× The sphere is not very easy to install after taking the robot apart.

× The power button is in the sphere, so it's not very convenient to turn the robot off.




It's really a fun toy suitable for children above 8 years old. It may take you some time to get it together — but the time spend on assembly is well worth the experience. Plus, building a robot with your kids is an interesting project in itself. All in all, I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone with young children or even adults who have always dreamed of having their own R2-D2-like companion.

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