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Home > New Gear > Samsung Galaxy A90 5G review: a less "noble" 5G phone
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G review: a less "noble" 5G phone

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G review: a less "noble" 5G phone

By  Gilberto Mcgaw 2019-12-28 4276 8

[gearbest Evaluation] Samsung, as a major international manufacturer, has always been at the forefront of international design and technology, and of course the price is not so "close to the people". Ten years ago, the mobile phone industry was not so transparent, and the high price of mobile phones as a "high-end consumer electronics" was acceptable in everyone's mind. But now the rise of domestic mobile phone brands, the price war is in full swing, international big brands instantly lost their advantage.

2019 can be said to be the first year of 5G, domestic brands Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi have launched 5G mobile phones, Samsung naturally can not lag behind. Samsung recently launched a mid-range 5G model, the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. Although the official position is in the middle, the price of 4499 yuan is already the same as that of domestic high-end phones. So what about this phone? let's take a look at it together.

 Galaxy A90 5G Appearance

Samsung has always had its own persistence in appearance design. In particular, the high-end flagship is full of cool techs. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G (hereinafter referred to as A90 5G) follows today's mainstream design language, but at the same time maintains some of its own traditional characteristics. "exquisite" is my first impression of A90 5G. What I feel in my hand is solid workmanship.

Compared to the Note10 and S10 series, the A90 5G is more conservative in appearance. The front uses a U-video screen (Infinity-U Display), which is what we call a "water drop full screen". At present, this is the best way not to destroy the integrity of the screen and not to use mechanical structure, but to pursue a high screen proportion. The screen is a 6.7in FHD+ Super AMOLED display with a screen ratio of 93.4 per cent.

Is different from many domestic machines, Samsung does not make the Radian of the screen too large, only using 2.5D polishing + metal frame to wrap the edge of the scheme, will feel to achieve a very excellent level. If you look closely, you will find that the metal frame of the A905G is wider, extending upward and wrapping directly around the screen. There is no buffer band between the screen and the frame, and the combination of glass and metal is perfect, without cutting hands. 

All sides of the screen are filleted, the width of the left and right upper border is basically the same, and the chin part is also within an acceptable range. The top handset uses a semi-hidden design, although it is not completely invisible, but it is difficult to find if you do not watch it carefully. The A90 5G places both the power button and the volume key on the right side of the fuselage, and the one-handed position is also very comfortable.

The back of the fuselage, Samsung played a little different this time. Samsung split the back glass into four pieces with two wires on the back of the A90 5G. This position should be calculated, not absolutely equal. The four areas that look almost the same can emit different effects and colors in different light. With 3D curved glass, it can be said that the back of the A90 5G has nothing to do with "monotonous". As to whether this design is good-looking or not, it can only be said that people have different opinions.

The Samsung A90 5G also supports on-screen fingerprint unlocking, this time in the form of optical fingerprinting, which is unlocked by fingerprint comparison by lighting your fingers and taking pictures. From the speed of input and unlock, basically any position of the speed and accuracy are very high. However, when picking up the phone, it may take a few seconds to wait for the fingerprint icon to appear, and the success rate of blind unlocking is not very high.

Overall, the Samsung A90 5G in the design, a good integration of trends and their own characteristics. Considering the need to control costs, it is understandable in many places. However, exquisite workmanship and feel can also be regarded as a big plus. As a mid-range model, the Samsung A905G is good in appearance, worthy of a 4499 price.

Hardware: Snapdragon 855 has not yet been "out of date"

Has seen the appearance and price, we are naturally looking forward to its hardware configuration. The A905G is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. As the flagship chip of the previous generation, it is still a long way from being "out of date". It doesn't matter whether it's daily use or playing large 3D games. With 8GB+128GB storage combination, you can bring a more powerful experience. Just talking is not enough, it is still necessary to run a specific point to see.

First of all, we used an rabbit to test, after the running score of A905G, we got a score of 445657 in an rabbit, of which the score of CPU was 143578 and that of GPU was 167697. From the performance point of view, whether it is daily use, or running large 3D games, can be very smooth.

Then we use Geekbench to test the single-core / multi-core processing performance of the processor. The A905G single core score is 3453 and the multi-core score is 11004. The core score actually has a greater impact on daily use, and the A905G is in the excellent level.

Next, we used another comprehensive testing software, Master Lu, to test the A905G. As you can see, the A905G scored 418845, and the CPU and GPU scores are both excellent.

We tested the 3D rendering ability of A90 5G through 3DMark, and the Sling Shot Extream score was 5697. Overall, the A905G can run a variety of large 3D games perfectly, and there is no need to worry about performance at all.

In addition, the A90 5G is equipped with a 4500mAh high-capacity battery with 25W super-accelerated charging, which can basically meet our heavy use in a day. Although this charging speed is not the fastest today, it can "recover blood" for your phone more quickly in an emergency.

5G VS 4G

As a 5G mobile phone, A905G supports NSA networking mode, which is also the most mainstream 5G network mode at present. Through our actual measurement, the download rate of A905G can reach 834Mbps, and the uplink speed can reach about 106Mbps. However, due to the current 5G network base station laying is not perfect, the future rate may be higher.

Photos: 48 million HD main photos, see more clearly and more widely

In terms of photography, has always been Samsung's housekeeper. The A905G is equipped with three back shots, including a 48 million-pixel main shot, a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 5 million virtual lens. Through the cooperation of the three, we can achieve a more powerful shooting experience. Among them, the main F2.0 aperture, 123-degree ultra-wide-angle shooting, and the front 32MP camera, which support the virtual selfie and intelligent beauty, are all very powerful. The

Wide-angle lens is now very common on mobile phones, and the benefits are obvious. When shooting buildings, the wide-angle lens can not only accommodate more picture content, but also create a more tall and straight visual effect.

Everything has two sides, wide-angle lens distortion is a very serious problem, here is a very test of a mobile phone software algorithm. From the practical experience, the wide-angle distortion correction effect of A905G is not so obvious, and the edge part will be a little deformed.

In addition to shooting buildings, the wide-angle lens can also give the sculpture a more tense feeling. Not only that, but also can shoot long legs!

"Real-time virtual" is a feature of Samsung mobile phones. When shooting, you can watch the virtual effect in real time through the viewfinder frame. From the sample point of view, the A905G is very natural for the matting of the edge of the object and the virtual background.

When shooting characters, this kind of background virtual effect can bring a rich artistic effect, so that "you are the only one in my eyes".

In addition, the A905G also has night mode, which is commonly known as night view mode. In the actual experience, the phone needs to be stabilized for about two seconds after shooting, and then the system will carry out a processing, which is enough to output into a film. From the actual imaging effect, the A905G is excellent in suppressing the highlights and brightening the dark parts.

In this picture, the picture seen by the actual human eye is darker. But the A905G can greatly increase the brightness of the picture and make the details of more objects clearer.

Even in scenes where the light is very complex, the A905G only partially overflows highlights. The overall light and shade contrast of the picture is well controlled, and the details of the distant buildings are also very clear. 


This time.As a "mid-range" model, Samsung is actually a little modest about the A905G. The appearance design follows the trend, but retains its own characteristics; Snapdragon 855 never lags behind in hardware, wide-angle photography + night view performance is good, and support for 5G. Taken together, the price of 4499 of the A905G as a 5G phone doesn't seem to be that hard to accept. If you like Samsung's system, ecology, or adequate budget, I think the A905G can consider it.

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