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Home > New Gear > Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S: mainly in sound quality and appearance
Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S: mainly in sound quality and appearance

Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S: mainly in sound quality and appearance

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-09-02 9076 0

Sennheiser IE 80S headphone is a update of Sennheiser IE80. Recently, many friends have come to ask me, ask Sennheiser IE80 and IE80S in the end what is the difference, the difference is how big, today I will sum up. 

Perhaps Senheiser did not update his earplugs for too long, so that the birth of IE80S did not set off too much wind and waves, which is not a small regret. As the absolute boss of the headphone industry, we are still looking forward to a bigger surprise for us. Editor the first time to get this new IE80S earplugs, at the same time, fortunately, my IE80 is still alive, so let's have a door-to-door decision to see if the upgraded version of IE80S is improving or not.

Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S:

Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S: Appearance

First of all, it has to be said that the appearance of the Sennheiser IE80S is at least much better than that of the previous generation 80, with a metal panel on the outside of the black cavity, which has an impact on vision, is as round as pebbles, and still retains low-frequency adjustment. The replaceable line scheme is also back. At least it has been refreshing, but it has always changed, and it has inherited the appearance gene of IE80 very well. 

Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S: sound quality

The first thing I have to admit is that this is a veritable IE school work, familiar with the low frequency surging, meticulous sound logic, thick forest seafood, all reflect the voice characteristics of the IE family. 

The performance of the high frequency segment of IE80S is really a transformation for IE80! No matter from the high frequency extension, or the sound field longitudinal width, as well as the high frequency and the intermediate frequency connection is the qualitative leap!Always heard some IE80 enthusiasts complain that Sennheiser IE 80 is a little paste, high frequency dim, lack of detail expression. Now, Sennheiser IE80S better achieved high-frequency release, so that those clear, exquisite high-frequency details can bloom, and even once can compete with AKG3003! At this point, I think the birth of Sennheiser IE 80S has a lot of significance. Separation, accuracy to do remarkable, the conclusion is clearer than before, the lines are more clear, but the high-pitched female voice part seems to be a little farther, a little more empty, try again, may be an illusion. Violin, harp playing has a lot of emotional color, extension is also relatively in place, it seems that Senhai tuning this time out of heart. 


Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S:

As the flagship earplugs, intermediate frequency performance must be amazing enough, professional enough, Senhai IE80S how to do? 

In a word, still teach the extent of the increase! Perhaps because of the expansion of the high frequency part and the good connection with the intermediate frequency, the performance of the intermediate frequency end will not be abrupt, with a large amount of information and a satisfactory sense of filling. This is the specialty of the old IE80, and the new Sennheiser IE 80s is even more developed. In listening to Vival's fourth season of works, the violin, viola ensemble scene is very three-dimensional, horizontal and vertical intertwined, scene depiction is very set. Worthy of being the flagship work of Sennheiser, the appeal of intermediate frequency can be seen. In the interpretation of the original sound of the film "Memoirs of Geisha", there is a clear hierarchy between the soliloquy and the soundtrack of the background characters, sometimes in high tide, sometimes silent, and there is no confusion at all. The separation of musical instruments can be seen clearly, the rhythm of the grasp is just right, there are happy, sad, ready to start but also have to talk about, listen to the people who are not very enjoyable! But. As soon as the conversation turned, the problem came, and there was a discordant voice. If the IE80S formed the PLUS situation at the medium and high frequencies of 80, then the 80s is not difficult to be satisfied with the voice (at least I am not quite acceptable). First of all, compared with the traditional 80, the voice of S is indeed far away, although it is clearly visible, but there is no 80 close to the ear, the sense of discount, perhaps the traditional 80 medium and low frequency is too strong, the maturity of the voice will be more likable, in other words, Zhao Peng, Cai Qin and Chen Jie-Yi's voice is a few years younger than before. I'm afraid that's the only way to compare it. Frankly speaking, whether or not the changes brought about by the upgrade medium and high frequency can be recognized by IE80S varies from person to person, but it is not too much to talk about here. On the whole, there are qualitative changes. 


Sennheiser IE 80 vs IE 80S:

After the upgrade of IE works, the "least change" may be the medium-and low-frequency expression. Is still a relatively strong low-frequency atmosphere, is still a strong taste of music, is still to ensure the quality and quantity of low-frequency momentum, this is the Sennheiser headphones of the skills of the house! In "the Grand Canyon," Ode to Finland, "these big scene music can better set off the atmosphere, not messy, not muddy, this is a wonderful part of IE80S, this can be said to be on a par with IE80, but a little faster. The harvest is relatively tight, and at the same time, it is even more severe. 

In fact, it is not difficult to see that the upgrade of Sennheiser IE 80S is obvious, and her goal is to make the new IE more comprehensive interpretation of a variety of music works, which is similar to the upgrade of HD650 compared to HD600. The difference is that IE80S relies more on better front-end quality, and the IE80S fresh fruit used by M2PRO, Susanna and Canary is also different. Connected with the canary, regardless of dynamics, fullness, fineness are guaranteed, Susanna is also, M2PRO is a compromise. On the whole, this small plug is not difficult to push, and the level is high. 


To talk about shortcomings, first of all, although the middle and high frequency improvement is more obvious, but compared with the same level of K3003, EXK and other gaps, at least in the sound field and conclusion is not particularly satisfactory, fortunately, the degree of separation, the amount of information has not been reduced. Second, the voice is a little farther than the previous IE80, and there is not much difference in listening to the traditional popular voice, but some feverish voices almost mean it. Some people may say that Sennheiser is not suitable to listen to human voices. Indeed, I have heard many large and small headphones. Can deduce the human voice in place of the Sennheiser headphones really do not satisfy me. 

All right, that's it. On the whole, the promotion of Sennheiser IE 80s is more successful than 80. It gives people the impression that 80s is still born in Sennheiser. Among the many earplugs, the rate of voice recognition is still very high. Inheritance, development is in place. I hope enthusiasts will have the opportunity to listen to it for themselves and judge whether the price of nearly 3,000 yuan is worth it.

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