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Home > New Gear > Should I buy a 5G smartphone in 2019?
Should I buy a 5G smartphone in 2019?

Should I buy a 5G smartphone in 2019?

By  Joe Horner 2019-10-22 243 0

In 2019, we officially entered the first year of 5G, in the second half of the year, the major brands of 5G mobile phones have also entered the market one after another. But the arrival of 5G phones has also caused some hesitation among friends who plan to change their phones in the near future: should we buy 5G phones or continue to buy 4G phones?

5G phones 

After all, 5G is attractive to technology enthusiasts, but concerns about product prices, single-and dual-mode, network coverage, and terminal experience worry friends who want to be stable. Don't be afraid, today we will analyze it for you in several ways, and after reading it, we will no longer worry about whether to buy a 5G mobile phone in 2019.

1.Is there a distinction between true and false 5G phones on the market in 2019

There have been rumors on the Internet that single-mode 5G phones that only support NSA are fake 5G phones. Next year, NSA single-mode phones will not be allowed to enter the network, and the single-mode phones will not be available. In fact, such rumors are misleading, 5G is not true or false at all, even the NSA system, is frozen by the 3GPP organization, the terminal experience also has the characteristics of 5G network definition, and can be used normally for the next decade.


In fact, as long as we understand the principles of NSA and SA, we will not be misled by such rumors:

NSA: non-independent networking, some services and functions continue to rely on 4G networks, including 4G core networks, without the need to build a new 5G core network.

SA: independent network, the whole line is specially laid for 5G network, 5G base station is directly connected to 5G core network, 5G core network transmission signaling, 5GNR base station transmission data service. From the current development of communication technology, the two systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.


In terms of network experience, SA is better than NSA, which can give full play to the advantages of 5G network, such as high bandwidth, high rate, low delay and so on. However, the laying of SA network is expensive. The cost of 5G core network is twice as much as that of 4G. The laying of 5G independent base station will also increase the cost by several times, and the operation needs higher power consumption. It is recognized that the popularization of SA in China requires more than 400 billion investment and at least five years of laying time. On the other hand, the construction cost of NSA is low, and the workload of construction is relatively small, which is convenient for the rapid laying of 5G in the early stage.


Although NSA depends on 4G network, it still has the remarkable characteristics of 5G network, which is reflected in mobile terminals, and the difference between the two kinds of network is almost negligible. SA has more significant URLLC (ultra-high reliability and low delay communication) and mMTC (massive machine communication) features, but these two features are mainly reflected in other scenarios, such as telemedicine, driverless, intelligent agriculture. And more Internet of things connections.


From the definition and use of 5G standards are met, NSA is a fake 5G, only support NSA single-mode phone is a fake 5G phone, it is impossible to talk about.

2.What are the significant improvements in the experience of 5G phones compared to 4G

From the beginning of the current 5G era, the most significant improvement that 5G network brings to users lies in network speed. In our previous outdoor tests, 5G mobile phone terminals can achieve 1Gbps around the peak download rate, can be dozens of times higher than the 4G network. Ultra-high network speed can naturally bring download carnival, ordinary application games, music videos, an instant can be downloaded or cached, let us bid farewell to loading and waiting.


Of course, the advantage of 5G lies in its extended functionality, the current more mature 5G applications should be cloud games, HD LVB, because only these two applications have previously been shown in the experience area of large exhibitions and related product launches. Presumably, cloud computers in the early 5G era should also develop rapidly, but other applications that can quickly popularize are not yet known.

3.What are the significant changes in the configuration of 5G phones

Perhaps some friends will say, 5G mobile phone is not with a 5G baseband? No, 5G networks are not as simple as conventional hardware upgrades for mobile phones. They include hardware layout, electromagnetic compatibility, antenna design, power consumption and heat dissipation. If these designs are not reasonable, Then 5G phones are difficult to have a stable experience, and their performance can only stay at the gimmick level.


For example, the vivo NEX 3 5G version further optimizes the heat dissipation performance by using the ultra-thin liquid-cooled soaking plate and the carbon fiber heat conduction interface in terms of heat dissipation. The carbon fiber interface can play the role of soaking plate more greatly, and the CPU junction temperature of vivo NEX 3 in high load scene can be reduced by more than 10 degrees. In the aspect of signal, vivo NEX 3 5G uses 5G 6 antenna to solve the problem of signal, and the antenna performance is improved by 20%. With the technology of double side distributed antenna of NEX 3, the problem of signal attenuation will not occur no matter how much it is held.

4.What are the downgrades of 5G phones compared to 4G phones

As the saying goes, there are gains and losses, this sentence is particularly appropriate in the early 5G era. Compared with 4G phones, the more significant experience degradation of 5G phones is reflected in power consumption, fuselage size and weight.


Power consumption needless to say, higher network efficiency naturally requires higher power consumption, in which manufacturers use large batteries and fast charging to supply the power needs of 5G mobile phones, and in regular use, The current 5G mobile phone has also achieved very good power control. And the increase in fuselage size and weight is inevitable, after all, the addition of new technical components and larger batteries.

5.Is there a significant increase in the cost of using 5G phones

Judging from the current pricing of 5G products, although 5G phones have more technical content than 4G phones, most of the actual price differentials are below 1000RMB. However, in addition to support for 5G networks, 5G versions tend to have better configuration upgrades, so the price difference is perfectly acceptable.


However, from the current exposure of the operator 5G network package, China's minimum tariff is 199RMB/ month, which includes 40GB national traffic and 500 minutes of national voice, the excess traffic tariff is 5RMB/GB, compared with 4G is a lot more expensive.


After reading at the above content analysis, whether to buy 5G mobile phones in 2019, I believe some friends according to their own situation analysis has the answer. Indeed, whether it is appropriate to start a 5G phone this year is a completely personal question.


If you're a tech geek, you can start with it, because a 5G phone allows you to experience the same Internet speed as you take off. Even if you don't plan to use a 5G network, often higher-end hardware configurations will give you a better experience. Moreover, 5G is the future development direction, mobile phone support 5G also means to have a longer replacement cycle, a few hundred yuan price difference obviously outweigh the disadvantages.


If you pursue stability and affordability, are not interested in 5G networks, and like to change phones in a year or two, you will continue to buy 4G products this year, and mature 4G networks and terminal technologies will be more than enough to meet your needs.

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