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Home > New Gear > Smart EMS muscle stimulator review: tone your body anywhere anytime
Smart EMS muscle stimulator review: tone your body anywhere anytime

Smart EMS muscle stimulator review: tone your body anywhere anytime

By  GB Blog Official 2018-02-21 56394 2

Winter is coming to an end — and right after is the wonderful spring, most of us will hit the gym desperately trying to work off our holiday kilograms. In this post, we take a look at one of the popular training gadgets that does not even require you to go out. Sounds too good to be true? Let's find out.

What is EMS training?

EMS training (aka electrical muscle stimulation) has been around for a while. However, recently it's been massively on the rise in the fitness world. In part, because major athletes like Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo have admitted to using electrical muscle training themselves. And in part, because we're all secretly hoping there is a method out there that will help us get in shape without spending a lifetime at the gym.

EMS training 

Truth be told EMS training has been receiving mixed reviews. However, some of the most recent studies have shown that it does have positive effects after long term use —  both as a primary source of exercise for sedentary adults and as an efficient addition to an organized fitness routine. In fact, the use of electrical muscle stimulation has been proven to increase muscle strength and was called "a relevant and efficient complement to voluntary resistance training" in a 2011 American study.

Whether you've already been using muscle stimulation training or just want to see what all the fuss is about, choosing the right EMS machine is key to seeing proper results. In this post we take a look at the basic EMS muscle stimulator and take you through its main features, functionality, strong and weak points and the basics of use.

What’s in the box?

The EMS Muscle Stimulator comes with 6 main components. You will have 3 soft hydrogel pads: a large pad for the abdomen and two smaller ones that you can use for arm training, leg training, etc. There are also 3 host/control panels in the box — so you can use all the 3 pads at the same time with the control panel attached to each one of them. Note that you will need 2 AAA batteries to start the workout and these do not come included in the packaging. There's also a clear English manual so you will have no problem learning how the muscle stimulator works.

the smart EMS Muscle Stimulator

How does the EMS Muscle Stimulator work?

Using the muscle stimulator is very easy.  All you need to do is insert 2 AAA batteries (not included, will need to be purchased separately)  into the host and then attach the host to the hydrogel pads that you want to use. Tear off the back sticker and then attach the hydrogel pad to the part of the body you want to use it on: abdomen, arms, legs, etc. Then press the ON button on the host and watch the indicator lighting up in red.  You will feel the pad vibrating —  note that it will automatically turn off in about 5 seconds if it is not attached to your body.

the host of EMS Muscle Stimulator 

EMS Muscle Stimulator: features and performance

Two of the key factors when using a new exercise machine are safety and comfort.  Using the EMS muscle stimulator is absolutely safe and while you may experience a strange feeling at the beginning, it is also pretty comfortable —  especially when compared it to hours of sit-ups at the gym.

EMS Muscle Stimulator functions

Let’s go through some of the key pro points:

● The EMS stimulator is made of quality material and that's a very important factor to look at when it's something you're going to be wearing on your naked skin. The gel pad is odorless and does not cause any discomfort. So, after a few days of training you will probably not even notice it's there.

the quality material on EMS Muscle Stimulator 

● You have training flexibility: the muscle stimulator comes with 6 training modes, so you can adjust between various levels of intensity to match your fitness goals and comfort level.

● You can use the stimulator on several parts of your body at the same time. So you can work on your upper abdomen, lower abdomen, arms, hips, ankles, and more.

● The best thing about the EMS machine is that you can use it absolutely anywhere. The gel pads are very discreet when worn under clothing so you can even have them on at the office. As the host and gel pads can be separated, wearing them won't prevent you from doing household chores, relaxing with a book on the sofa, watching TV, and more.

the EMS Muscle Stimulator can be used anywhere anytime

● The muscle stimulator is a great way to get your daily portion of activity if you can’t  go to the gym or have health issues. It is also a great first step for getting back into shape.

● Some EMS machines tend to be on the pricey side —  but that's not the case with the muscle stimulator we are talking about today. It can be yours for just $22.18.

Now for the negatives:

● As great as it sounds, the EMS muscle stimulator will not give you the same results as a full body workout at the gym. But that's understandable —  it is something to use together with your training sessions but not instead of them.

● It is not recommended to use EMS training if you have a pacemakers, defibrillators or implants.

● Some people may feel an initial discomfort when using the machine: tickling, an occasional redness, pressure — though there have been few reports of these instances.

The verdict

The EMS Muscle Stimulator is a good way to complement your daily exercise routine. Let’s  be honest: it's not a magical solution for couch potatoes or a miracle device that will get you a six pack in a week. But paired with smart training and a healthy diet, the EMS stimulator can work wonders in getting your muscles more toned and stronger.

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