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Home > New Gear > Sogou AI recorder E1 experience efficient and accurate sound can be seen at any time.
Sogou AI recorder E1 experience efficient and accurate sound can be seen at any time.

Sogou AI recorder E1 experience efficient and accurate sound can be seen at any time.

By  Harris Cardoza 2020-03-04 2257 22

[secret review] as a media person, the secretary has to deal with words every day. If you encounter a press conference interview or media Brief, you need to record the content of the meeting with a tape recorder. When you come back, you will carefully savor the output of the meeting, and sort out the essence and key points into manuscripts for release to the public. Of course, with the progress of technology, the arrangement of recordings has become more and more convenient. At first, we need to listen to the recordings over and over again and write down the key points on our notes. with the omnipotent gearbest, shorthand transliteration has become a choice for more people. Later, Sogou added the AI transliteration function to the recorder and launched the AI recorder product, which further improved the efficiency of recording transcription. Recently, Sogou released a new generation of AI recorder E1. What are the highlights and upgrades of E1 in actual use? let's take a look at it.

Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1.

Touch screen + physical buttons to make the operation more convenient.

Sogou AI intelligent recording pen E1 has a total of black and blue two colors to choose from, the home secret in the hands of the product is blue, compared with the black version, blue appears to be more youthful and energetic. The recording pen adopts a more classic rectangular design, the front is equipped with a 1.54in screen, and the bottom of the screen is followed by three physical keys: MARK, STOP and REC/PAUSE, which are convenient for users to operate. the left side of the recording pen is equipped with power-on keys and volume adjustment buttons, and the volume + buttons are raised to facilitate users to operate blindly, and the other side is equipped with 3.5mm headphone interface to facilitate playback of the recording.

If these designs belong to the standard recorder, then these are the additional items of Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1. First of all, the bottom is equipped with a USB Type-C interface, and there is no need to talk about the application of the Type-C interface. After using it, you will know how convenient the unified interface will be when you are on a business trip. Followed by Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1 this small and exquisite screen for the touch screen, touch screen users to get rid of the complex button switching process, just click on the screen to complete all operations. At the same time, in the face of increasingly mainstream TWS headphones, Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1 also supports connecting Bluetooth headphones to play.

Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1.

What is even more surprising to the secretary is that Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1 has eight microphones, including six omni-directional microphones on the body and two Harman 10mm pointing microphones on the top. This design makes this product more suitable for larger scenes, larger space, and longer distance recording. Based on the clairVoice 8 wheat array algorithm and pureVoiceAI noise reduction algorithm, it can reduce noise for recording and cooperate with AGC automatic gain control. It can automatically adjust the sound effect of recording, and finally provide users with a clearer, more comprehensive and more realistic recording effect. If it is a pity, the top of Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1 points to the direction that the microphone cannot be adjusted, which is a small regret in the heart of the little secret.

Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1.

Accurate sound pick-up, accurate speech conversion and text.

Compared with the traditional recording pen, Sogou AI recording pen E1 brings users a more intelligent experience on the basis of accurate sound pickup. In a special period like this, for example, many activities are turned into online conferences or online meetings, and a recorder with excellent transcribing ability is needed to record the contents of the meetings. so that Zaixiaomi can release first-hand information at the first time.

Sogou AI intelligent recorder E1.

Sogou AI recorder E1 uses the advanced far-field speech recognition technology of Sogou bosom friend engine, which can hear what is said clearly. At the same time, it supports real-time recording and text conversion, with an accuracy of up to 98%. Of course, this product also supports recording and then transcribing, and the recording can be transcribed into text at any time, which takes only 1/12 of the recording time, that is to say, a one-hour conference call takes only 5 minutes to output the recording.

China has a vast territory and has created unique dialects from all over the country. although the dialects are good to hear, they are really incomprehensible to some people, and in the face of "plastic Putonghua", many artificial intelligence translation software have also been defeated one after another. Based on the pain points of users, Sogou AI recorder E1 supports the translation of ten Chinese dialects, including Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Hebei dialect, Tianjin dialect, Wuhan dialect, Shaanxi dialect, Nanjing dialect, Guizhou dialect, Jinan dialect and Northeast dialect.

At the same time, Sogou AI recorder E1 has carefully designed 10 language transcripts for students, whether it is Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian or the most rigorous German, all of which can be translated into Chinese for users. At the same time, Sogou AI recorder E1 also optimizes the unique vocabulary in the fields of finance and trade, medical treatment, IT technology, politics and law, culture and sports, etc. When using it, professionals can choose according to their own needs to make identification and translation more accurate.

Sogou AI recorder E1 can also achieve simultaneous interpretation on the recorder, and we can adjust the usage mode according to our actual use scene. For example, in scenes such as interviews and meetings, the recorder picks up the sound at 360 degrees so that everyone's voice can be recorded, while in the scenes such as class and music, the recorder mainly records the mic with the top two Harman 10mm pointing microphones, keeping the most important sound. There are also two options: true sound quality and voice enhancement, the former can retain the real voice and ambient sound, while the latter can filter out the ambient sound and significantly enhance the human voice.

After practical testing, we can see that Sogou AI recorder E1 can accurately recognize Tianjin dialect, Cantonese and Northeast dialect. At the same time, it can also accurately translate the contents of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. Based on the intelligent summary technology of Sogou bosom friend NLPNLP engine, the theme and key sentences of the recorded manuscript can be extracted automatically, the different speakers can be identified automatically, the applause and laughter can be identified, and the modal words can be filtered automatically, and the modal words can be distinguished in the manuscript, which is convenient for us to quickly view the content of the manuscript.

Do you still remember the entity button called "MARK" mentioned in the article? this button has many functions. First of all, real-time markup can be achieved during recording and playback. The marked fragments will be highlighted, and will also be marked in a special form in the output document, making it easy for users to find the content they want quickly. " The "MARK" key can also provide an outbound voice assistant, a sentence to help the user find the recording, and support search in the title, transcribed text, recording time, and a combination of multiple conditions to bring a more comfortable experience to the user in a simpler way.

Multi-terminal coordination, endurance and endurance.

Sogou AI recorder E1 in the hands of the secretary has a large capacity of 32G and can store about 200hours of recording, which is enough to meet the needs of daily users. When recording, there is no limit on the length of the word recording. At the end of the recording, the recording pen will hold the recording in segments, each for a maximum of 5 hours. At the same time, Sogou AI recorder E1 has built-in 2100mAh battery, which can record for more than 10 hours.

During daily use, log in to the same account on the recorder, mobile App, web version and PC client, and upload the recording file to the cloud on either end, which can be synchronized and managed at the other end. And based on Sogou Input's advantages, we can make transliteration more accurate.

Sogou AI recording pen E1.

For users like Zhai Xiaomi, Sogou AI recorder E1 small size, accurate translation, super endurance ability so that Zhai Xiaomi whether in the face of meetings or interviews, have become comfortable. At the same time, excellent software optimization enables me to find the recording and key content in the manuscript at the first time, and through multi-terminal cooperation, whether it is a mobile phone, a computer or a recording pen, it can be easily viewed. More importantly, the 1298 yuan mobile phone is also relatively optimized for students and professionals. If you have the need to use a recorder, Sogou AI recorder E1 will be a good choice.

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