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Home > New Gear > Sonos One review: is probably the "best" smart stereo at present!
Sonos One review: is probably the "best" smart stereo at present!

Sonos One review: is probably the "best" smart stereo at present!

By  Dahlia Bronson 2020-03-03 3338 58

[PConline review] in the current consumer environment, it is common to buy a wireless speaker that supports the APP control of a mobile phone. Even if the wireless speaker is a little more expensive, it will not lead to a situation like "buying an expensive headset is considered stupid." maybe the speaker has always given people a relatively high price of electronic products. However, to buy an intelligent speaker, people who don't know the inside information may think that it is classy, and people who know the inside story may shake their heads.


Why would you say that? If you have seen it."I guess that's why you might not buy a smart speaker."Friends of the article may agree with the point of view of the article. The so-called "smart speaker" is actually an entrance to the network. Perhaps in the foreign network conditions, the use is quite smooth, but in the domestic network environment, it is basically the performance of foreign products such as paraplegia and domestic products such as mental retardation. So when the SONOS ONE (official price: 1680 yuan) when the speaker with Amazon ALEXA voice function was sent to the PConlinereview room, the editor couldn't help thinking, apart from intelligence, what else can consumers get for SONOS besides intelligence?

Appearance appreciation: Apple's "good friend"

The box style of, SONOS ONE, Apple's "best friend", is very similar to that of Apple products. This time it is tested that the PConlinereview room is a black version, with black as the main color of the package, black SONOS ONE is set off a combination of technology and fashion charm. There is a lyric that is "pure black against black can not be seen but seductive". This time, pure black is not only tempting, but also a kind of high-end feeling. Some friends may have found that the logo, with a microphone above the hard photo of the speaker indicates that this is a smart product that supports voice interaction.

When we open the SONOS ONE package, we can find that in addition to the SONOS ONE speaker body and a series of necessary paper files, there is also a power cord and a network cable in the package, which fully demonstrates the networked and intelligent nature of SONOS ONE. So what will the intelligent operation experience of SONOS ONE look like? Later, we will talk about it in detail in combination with APP.

Some friends may wonder that since SONOS ONE has been sold at this price and there are still so few accessories, does it mean to cut corners? In fact, SONOS ONE as a wireless speaker, such a volume and weight is 1.85kg, it can be said that the money is basically thrown into the speaker. In terms of design, SONOS ONE continues its own minimalist style tradition, which seems to be popular with many big foreign manufacturers, such as Apple, Bloso, Google and so on. But it is this "Less is more" design concept that makes SONOS ONE can be integrated into the environment wherever it is put and become an ornament in the environment.

The design highlights of SONOS ONE are mainly placed on the upper and lower parts of the body. First of all, let's take a look at the above section. In addition to the logo with "SONOS" on the front, the operating area on the top panel is also worth pondering. In the circular operating area divided by "dots as lines", the horizontal line runs through three buttons, which are volume reduction, playback / pause and volume addition functions from left to right, respectively. As for the track switching function, yes, Sonos One also integrates a "gesture control" function to switch between the next song and the previous song by sliding your fingers from left to right or from right to left.

So is the circular area just a decoration? When the SONOS ONE is powered on, we can see that this is a row of LED lamp groups that can indicate the current microphone status of the SONOS ONE and its status during voice interaction. The microphone logo on the operating area once again reminds us that this is a smart speaker combined with Amazon Alexa service. Speaking of voice service, SONOS ONE built-in 6 microphones, in order to achieve better speech recognition results.

In the lower part of the SONOS ONE, there is an embedded power interface. Such a power interface can well hide the cable, so that the SONOS ONE to maintain a simple "frigid" style, look clean.

For the unbent network cable, SONOS ONE put the network cable interface on the back of the speaker, and immediately above the network cable interface is the network configuration button, so that SONOS ONE can access the network, so as to achieve a series of network functions.

Friends who are familiar with Sonos may find that the design strives for a concept that is as integrated with the environment as possible, and the simple and atmospheric design looks pretty good, always feeling like you've seen this product before. Indeed, the prototype of One is the powerful PLAY:1, which can be understood as an upgraded and improved version of the latter. While we can not see the interior, the One basically uses the PLAY:1 two-frequency design, the top is a mid-to-high speaker (visually is a 1-inch silk dome) + lower mid-bass speakers, both speakers are Sonos customized products, with the configuration of a two-way Class D amplifier. It seems that the configuration is relatively general, but we must not ignore one point. Sonos and Bose are both experts at playing with volume, but there is a fierce monster hidden beneath the mini volume.

APP experience: it's annoying at first, but the more you use it, the more addictive you get.

Although the SONOS ONE is a smart speaker, according to the routine, we still have to connect the SONOS ONE speaker to the network before we officially start using it. Put the SONOS ONE and the mobile phone in the same wifi environment, so that you can carry out a series of operations on the SONOS ONE. There are a lot of items in the configuration process, such as connecting a router, enabling a microphone, adding music services, and sound calibration. However, the guidance is still very strong, so although it is a bit annoying, but these settings are one-off, it is acceptable to think about it.

In the "Sound Calibration" section, we can see SONOS's exclusive Trueplay technology. This technology enables SONOS ONE to adjust the sound intensity of the corresponding loudspeaker and match the EQ, to achieve as good performance as possible through software algorithm analysis according to the location and spatial properties of the loudspeaker.

So once we're connected, we can start using SONOS ONE. It is worth mentioning that, SONOS ONE currently supports as many as 15 domestic music platforms, no matter which music platform you are used to, SONOS ONE can support it. In SONOS App, as long as users search for songs or singers, the system will search all streaming music service platforms and display them (provided that bindings have been added). The idea of getting through the repertoire library makes users do not need to consider music software when using SONOS ONE, and this one-stop operation is also quite convenient to use.

Audition brief comment: shocking sense of energy.

Sound quality has always been the strong point of Sonos, although Sonos does not boast how good its sound quality is and how HiFi, it is in every place, but as mentioned by the editor above, in terms of small volume wireless audio, the sound produced by Sonos is almost always a popular product. Sure enough, in the audition of Sonos One, its sound quality performance still did not disappoint the editor. The overall tuning is on the middle and lower side, which is more suitable for pop or jazz. It has the distinctive characteristics of the typical "American" sound, which is full-bodied, ambient, well-surrounded, unrestrained and powerful. Low-frequency energy is endless, diving has a good depth, in addition to the sense of energy, low-frequency analysis is still in place. The mid-frequency voice is high-density, thick, the position of the voice is prominent and slightly dyed; the high-frequency brightness is deliberately thickened, but the burr is modified together, which can better show the details and the sense of painting.

I have to say, in the case of "individual combat", the, Sonos One sound pressure level is also quite amazing. In the 15-square room of the review room, the, Sonos One only needs to be turned on to 40% sound level to have enough sound to support the whole music scene. The only thing that can be said is that, after all, there is only a single stereo. One shows a weak feeling in terms of sound positioning, and the positioning is a little vague. Of course, this is a common defect of most single stereos at present. But if you have multiple Sonos stereos that are combined into a 2. 0 or 2. 1 channel system, then this problem is not a problem.

Voice control: it's a bit of a chicken rib at present.

After talking about the operation and sound quality experience, let's take a look at the voice operation experience of SONOS ONE. SONOS ONE has a microphone logo on the box to support voice operations, which is the result of a combination with Amazon ALEXA. After completing the above basic configuration of SONOS ONE, you need to add an Amazon account to complete the feature configuration of ALEXA. As you know, it still takes a little effort to use ALEXA, and ALEXA doesn't support Chinese yet, so for some users, ALEXA is a chicken rib for the time being, and the editor is also looking forward to whether SONOS will introduce voice systems like iFLYTEK.

But in the process of using ALEXA, the experience is good. After all, with a design of six microphones, ALEXA does not need to yell, even when playing music, the recognition of instructions is really fast (despite the network delay), and when receiving instructions and processing, the music volume will be intelligently lowered, and then return to the normal volume after processing. As SONOS's first speaker to support voice commands, ONE has performed well enough.


First of all, let the editor answer the question at the beginning of the article: SONOS in addition to intelligence, consumers can pay this price can also be the best voice in the "smart stereo" at present. But frankly speaking, the editor does not regard it as a traditional wireless stereo, although it can make you a mess in the SONOS ONE configuration, but if all this "one-off" configuration is completed, we can even regard the Sonos One as an independent intelligent device, and it may be more appropriate to call it a home music platform. For the high integration of music content in different music services, there is no need to worry about the copyright of which song, and, SONOS ONE is a good choice for people who have certain requirements for the quality of life.

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