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Home > New Gear > Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy: simple, techy, inexpensive and fun!
Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy: simple, techy, inexpensive and fun!

Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy: simple, techy, inexpensive and fun!

By  GB Blog Official 2018-03-16 3180 2

This little bright bird toy is the perfect example that you don't have to spend loads of money to get a really great gift for your baby. At just $7.99, this very simple and very practical toy will bring an abundance of joy to your child — plus, it can also be helpful in early development and education.

Let's get acquainted with this cute Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy through a video.   

What kind of toy is it?

This adorable Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy is one of the latest creations by colormix and coming with a fun colorful design, 20 built-in songs and tunes and two singing modes — you can turn it on and off with just whistle. It is recommended for children under 36 months.

Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy

What's in the package?

There are no surprises here. Once you open the box, you will see the bird toy itself, one whistle ring, one hexagonal stand, three watch batteries and a screwdriver to help put them into the toy.

the package content of Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy

What can it do?

You'd be surprised how much this tiny simple-looking bird is capable of. Let's take a quick look at the main features.

The first thing of note about the toy is that it's voice-controlled. All you have to do is whistle (so we really hope you are a strong whistler) to turn it on.

Once you do, you will be able to enjoy the bird's singing, tweeting and very lifelike movements. There are 20 songs and sounds in the toy's portfolio  — quite impressive and more than enough to keep your baby interested for quite a while.

interaction with your baby

Plus, you get to choose between two singing modes: solo and choir.

As we've mentioned above, the package also includes two extras: a whistle ring and a hexagonal stand. You can put the whistle ring on your finger, place the bird atop and perform fun tricks in the air to entertain your child. Another option is the stand, which looks like a mini cage. Put the bird inside and you can carry it around, place near your child's crib or use as a decor element.

a whistle ring and a hexagonal stand on Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy

Is the bird toy easy to play with?

Very. All you will need to do is to set up the toy for your child and from then on it will do all the "work".

As noted above, the bird can be activated with a simple whistle — there is a small sound receiver on its "chest". On the back, you will see the speaker from which all the songs will come out.

the design of the Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy

And right on the bird's belly you will see a little switch — this is a mode switch. Use the switch to switch between your options: move it to the very left for solo mode or to the very right for choir mode. Leaving the switch in the middle will turn the toy off. After you've selected your preferred singing mode, activate the bird by whistling and there you have it!

the switch button of the solo mode and choir mode

Does it have alternative uses?

Sure. At some point, your child will grow out of this chirping toy — or simply get bored with it. And if your bird makes it through — don't rush putting it into the used toys container.

It would work great as a decor accessory for your child's room (place it on a window, above the child's bed, attach it to a lamp, etc.)

the alternative uses of Sound Voice Controlled Bird Toy 

Second, your pets will find the singing bird very entertaining — and we are writing this from personal experience. So, you can use it to keep your cat or dog busy — but do make sure that they do not crack or damage the bird as it may break into small pieces, which can be dangerous for your pet.

Why would it make a great toy?

Naturally, you know what your child likes the best. But we thought we'd give you a few ideas on why we've singled out this particular toy as a recommendation on our blog.

It's techy. Despite the toy's simple appearance, small size and ease of use, it will introduce your child to the basics of robotics — and do that in a very fun way.

It's simple. The toy is very simple in operation. It does not come with loads of functions that may intimidate your child. Instead, it does one thing and does it well.

It's safe. The bird is made of non-toxic plastic and does not come with any potentially harmful elements. Plus, if you still worry about giving plastic toys to your child, you don't have to. The bird toy is perfectly fun to play with from afar.

It's inexpensive. Last but not least — you won't have to drop the big bucks on a toy that your child will probably grow out of rather quickly. With the toy's more than friendly price tag, you won't have to worry about overspending.

Sound Voice Control Induction Bird Toy
Sound Voice Control Induction Bird Toy - COLORMIX
$10.11 $7.99    


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