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Home > New Gear > The debut of Huawei Honor Magic 2 has left Xiaomi on edge
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro post banner
The debut of Huawei Honor Magic 2 has left Xiaomi on edge

The debut of Huawei Honor Magic 2 has left Xiaomi on edge

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-20 4003 0

As we all know, Xiaomi always likes to pay tribute to friends. The Xiaomi 8 released in the middle of the year was once again caught in the trend of paying tribute to apple. This time after Huawei Honor Magic 2 appearance suddenly announced that he also has a similar phone, somewhat reminiscent of a flutter.

 the launch conference of Honor Magic?2

In fact, it is not hard for Xiaomi to understand this way. After all, the confidentiality work for Magic 2 is still in place. There is not even any information to be revealed before the release of the product. It was Honor who first introduced Magic 2, which led to Xiaomi's confusion and forced it to post "sorry for hitting the face" on its official weibo account.

the design of Honor Magic?2 

We will focus on the Honor Magic 2 again. The new full screen magic of magic slide is just a small step in the process of Honor, while the core of Honor Magic 2 is actually on the software level. We can see glory building AI 3.0 interactive experience based on the new Kirin 980, as evidenced by the exposed "Yoyo" voice wake instruction. Like GPU Turbo, the evolution of AI is also based on the strength of self-developed chips.

the Kirin 980 of Honor Magic?2 

Actually, it is not hard to find out from the development of glory in recent years that glory has been developing its own special technology behind the back, and making continuous efforts for user experience with continuous innovation. Recent GPU Trubo and this Honor Magic 2 are the best proof.

It's also worth noting that today, Xiaomi not only announced that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be released on October 25, but also released a preheating poster, announcing that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is also the first commercial mobile phone to be equipped with 5G. The news is definitely a big deal, but after a wave of investigations, it looks like MIX3's 5G is just a gimmick.

the pubilc banner of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3? 

We all know that huawei has been at the forefront of 5G research and development, and if 5G mobile phones are to be commercialized, it must first have 5G network. The vast majority of the so-called 5G phones are actually base station docking in the lab, more for demonstration purposes than for official release.

It is also understood that the actual commercial use of 5G network is a multi-party collaborative process, which first requires network operators to provide the foundation of 5G network and open the commercial channels of 5G network. Secondly, mobile phone hardware level support is required, and mobile phone chip baseband support 5G. So even now phone support 5G baseband, but if you don't net alignment and certification, even if the subsequent 5G really commercial network, the phone is unable to access 5G network, in 5G  network commercial environment is immature, the one-sided emphasis on himself is a support 5G network, mobile phone is a pseudo concept.

Therefore, 5G mobile phones supported by Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are only a marketing techniques to some extent. And once what is done by many manufacturers blindly imitative words, to whole industry is adverse.

At present,the glory has announced that it will convene its new product in the fall on October 31, and Xiaomi is in a hurry to launch the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on October 25. From Xiaomi's tweet to Xiaomi's rush to announce the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, it was enough to see that the glory was just going according to its own product plan, while Xiaomi looked a little self-conscious.


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