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Home > New Gear > The first choice for business people! Huawei WiFi Pro to make it easy for you to enjoy 5G.
The first choice for business people! Huawei  WiFi Pro to make it easy for you to enjoy 5G.

The first choice for business people! Huawei WiFi Pro to make it easy for you to enjoy 5G.

By  Katerine Tenny 2020-03-10 1886 2042

[PConline Professional review] We are now doing a survey, 5G mobile phones will go on sale around August this year, and 5G packages will be officially opened on November 1st, so how many partners have actually included 5G phones and 5G packages?

In fact, we have also heard feedback from many readers who travel a lot. although it is not unacceptable to start with a minimum of 128 yuan for the 5G package at this stage, there are not many 5G mobile phones available on the market. You can't change your phone casually because of the business office. So is there a better solution for business people?

Yes! In fact, business people can choose Huawei 5G to accompany the WiFi Pro, with a lower budget, so that they can use a dual-mode 5G network for all their smart electronic products without changing their phones. Especially for business people, you can realize the full scene 5G experience of business office with only more than 2,000 yuan. You will understand after reading this article!

Appearance and function: like a portable battery with a screen.

To tell you the truth, it is so similar that if I hadn't seen the very conspicuous 5G logo on the product, I would even have thought that what I had in my hand was a piece of portable battery.

Square appearance design, the appearance is covered with a layer of piano paint, feel more "greasy", more smooth, it is recommended that users equipped with a protective cover. There are two USB interfaces, one Type-C and one Type-A.

In fact, this Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro does have portable battery function, which has a built-in 8000mAh battery and supports Huawei's 40W super fast charging, as well as 22.5W wired reverse fast charging and 15W wireless reverse charging, but this is not its main function.

The most important function of Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro, as its name suggests, is to support 5G networks. The principle is also very simple, through the user installed 5G mobile phone card to obtain the 5G network, and through the WiFi technology or wired USB to share the 5G network, the popular point is our common anytime WiFi.

The price of Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro is the price of a mid-range 4G phone, but its core is the same top 5G baseband as the current Huawei Kirin 9905G chip-- Barone 5000 based on 7nm, which supports NSA&SA dual-mode 5G. According to Huawei's data, it can reach 1.65Gbps (theory) through USB 3.0Type-C interface and 867Mbps (theory) through WiFi 5 speed. Compared with ordinary 4G networks or even home broadband, this is obviously a shotgun change.

You should know that this Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro is very serious on 5G, supporting four domestic 5G bands: N41, N77, N78 and N79, not to mention domestic, even as many as 150 + countries can receive local signals.

With the AI high-speed rail model that Huawei has always had an advantage, even if you are sitting on the rapid Huawei 5G WiFi Pro of the 350km/h per hour, it can ensure that users experience a stable and smooth signal (currently mainly 4G network based on coverage), which is very important for business office workers.

For game-loving users, Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro can automatically identify and turn on mobile game mode during the game, and give priority to forwarding game data packets. According to Huawei's official data, it can reduce mobile travel delay and stutter by 30%. It must be better to play games with 5G.

Practical experience: 5G is really cool.

The use method of Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro is very simple. The first step is to load the 5G SIM card, and the second step is to directly press the power button to start and officially start using. The method of use is as simple as the actual hot spot. Let's take a look at the effect directly.

With this device, your computer, mobile phone, tablet and even your home TV can be connected to the 5G network, and you can easily enjoy the high-speed network brought by the 5G network in a variety of environments (when there is a 5G network). Make business work faster and more convenient.

Test equipment:

Ordinary Windows notebook.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro 4G version.

Test the network:

China Mobile, located on Gaopu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

In fact, Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro has two connection modes, one is through the form of WiFi, limited by WiFi 5 technology, the maximum speed will be limited to 867Mbps; the second is through data line connection, the line speed using USB 3.0Mbps can reach the highest theoretical speed of 1.65Gbps.

Let's first test the WiFi mode, use Huawei Mate 30 Pro 4G version, connect the signal sent by Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro, and then use Speedtest to test the network speed three times.

Due to the different construction conditions of 5G in different parts of the country, our test results only represent the actual performance of the test site. As you can see, China Mobile's 5G network speed is good, and the average network speed measured three times can reach 344Mbps, that is, 43Mbps, which means that it only takes about 38s to download the 1.6GB-sized "King Honor".

Thanks to the higher bandwidth speed of USB 3.0, Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro can realize its full potential of 5G. Now let's switch to a computer to test 5G network speed, and also use Speedtest for three tests to see how fast Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro can provide without WiFi 5 as a bottleneck.

Sure enough, after using the USB connection, the network speed has been further improved, and the average network speed measured three times can reach 305.1 Mbps, that is, about 38MB/s. Under the ideal circumstances of the network, it will take about 43 seconds to download a 1.6GB-sized "King Honor" game.

Since the highest network speed measured by China Mobile 5G is only about 400Mbps, and the bandwidth of the highest 867Mbps of 5G WiFi can not be used up at all, there is no obvious speed advantage in using USB connection at this time. However, note that in the ping value, the performance of wired is significantly better than that of wireless, with less 30ms delay, which is self-evident for mobile games.

Of course, your 4G phone can also be directly connected to Huawei's 5G accompanying WiFi Pro, through dual Type- C lines, which can not only connect directly to 5G to enjoy the highest 1.65Gbps bandwidth, but also replenish the phone's power at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. According to our test, the relevant results are about the same as those directly connected to the computer, and the ping value of more than ten ms, is more advantageous than WiFi.

The Android phone is directly connected to the Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi Pro. What you need to note is that you must first connect to the Web management interface to turn on the USB direct connection function, and turn off the phone's own WiFi and data connection, otherwise it will not be plug and play.

Summary: 5G upgrade method with the lowest cost at present.

After a round of experience, Huawei's 5G accompanying WiFi Pro can indeed bring 5G-level network experience to 4G mobile phones or ordinary electronic devices. According to our actual measurement, we can get the highest download rate of 420Mbps in our environment. I believe that with the construction of 5G network, reaching the speed of 1Gbps is not a dream, of course, as long as you have enough traffic packages.

Throughout the 5G mobile phone market, using Huawei 5G accompanying WiFi is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade 5G for business people, and there is even an ordinary version with only 1699 yuan to choose from, which does not require the hassle of changing phones and does not have to spend a lot of money to purchase 5G equipment, which provides you with a quick experience of 5G for you who often travel.

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