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Home > New Gear > The important function of the Redmi K20 is confirmed for the first time
The important function of the Redmi K20 is confirmed for the first time

The important function of the Redmi K20 is confirmed for the first time

By  Zim Watson 2019-05-19 960 0

With the continuous increase of capital investment and the enhancement of innovation capabilities, today's Redmi mobile phones are on the road of rapid development. Not only the sales of low-end and mid-range machines have blossomed, but the pace of sprinting high-end machines has never stopped. Yes, in the recent period, Xiaomi has been madly “struck” by various friends, but this does not pose a real threat to it. For example, this time Lei’s strong attack and the important function of the Redmi K20 are confirmed for the first time. ", the price butcher is not vain!

important functions

People who know about Redmi phones should know that it has gained good reputation and a large number of users with high value and strong performance products. It has been ranked among the top Internet brands in China for several consecutive quarters, and the Redmi K20 is the first generation of Redmi this year. The true flagship is also the next big thing. With the further advancement of preheating, its packaging, design, main hardware and camera parameters have also been exposed. This mysterious new machine has no suspense.

On the one hand, the Redmi K20 will have a standard version equipped with the Snapdragon 730 processor, but it is certain that the Snapdragon 855 high-end version is the top priority. It is available in 6G and 8G versions, with a minimum of 128G and a maximum of 256G storage space. It runs MIUI10 system based on Android P depth customization, supports early adopters of Android Q, and joins Game Turbo2.0 and Mi Turbo3.0 to form soft and hard collaboration. Ability, according to Lu Weibing's statement, the rabbit bunny database can be found to run up to about 450,000, which is a bit "amazing". In addition, the Redmi K20's battery capacity of up to 4000 mAh, equipped with 27W fast charge, endurance should also not have too many picky places.

On the other hand, the Redmi K20 will be more beautiful with the trend of the industry. The Redmi K20 comes standard with a 6.4-inch full screen with a resolution of 2340*1080. Thanks to the addition of the large round R angle, the ultra-narrow chin and the left and right borders, and the use of the lifting lens, the whole machine has a higher screen ratio. From the perspective of the bright screen effect, the visual impact is still quite shocking. Of course, it retains the infrared transmitter and 3.5 mm headphone jack is also a highlight that can not be ignored.

In the detail part, the Redmi K20 is backed with the sixth generation Corning Gorilla gradient glass back shell, which can produce the effect of brilliance under the illumination of the light. With the smooth transition of the aluminum middle frame, it can reach the P2i waterproof and dustproof standard. The grip feels more comfortable and meets the needs of most everyday use scenarios. It is worth mentioning that the K20 has three colors: flame red, glacier blue and fiber black.

Photographing is one of the important selling points of the Redmi K20, and important functions have also been confirmed for the first time. Before Lei Jun had revealed that in order to cope with the increasingly fierce competition, Xiaomi had to decentralize the advanced algorithm to Redmi, the Redmi focus on optimizing the filming ability under the dark environment. Joining the handheld Super Night View 2.0 and the tripod mode, I believe there will be a qualitative leap in imaging. In addition, the Redmi K20 uses a 16 million-pixel front lens to inherit its own AI beauty algorithm, which will also play a positive role in attracting female users.

In summary, the product positioning of the Redmi K20 has been very clear, it will become a flagship flagship with high value and strong performance, fill the short board into a "bucket machine." As for the price issue that everyone cares about, Redmi's core is to make the most cost-effective, the same price of products can be called "invincible", the mainstream media have predicted that the standard version is 1999 yuan, and the high version of the minimum is 2799 yuan. If this is the case, the name of the price butcher is indeed not true, will you support Redmi? Talk about ideas, let's talk!


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