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Home > New Gear > This is all you want to know about the "two or three things" about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
This is all you want to know about the "two or three things" about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

This is all you want to know about the "two or three things" about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

By  Lian Guss 2020-03-02 755 19

In addition to the nickname [gearbestreview], Samsung has issued a folding screen phone again, and this time the "folding" has changed direction. The emergence of folding screen mobile phones is very consistent with the needs of current users: the bigger the screen, the better, and the smaller the size, the better! In the face of such non-compliance with the requirements of physical rules, the emergence of folding screen is also inevitable. After all, books and paper can be folded, which is the best reference.

But how to realize the folding screen, how to ensure the service life, how to design the fuselage structure, how to bend the screen material. In the face of this series of "unprecedented" problems, only large factories with strong strength can accomplish this task. Last year Samsung brought us the first folding screen product, Galaxy Fold. Samsung deserves to be a big screen manufacturer, designer and international brand. Through the combination of flexible OLED screen and hinge, Samsung created Samsung's first folding screen phone.

Galaxy Fold as the first product is certainly not perfect, the media review machine has the screen gray, screen damage and so on, greatly damaging the confidence of netizens in pursuit of folding screen. Fortunately, Samsung responded quickly, recalling all the phones and improving the design and technology of the relevant parts. To get Galaxy Fold back on the market. When the time came to 2020, Samsung released another folding screen phone, the, Galaxy Z Flip. The completely different design language and the unique "flip" design add a bit of retro sense of science and technology to Z Flip.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip design? Is "flip design" practical? What sacrifices need to be made for a cool appearance? Whether you can afford it or not, you can find out.

1. It is safe to say that, Galaxy Z Flip is not Fold 2.

  First of all, it needs to be clear that, Galaxy Z Flip is not the heir to Fold, and there is an essential difference between the two in terms of design concepts. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is more sophisticated, which aims to reduce the size of the fuselage while ensuring functionality. So compared to Fold's "thick and heavy" design, Z Flip is as light as a powder box when folded. It's easy to hold it in your hand or in your pocket. In particular, the exquisite fuselage and light-discernible glass have captured the hearts of many female users.

2. Familiar with hinge design, life should not be worried.

  Although the Z Flip has a smaller fuselage, it is difficult to open and close with one hand. Z Flip differs from Fold in that its hinges allow the fuselage to remain at any angle, while Fold only provides two options: unfold and fold. Z Flip's fuselage feels the force of the hinges only in the later stages of unfolding and folding, which feels like a laptop screen.

Except for the feel, the hinge design of, Z Flip should be highly consistent with that of Fold, at least in terms of appearance. The same three-stage design, the same fillet cutting method, the same dustproof widget, together, I think there is no need to worry about the service life of Z Flip. But after all, this time the Flip has only one screen, and you need to open it every time you use it.

3. Finally, the screen is not big plastic, but you'd better "be nice" to it.

  The biggest improvement of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip this time is the screen. The fragile plastic screen on Fold is not only bad to feel, but also easy to damage. This time Z Flip replaced the screen material with ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG), for short) can effectively reduce scratches and improve the feel, but creases are still inevitable. But to be honest, the feel improvement is limited, and because it does not support dustproof and waterproof, please be careful if you buy it.

4. The screen is getting longer, but it's not all good.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip uses a 6.7-inch screen with a ratio of 21.9, which does improve the grip of one hand, but it's not easy to reach at the top of the screen. This unique ratio is not a big problem in daily use, the system UI and applications have been officially adapted, while the vast majority of third-party APP can be filled by rough stretching without affecting the use. Unfortunately, most of the software is only longer in the display area, but it is a pity that it does not add some new features and interactions.

In terms of display effect, this 21.9 VR 9 screen is still very good. However, due to poor software optimization, there will be a "big black edge" when watching video, while for games such as "King Honor", there is an extra part of the display area on both sides, forming a physical plug-in. In fact, Samsung Z Flip uses the same shape as a "pie box" to make an interesting split-screen function in the photo interface. When you fold the phone, the phone automatically divides the shooting interface into two parts: the top half is the viewfinder, and the bottom is the camera mode and button control. At the same time, the secondary screen outside can also be used as a small "monitor" when taking pictures, which is a good idea.

5. You can only get it if you have to give up. You have to work out this problem by yourself.

  To achieve such an amazing folding effect, Samsung Z Flip naturally made a lot of choices. In order to make the fuselage as thin as possible, it has only one 3300mAh battery; in order to reduce the number of holes in the fuselage to make room for internal components, it only carries a 12-megapixels dual-lens camera; to get notification and time without unfolding the fuselage. It only uses a small screen on the outside and can't do more operations. Not to mention it does not support dustproof and waterproof, high maintenance cost and other problems. It is up to you to decide whether you are willing to give up some functionality for its beauty and whether the deal is worth it or not.

Whether you like it or not, Z Flip is here, neither sad nor happy.

As a phone with a distinctive design, the Samsung Z Flip should be ready not to "please everyone" at the beginning of its launch. Most of the people around me who are very interested in it are girls and geek users. Girls don't care about performance and price is acceptable; geek players see the past and future in Z Flip, which they see as "another kind of freshman" of the old flip machine.

If I had to choose, I would probably recommend Z Flip more than Fold,. Because I prefer the exquisite texture of "the phone can be flipped" to "the phone becomes a tablet". Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's original intention is to make an excellent mobile phone, but at the same time, through technical means, under the premise of ensuring functionality, so that the fuselage can be bent, obviously more in line with today's people's "big screen portable" requirements. But I believe that Galaxy Fold and Z Flip exist for their own reasons, at least they usher in new blood for the immutable mobile phone industry.

One last question: price. The price of reference Galaxy Fold,Flip will reach at least 11000 yuan, whether it is worth it depends on individual choice.

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