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Home > New Gear > Tips for Buying a GPS Tracker
Tips for Buying a GPS Tracker

Tips for Buying a GPS Tracker

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2020-01-20 827 12

A GPS tracker can fulfill a well-known wish! The desire to find lost things as quickly as possible may be as old as mankind itself. But it is only in recent years that modern technology has given us the opportunity to make this dream come true. Thanks to the combination of satellite-controlled GPS and mobile phone technology in a GPS tracker, which is often only the size of a matchbox, we now have the possibility to determine the position of the GPS tracker or transmitter on a lost bunch of keys in seconds. Depending on what you want to protect, the requirements for the GPS tracker can be quite different.

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Application areas for GPS trackers. The possible applications for a GPS tracker are incredibly versatile!

GPS Tracker for the car

Is the car in a dangerous area or is it unobserved for a long time? Then a GPS tracker in the car is a really good solution. Some of them even have switchable relays, with which the oil supply and thus an external start can be prevented. If the vehicle has been stolen, the position data can be passed on to the police and the search for the vehicle is made easier.

GPS tracker for children

A GPS tracker is also generally a very good companion for children. Parents want to protect their children from danger when they are on their way from school to home, sports or friends. A GPS tracker in your pocket is the ideal solution. So parents can see where their child is at all times with peace of mind!

GPS tracker for seniors

A GPS tracker is a valuable companion for all people who feel insecure in everyday life: It enables elderly people to be found quickly in emergencies. In most cases, a phone call or SMS to the GPS tracker is enough to find the person you are looking for. Many GPS trackers have an emergency call button with which insecure people can send a text message directly to a person of their choice with their position, thus making it easier to locate them.

GPS tracker for the bicycle/motorbike

Meanwhile, there are also many GPS trackers for bicycles to buy. Especially if the bicycle is to be parked and/or connected in public places, fear plays a big role. Hidden GPS transmitters within the bicycle can at least create a feeling of security. The battery is usually also large enough to allow the GPS transmitter to be used for several weeks in a simple operation. The same principle applies to the GPS tracker for motorcycles.

GPS tracker for pets

Man's greatest friend is usually his own pet. But cats and dogs can also sometimes run away by unfortunate coincidence in an unknown area. In this case, they can be found again in no time with a GPS tracker. Even if you are not at home, you know that your favorite pets are still in the garden or house and you do not have to worry. You will find all important information about GPS trackers for cats and GPS trackers for dogs.

GPS trackers in the company car

GPS transmitters can also be used for continuous monitoring of company vehicles. Today, many entrepreneurs bear far too great a risk of chasing their own company vehicles across the road without traceability. Sometimes employees even take advantage of this situation and are certainly not on duty where they should be. With a GPS transmitter in the vehicle you not only have a possibility of monitoring, but the transmitter can also help to optimize routes.

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