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Home > New Gear > Unlock speed is amazing - OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint unlock experience
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Unlock speed is amazing - OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint unlock experience

Unlock speed is amazing - OnePlus 6T in-display fingerprint unlock experience

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-19 3578 0

Full screen has become the trend of mobile phone development. In order to expand screen space, the in-display fingerprint unlocking technology has become a key configuration of flagship smartphones. The latest released Oneplus 6T is also equipped with this highly futuristic technology, coupled with Android's top performance support, which has a lot of highlights in the market.


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There are a lot of selling points on the OnePlus 6T. But now, we mainly talk about its in-display fingerprint unlock experience.  

the in-display fingerprint unlock on OnePlus 6T

When it comes to in-display fingerprint unlock technology, many people may not be very familiar with it and think that it is still an immature technology. But through continuous update of technology, more and more mainstream flagship smartphones adopt the in-display fingerprint unlock technology, and the way of unlocking is more scientific and futuristic. The reason behind this on the one hand is to meet the development needs of the full screen. In order to create an amazing effect of high screen to body ratio, mobile phone manufacturers have racked their brains for it.

The notch is too wide? OK, let's reduce the notch area, like shaving, the increasing narrow notch screen drives the unceasing progress of the IC encapsulation technology. And now, the screen notch just has four or five millimeters, which can be almost ignored.

OnePlus 6T design

Front camera takes too much space? Okay, let's just stop taking selfies. Well, that's just a joke. This time, OnePlus 6T adopts a new waterdrop screen design, which maximizes the screen space. And it is more beautiful in design and shape.

the waterdrop notch design on OnePlus 6T

Let's Look back at the fingerprint area. The rear-mounted fingerprint is unnecessary to consider, as it will affect the integrity and beauty of the whole smartphone body. And it is also less favored by the OnePlus design style. While the front-mounted fingerprint occupies much space, so the in-display fingerprint unlock technology is the best choice up to now.  

We should know that the screen space of a mobile phone is like the existence of the central business district, let alone the flagship model which has the ultimate pursuit of the beauty. Therefore, in the case that the traditional capacitive fingerprint design is ugly and the ultrasonic fingerprint technology is less used by manufacturers, the mature in-display fingerprint technology is the best solution.     

The in-display fingerprint is mainly composed of an image sensor and a fingerprint identification module. With the help of the self-luminous characteristics of the OLED screen, your fingerprint details (valley and ridge) will be recorded by the image sensor (CMOS). Then the fingerprint identification module will compare your fingerprint to the recorded one to achieve the unlocking process.

After introducing the unlock principle of the OnePlus 6T, we decided to make a test about this feature. The test is divided into three different scenes: unlcok the screen under the strong light, dark light and screen protector.

We start our test with unlocking the screen directly and using a stopwatch to roughly estimate the time. It just needs about 0.3 seconds to finish unlock under the normal case. The speed is very fast.   

Then we experienced the unlock under the strong light and dark light. Facing the complex unlocking environment, OnePlus 6T can still keep the fast speed of unlocking. The unlock under the dark light is based on the larger sensitive area of light and expanding the amount of incoming light to make your fingerprint display clearer.

unlock the onePlus 6T under the dark light environment

Many users often like sticking a screen protector for their phones, but they also worry about it will affect the unlock efficiency. So we put a thick tempered glass on the OnePlus 6T to test, the result is that the unlock speed is still very fast. So the in-display fingerprint unlock of the OnePlus 6T is quite reliable.   

Unlock the OnePlus 6T with the tempered glass

After making a comprehensive test for the in-display fingerprint unlock of OnePlus 6T, we are satisfied with the unlock performance. As a flagship smartphone model, the in-display fingerprint, a futuristic unlocking method, not only provides users different using experience, but also has quick and safe feature in practicality.

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