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Home > New Gear > vivo X27 review: perfect full screen experience and upgraded overall performance
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vivo X27 review: perfect full screen experience and upgraded overall performance

vivo X27 review: perfect full screen experience and upgraded overall performance

By  Linky Johnson 2019-03-26 7893 0

As the vivo’s first smartphone released in 2019, vivo X27 inherits most good features of vivo X23 and made some great improvement on both design and performance. Many users don’t like the notch screen, so vivo X27 fully considers users’ feeling and adopt zero-bound full screen design, and upgrades the elevating front camera again to create a perfect full screen experience for users.

Vivo X27 is based on the Qualcomm snapdragon 710 platform, which is equipped with a 8GB LPDDR4 running memory and 256GB storage space. It runs a new Funtouch OS9 customization system to support Jovi and the sixth generation offline fingerprint unlocking. In terms of body color, vivo X27’s first color matching offers two options: Pink Daijin and Bird Feather Blue.

Vivo X27  


Vivo X27 4G Phablet - Black 4

Vivo X27 4G Phablet - Black 4
Arrival Notice    


Design: delicate patterns and 91.6% high screen to bady ratio

Since the rise of full screen, users instantly feel the pleasant experience brought by the proportion of super large screen, and mobile phone manufacturers have been studying the overall form. With the evolution of full screen, the bang screen, water dropping screen, sliding cover and other forms of mobile phones have appeared, but there are still many voices complaining about bang screen and water droplets.

Vivo X27 design 

This time vivo X27 draws lessons from the design idea of NEX zero-bound full screen. No water droplets and bang on the front make a super-high screen of 91.6%, while the front 6.39 inch screen has a high overall quality, a screen resolution of 1080*2340 pixels, and it also supports DCI-P3 wide color range.

Aesthetically, this time, vivoX27 did not use the long-term flashy back color, but added a more healing, natural color, so that people are comfortable when using it. The texture of the back of the body will be seen by light illumination, which is achieved by multi-process such as nano-level multi-exposure, plasma polishing and so on.

Some friends may find that vivo X27's lens is flat and non-bulging, which is really worth praising. In addition, the rear three lenses and the front lens are on the same Y axis, making it difficult to imagine. This technology is called cloud multifocal photography module by vivo, which unifies the original scattered functions and elements and presents a minimalist design sense.  

Vivo X27 camera 

In terms of details, vivo X27 has a 3.5mm headphone hole on the top, a Tpye C interface on the bottom, and an AI entity button on the left side of the body. Finally, let's talk about the feel. Although vivo X27 is stuffed into a 4000 mAh battery, the design of the back waist is quite clever and you will not feel it heavy in the morning.

System function experience: smart JOVI and fast in-display fingerprint unlock

Vivo X27 uses the latest Funtouch OS 9 and is customized based on Android 9.0. The style of the UI interface and the appearance of the mobile phone complement each other, which presents a very healing feeling. Both the background and the outline of icons have changed a lot from the previous version of Funtouch OS. Of course, Funtouch OS 9 also supports user-defined UI, changing icon layout and rounded corners.

Jovi is smarter. Instead of asking silly questions like "What's the weather like today" on the first screen, we will ask "Jovi, call a car to the airport for me", "My mobile phone has a card" and "Help me download King of Glory". Such voice commands can completely replace our manual operation.

Vivo X27 and Macbook Pro are transmitted through web pages

This time, vivo X27 also added the function of "unlimited extreme speed mutual transmission", so that files between two devices can be transferred quickly. 1GB files can be transferred in 32 seconds, and it does not consume traffic in the whole process. 

Vio X27 carries the fingerprints of the sixth generation of photo-sensitive screen, which is faster and safer to unlock. At the same time, it improves the success rate of unlocking using sweat hands by 50%.

Camera: well-tuned triple rear cameras with rich functions

Vivo X27 also chose a combination of three cameras in the post-camera, 48-megapixel principal camera (IMX586)+13-megapixel wide-angle camera+5-megapixel virtual camera.

triple rear cameras 

For this ultra wide angle lens, vivo X27 also corrected its 107 degree distortion, supporting 2.5 cm distance photography at ultra-micro distance.

From the photos taken above, vivo X27 has basically played its due strength besides this IMX 586, and it has to be admired that vivo is becoming more and more handy in adjusting and adjusting. The daytime sample is almost impeccable.

When shooting scenery, vivo X27 will also prompt whether to open ultra wide angle photography, which is very intimate.

shooting scenery 

In the Super Nightscape mode, the vivo X27 looks exactly what I expected. It does not blindly pursue high brightness, but restores the beauty of the night while retaining more details, so that the picture is more pure.

In self-shooting, vivo X27 also has a very rich function, AI beauty, a variety of light effects, and so on. At the same time, two star filters are sure to be loved by many friends.

In short video shooting, the short video of vivo X27 is comparable to tremble, or even stronger. It supports local music addition, time switching and simple editing. Vio X27 is really a necessary mobile phone for internet celebrities.

Hardware: Strong comprehensive strength + water cooling heat dissipation + 5xTurbo

The vivo X27 series uses Qualcomm snapdragon 710 processor, and it has a 8GB running memory. Well, it's quite conscientious. This processor has been tested by the market. With the introduction of the third generation Kryo CPU and Adeno 6 GPUs, the second generation Spectra ISP, 4K, HDR playback and 4x4 MIMO, it has brought the snapdragon 710 closer and closer to the flagship processor.

After the performance is guaranteed, the heat dissipation is absolutely a problem. Vivo X27 has a water-cooled copper tube inside the body to dissipate heat. Compared with cooling Turbo, it can put the temperature of Vivo X27 down as high as 3 degrees. It is very difficult to cool the mobile phone by 1 degree.

cooling Turbo, 

I just talked about Cooling Turbo. Let's take a look at Game Turbo's experience.

From the test results, the full effect of King Glory will not cause any pressure on vivo X27, and the frame rate is quite stable even if the full frame of 60 frames is left alone.

And the performance of Stimulating Battlefield are quite stable. Thanks to the water cooling and heat dissipation of vivo X27 and the support of Cooling Turbo, the fever phenomenon is very good.

Battery performance: 4000mAh + 22.5w fast charging

Since vivo specifically emphasized the performance of X27 in charging at the launch meeting, we naturally need to test whether 22.5W fast charging, as it said, has no obvious advantage in terms of power, but the actual charging efficiency is based on the measured results.

fast charging 

Because vivo shows that it can keep fast charging when the screen is bright, so we don't need to test the ideal situation of shutdown charging. We run out of power and start charging after 1% of the power is left. We charge X27 to 11% in 5 minutes, 22% in 10 minutes and 50% in 23 minutes. The initial efficiency is good, so we can pay more attention to the charging curve in the middle and later stages.

The actual test results were a little better than we expected, and up to 85% (about 48 minutes), vivo X27 maintained a relatively high charging efficiency. Finally, normal trickle current charging started, fully charging to 100%, which took 83 minutes.

A 4000 mAh battery is built in vivo X27, which is combined with FastCharge fast charging with power of 22.5w, and a breath screen/bright screen is proposed.

The verdict: best smartphone worthy of buying under 3000 CNY ($447)

The vivo X series smartphones have always been very stable and excellent performance. This time, the vivo X27 focuses on natural beautiful design, outstanding camera and balanced hardware performance. We even can’t find any shortcomings of the vivo X27, and it is really the best smartphone worthy of buying under 3000 CNY ($447).


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