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Home > New Gear > Want to extend the shelf life of food? This vacuum fresh-keeping equipment will challenge the refrigerator
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Want to extend the shelf life of food? This vacuum fresh-keeping equipment will challenge the refrigerator

Want to extend the shelf life of food? This vacuum fresh-keeping equipment will challenge the refrigerator

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-28 1245 0

Air is very important to human beings, but it is not friendly to food. Oxygenation and aerobic microorganisms can increase the decay rate of food, so most people will choose to buy fresh fruits and vegetables or leftovers into the refrigerator's fresh room. Despite this, the fresh-keeping box can also extend the the time of food preservation.

Getting inspiration from the fresh-keeping box, the U.S. entrepreneurship team launched a set of vacuum preservation equipment called Silo, which mainly consists of a fresh-keeping box and a vacuum machine. The vacuum machine can remove most of the air in the fresh-keeping box to prolong the fresh time of food. Silo adopts a unique touch deep vacuum patent technology and it can be also connected to the Internet and be controlled by the Amazon Alexa.

thje design of  vacuum fresh-keeping equipment 

Different from most vacuum freshness products on the market, Silo neither need air pumps or hoses. The designer introduced that a special suction port was built in the bottom of Silo's fresh-keeping box. Users just need to place the fresh-keeping box with food on the base of the vacuum machine and press it down. The vacuum machine can extract the air, water vapor and small particles from the bottom of the fresh-keeping box, and finally seal it automatically. Officials say that the preservation time of the Silo is 3 - 5 times longer than that of the normal fresh-keeping products.  

 the working steps of vacuum fresh-keeping equipment

As we mentioned above, Silo's vacuum part can be also connected to the Internet and it has a built-in Alexa assistant. According to the official introduction, users can get news, play musics and get recipe guidance through the voice assistant.

  the voice assistant of vacuum fresh-keeping equipment

In addition, there is also a special APP for the Silo. When Silo finish the vacuum seal of food, the Alexa assistant will automatically record some information including food type and weight and synchronize the information to the APP. So the users can check the weight of the remaining food in the fresh-keeping box via APP or Alexa assistant so that they can make supplement in time.   


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