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Home > New Gear > What are the popular trends of science and technology products in 2020?
What are the popular trends of science and technology products in 2020?

What are the popular trends of science and technology products in 2020?

By  Silvio Audet 2020-02-07 824 3

From 2019 to 2020, it is not only as simple as entering a year and growing a year, but also the beginning of the third decade at the end of the second decade of the 21st century. In particular, 2019, as the first year of 5G business, gives more possibilities to the whole industry. The outstanding performance for consumers is the launch of 5G mobile phones. The characteristics of high speed, low delay and large bandwidth bring users a new experience.


Take mobile phones as an example. 5G is actually only one of the features of mobile phones in 2019 and this year. Folding screens and super fast charging will be a major trend of new products this year. Although the beginning of 2020 may not be so smooth, but after the storm is not the dawn of the dawn? In such an environment, how the major mobile phone manufacturers explore a new development model and bring new development vitality to the industry has become everyone's new thinking, and the online press conference is one of the answers.

Today we will talk about several major trends of science and technology products in 2020, under the guidance of these major trends, they will also bloom a more dazzling light.

5G +

The reason why it is called "5G +" is that 5G will be used as a basic capacity to enable various industries and all kinds of science and technology products in 2020. Take the current popular 5G mobile phones, for example, the domestic market shipped 13.769 million 5G mobile phones in 2019, and this number will hit a new high in 2020. At the same time, the price of 5G mobile phones will also hit a new low. You can get a good 5G mobile phone for about a thousand yuan, and more and more people will use 5G mobile phones.

Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G

In addition, from the perspective of industry chain, 5G processors such as Snapdragon865+X55, Kirin 9905G, Phecda1000, Exynos 980 and Snapdragon765G in 5G mobile phones blossom. More 5G mobile phones can rely on these processors for research and development. And the Kirin 820 processor to be launched in 2020 may also support 5G. With the achievements of Kirin 810, Kirin 820 is expected to become a very competitive 5G processor, which is worth looking forward to. In addition, the Qilin 1020 processor (tentative) and Apple A14 processor, which will be released in the second half of this year, are expected to use 5nm technology, and the performance and experience will be further improved.

Huawei MatePad Pro 5G version

In addition to 5G phones, 5G tablets will also be unveiled in 2020. At the Huawei MatePad Pro launch at the end of 2019, Huawei announced that it would launch a 5G version of the Huawei MatePad Pro, in the first quarter of this year, which is also expected to be the industry's first 5G tablet. In addition to Huawei, it has also been revealed that there will be a 5G version of the iPad released this year, and Xiaomi may also have a 5G layout in tablets, so 5G tablets will also be a popular trend in 2020. Are you interested?

Huawei 5G CPE Pro

Finally, it can be said that it is a trend, and it can also be said that many manufacturers have already done it, that is, 5G CPE, including Huawei and ZTE, have launched related products in 2019, providing a good auxiliary role for users in addition to 5G mobile phones. In addition to the above, "+" also represents more, telemedicine, autopilot and so on will be better used in 5G scenarios. All in all, there is too much to look forward to in terms of 5G in 2020.

Folding screen

Although folding screen phones are nothing new, including Samsung and Huawei, manufacturers have made achievements in folding screens, but 2020 is still an important year for the development of folding screen phones. Speaking of this, we have to mention some problems of folding screen phones in 2019, such as hinges, screens, application adaptation, and so on, there is a lot of room for improvement, although folding screen phones often cost tens of thousands of yuan, but the actual experience may not be so perfect.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

In addition, judging from the current exposure, Huawei's new generation of folding screen phone Mate Xs may be unveiled on MWC 2020. Huawei Mate Xs is expected to adopt a new hinge structure to further improve the service life and folding feel of the flexible screen, making the user experience a step further. In addition to Huawei, at the Galaxy Fold (CES exhibition, the president of Samsung Mobile said that the newly launched W2020 also uses a folding screen design on the basis of the current Galaxy Fold sales of 400,000 to 500,000). It has to be said that the folding screen still represents the peak of the design and will be a direction for major manufacturers to compete in 2020.

Motorola Razr

It is worth mentioning that last November, Lenovo restarted Motorola's Razr series of phones and made a comeback with the latest folding screen design. This also implies that the smartphone folding screen competition will further intensify in 2020. On the CES 2020, there are many new collapsible products, such as Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, Dell Concept Ori, Intel Horseshoe Bend, TCL collapsible phones. From 2019 to 2020, the folding screen will gradually extend from mobile phones to tablets and laptops, and there will be a lot of room for imagination in car, wearable and other fields in the future.

High refresh rate

It has to be said that under the leadership of OnePlus 7 Pro, the smartphone industry has set off a battle for high refresh rate screens, and more and more manufacturers begin to put innovation on the screen and seek to bring users a more comfortable experience. In 2019, for example, most products on the market still have 60Hz refresh rate, and some flagship products use 90Hz refresh rate screen, while 120Hz refresh rate screen also begins to appear.

OnePlus 7 Pro

Since 2020, we have once again focused on OnePlus. At the screen technology communication meeting at the beginning of this year, OnePlus released a new 120Hz screen refresh rate technology and will also implement MEMC frame insertion technology, which makes the OnePlus 8 series to be released in the first half of the year. In addition, Red Magic 5G game phones are also sure to arrange 144Hz refresh rate screen and 5G+144Hz refresh rate for users, which makes Red Magic 5G game phones become a new expectation for many users.

Red Magic 5G game phone

In addition, realmeRealme X50, Redmi K30 series and other new products are also equipped with 120Hz refresh rate screen, and this may be just the beginning, the following products, high refresh rate will become the standard for these manufacturers, with the iteration of technology and cost control, the future 60Hz refresh rate screen may become history. From the transition from 2019 to 2020, 90Hz screen can no longer be regarded as a leader in the industry, because higher 120Hz and 144Hz have been born, and there is a lot of competition from major manufacturers in this area this year.

Super fast charging

Because each family uses different fast charging names, so we will call it super fast charging for the time being, and there will also be a good competition in the field of super fast charging in 2020. Looking back in 2019, 40W fast charging can actually be said to be in the lead, individual products also use 50W fast charging, charging can be done in about half an hour. However, in 2020, the major manufacturers do not seem to be satisfied with this, and 100W fast recharging production is not impossible.


Screenshot of Lei Jun's Weibo

Judging from the current revelations, Xiaomi and Red Magic should use 100W fast charging in 2020. As for the upcoming Xiaomi 10 series and Red Magic 5G game phones, it is not clear, but this also gives the majority of netizens a lot of hope. After all, this is the first time such a high-power fast charging has been seen. As for how fast it charges, we can refer to the data posted by Xiaomi Lin Bin on Weibo early last year. The time is about 17 minutes. If you put it on an ordinary fast-charging phone, it may only reach 30.

Ni Fei Weibo screenshot

For the first half of 2020, it seems that the major manufacturers will not be able to achieve 100W super fast charging, because in the process of mass production, under the rated volume, it is necessary to balance the battery capacity and fast charging. Just like a poll launched by Nubia Ni Fei, more netizens prefer 55W in the choice of 100W+4000mAh, 55W+4500mAh and 30W+5000mAh. So for now, 100W fast charging is difficult to show up in the first half of the year, but it is more likely to show up in the second half of the year with the release of a number of blockbuster flagships.

Double digging screen

Although the major mobile phone manufacturers have been exploring the full screen form of mobile phones, due to a variety of technical difficulties, the road is not so smooth. After several years of exploration, users have actually lost interest in the forms of notch display, water drop screen, hole digging screen, and up-and-down comprehensive screen. Although the up-and-down comprehensive screen feels better, the experience has decreased. How to develop a new comprehensive screen form is in fact the labor pains of the major manufacturers on the eve of the birth of the real comprehensive screen.

Honor V30 PRO

From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, such as Honor V30 series, Huawei nova6 series, Redmi K30 series, realmeRealme X50 series have adopted the front double-digging design, this screen shape has been welcomed by many manufacturers. And from the exposure of Huawei P40 series, also adopted this design. Thus it can be seen that the positive double-digging screen is expected to become a popular comprehensive screen form this year. From this point of view, the popularity of the front double-hole screen also means that the current off-screen camera technology is still immature and can not meet commercial standards.


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, the influx of new coronavirus has accelerated the reshuffle of the smartphone industry to some extent, so that the already windy and snowy Internet environment has been covered with a thick layer of frost. Although we are facing a lot of difficulties this year, this has also become an additional question to test the major manufacturers. In the context of 5G, how do the major manufacturers break the situation, and how will they make efforts under these 2020 trends? Let's wait and see!

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