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Home > New Gear > What is it related to CPU overclocking? CPU model, quality or mother board?
What is it related to CPU overclocking? CPU model, quality or mother board?

What is it related to CPU overclocking? CPU model, quality or mother board?

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-06-26 983 0

Every CPU, whether from Intel or AMD , is delivered with a defined clock rate that is specified by the manufacturer as safe and stable for continuous use. Since there are still reserves upwards with sufficient cooling, most processors can also cope with a higher clock frequency and thus a corresponding increase in performance.


CPU tuning is about finding a higher clock rate at which the system still remains sufficiently cool and stable. Higher clock frequencies promise more performance under full load, which can be empirically measured with benchmark tools, but varies greatly from chip to chip.

What is overclocking?

The so-called overclocking is, as the name suggests, the increase of the frequency. Then what's the frequency?

What is overclocking

The CPU frequency indicates how often the CPU generates a pulse within 1 second. The unit is Hertz. The more often the same CPU generates a pulse within 1 second, the faster it runs and the more sensitive the reaction is.

The manufacturer will limit the CPU of different models to a fixed frequency for reasons of safety, capacity, production yield or product quality during the manufacture of the CPU. This frequency limit makes the processor faster and more sensitive.

What is CPU overclocking?

Although everyone hears that CPU overclocking is more, many electronic devices operate on fixed frequencies, so everything, such as graphics cards, memory and even monitors, can be overclocked. We can talk about this separately in the future. Today we will first talk about newcomers. First, play CPU overclocking to know something.

What is CPU overclocking

The CPU main frequency corresponds to the CPU multiplier multiplied by the CPU FSB . We can achieve the CPU overclocking effect with the above two, but the FSB is the frequency of the entire computer running the bus, synchronized with the memory, the CPU and the motherboard, so the Super The frequency of the attachment is high and it can easily come to instabilities. Now the overclocking of the CPU is mainly based on the super multiplier.

The multiplier represents the ratio of the main frequency of the CPU to the FSB. Long ago the main frequency of the CPU was equal to the FSB, i.e. the multiple was 1. With the development of the technology the CPU frequency can be higher and higher, and the technical frequency of But other electronic accessories cannot keep up with the technical reasons limiting the CPU frequency, and the frequency multiplication technology has emerged.

It can make the main CPU frequency equal to a multiple of the external frequency, greatly improve the CPU frequency and the so-called super multiplier, the super multiplier, can set a multiple for the CPU, supply the corresponding voltage, overclocking is successful than the super multiplier It is much easier.

There are three main factors that affect the overclocking of the current CPU: The first is the CPU, the second is the motherboard that supplies the CPU voltage directly, and the heat sink that heats the CPU.

The key factors of overclocking - CPU model, quality

First, not all CPUs can overclock.

Although the original intention of private overclocking was to find the limitations of manufacturers of breakthrough products, you should spend less money to achieve better performance. How can consumers play manufacturers? Later, Intel introduced a strict product classification according to the semi-monopoly CPU market. Only the processor with K-suffix positioning in the high-end range can overclock, other models are disabled.

AMD's conscience here, because to conquer the market, most processors are not frequency locked, for the players who like to overclock, is the gospel.

CPU model

At the same time, the architecture and the process of the CPU also influence the overclocking range : for example, the 9th generation core frequency can be above 5 GHz, and the second generation AMD is above the end of 4.3 G.

Each processor is cut on different wafers, so the same processor has a physical difference in overclocking. Normally we stabilize it at high frequencies at low voltage. A good physique and vice versa, as the increase in voltage leads to increased power consumption, a collision current wall, increased motherboard power supply pressure and other problems. It is clear that the lower the voltage at the same frequency, the better the CPU quality.

The key factor of overclocking - motherboard selection

It has just been said that the increase in CPU voltage causes the problem of a sharp increase in the supply voltage of the motherboard, so the selection of the motherboard that corresponds to the CPU is also very important.

motherboard selection

First, not all motherboard also overclocking, Intel-based side only Z and X series motherboard open overclocking can support, here AMD is the X series and the series B can be.

The most important thing is to look at the power supply of the motherboard: The motherboard with a good power supply can precisely control the voltage and current. The high quality MOSFET, inductance and capacitor can maintain a stable voltage and current. After overclocking the CPU it is of course easier to stabilize the voltage.

motherboard selection

How do you see the power supply of the motherboard? First we see the number of phases of the power supply. In general, the more phases there are, the smoother the power supply. Take this gigabyte motherboard as an example. We see it's got a 16-phase power supply. This number is already very high for high-end motherboards. In general, 6-phase core motherboards can be overclocked.

The heat dissipation of the motherboard power supply module cannot be ignored: The voltage in the super band rises strongly and the temperature of the power supply rises, which of course affects the stability of the power supply unit 67 degrees Celsius.

motherboard selection

Finally, the BIOS of the motherboard is optimized. This is due to the strength of the manufacturer's research and development department. Check if the manufacturer of the motherboard has CPU knowledge and can prevent voltage from occurring. Therefore I would like to overclock the recommendation to give priority to the motherboard of the big brand.

The key factor in overclocking - the selection of radiators

the selection of radiators

Finally, the heat sink is selected. The CPU overclocking heat will increase strongly. Of course, it is necessary to choose a good cooler. Otherwise the CPU temperature is too high. It is easy to reduce the frequency, which leads to a weaker performance after overclocking.

The selection of the cooler varies depending on the overclocking range and CPU. Of course, we can also use a set to buy expensive.


CPU performance

With the development of the technology, the CPU performance becomes more and more powerful. Now overclocking has become increasingly rare and fewer people want to know. If you want to know more about overclocking, we will share some practical experiences and tips about CPU overclocking.

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