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Home > New Gear > Will Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 be the first commercial phone with 5G support?
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Will Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 be the first commercial phone with  5G support?

Will Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 be the first commercial phone with 5G support?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-22 2290 0

Nowadays, the global smartphone industry is in a weak state, and the requirement of users for replacement phones is also decreasing year by year. However, it is only in the 5G era in the next few years that the phone industry can be revitalized again. Of course, 5G, while theoretically much faster than 4G, is still in test and won't be ready for commercial use until around 2019. However, under such a circumstance, Xiaomi suddenly announced that the Mi MIX 3 released on 25th could support 5G. This is probably just marketing.

 the public poster of Mi MIX 3

As we all know, Xiaomi has always been interested in marketing. Previous, it used to take the gross profit rate of Xiaomi, which was never more than 5%. The results also confirmed that the gross profit rate of the whole domestic mobile phone manufacturers is not more than 5% except for Apple and Samsung. This time, in the pre-heat poster of Mi MIX 3, it was announced that Mi MIX 3 will be the first batch of 5G commercial phones in the world, which reminded me that this is probably the marketing strategy of Xiaomi.

the design of Mi MIX 3 

No Internet for business?

Let's take a look at the development of 5G. Several years ago, China mobile and China telecom announced that they would welcome the first batch of commercial products during National Day in 2019 at the soonest. That means 5G signals would not have been possible in the country before then, so the problem is, there is no network now, so how can it be used?

How about 5G?

As we all know, all communication equipment in our country must be certified by the ministry of industry and information technology. In addition, according to the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations and quality and safety, commercial mobile phones must pass the corresponding test standards of the ministry of industry and information technology.

This means that if Mi MIX 3 is really the world's first 5G commercial phone, the untested 5G commercial phone is not only in violation of relevant regulations, but also has no guarantee in the network signal quality and safety.


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How long is the promise?

I'm sure you will have different opinions. After all, 5G is not far away from us. Therefore, Mi MIX 3 may be a product laying the foundation for the future. But the problem is coming again, since the standard is not yet built, how can you guarantee that the current hardware will pass the test? A promise of support that cannot be given, or guaranteed, is probably nothing more than a marketing need.

Is Mi MIX 3 a 5G phone or an empty shell?

As we all know, 5G is already our national strategy, and Huawei, ZTE and other manufacturers have made great progress and breakthroughs in 5G r&d. However, Xiaomi adopts Qualcomm's solution and soc+X50 5G modem, which cannot be well solved after 5G independent networking and 5G/4G/3G/2G reselection, so the maturity is not enough for direct application in the future 5G network commercial.

the 5G network of Mi MIX 3 

In fact, marketing is also part of the product, but the marketing to create a gimmick may be too much. It's not as if it's a false promotion, but it's hard to get current consumers to pay for a concept of the future. Good products are built on hard work, not on how to coax customers into using rhetoric, and when other brands follow suit, the consequences are not only bad for other innovative brands, but also extremely bad for the whole development of domestic mobile phones.

Of course, if Mi MIX 3 can clarify the above four evidences and realize 5G commercial application in the first place, it will be an achievement and a great achievement in the domestic mobile phone industry. What do you think?


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