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Home > New Gear > Windows 7 support will end in 2020! Follow these steps to upgrade to Win 10
Windows 7 support will end in 2020! Follow these steps to upgrade to Win 10

Windows 7 support will end in 2020! Follow these steps to upgrade to Win 10

By  Zim Watson 2019-05-11 449 0

Windows7's support in January 2020 is completely finished. If you continue to use a supported operating system, be sure to migrate to a new version because of the increased risk of virus infections and information leaks. Here we will tell you about the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

1.Need to switch to Win10 by 2020 years

Since Windows7 was released on October 22, 2009, support has been provided for 10 years, but ended on January 14, 2020. In the past, there have been support and automatic Updates to protect your PC, but you will not be able to receive these services after the end of the support date. It is dangerous to keep using an OS without support. To avoid trouble, you should switch to Windows10 by January, 2020.

2.The construction industry needs to improve the environment of the PC!

Recently, a variety of services that can be used in the construction industry are coming out. The construction industry needs to develop a personal computer environment.


For example, an app. There are many useful apps, such as apps that can be shared on the cloud and can create chat rooms for each site, by taking photos of the construction site. You can use these apps to streamline your business.


You can also take advantage of cloud services. The current construction industry is plagued by manpower shortages and aging of employees. To be productive in this situation, you have to leave the work to the computer as much as possible without duplicate work or people. If you use a cloud service, you can get enhanced service and increase productivity even if you don't have one software.


3.OS migration Flow and considerations

If you are currently using WINDOWS7, be sure to migrate by January 2020. The migration of the OS is done in the following flow.

▪ Check the status quo

First, let's check the status quo. Make sure that the PC you are currently using is compatible with Windows10. If not, you should consider buying a replacement. Check the current hardware configuration and operating system information.

▪ Check the application

Then check the application. Understand not only the desktop app, but also the WEB application.

▪ Plan your upgrade

When you're done reviewing, plan your upgrade. Creating a whole schedule, validating the device to be upgraded, and then calculating the budget will make it easier to succeed.

▪ Consider the Migration method

Next, consider the migration method. Choose the transition method that suits your workplace environment and purpose. There are two methods: Upgrade and clean install.

▪ Verifying migration

Before deploying to a production environment, let's check the operation in the test environment. Make sure that the hardware and peripherals work, and that each application works properly.

▪ Deployed in a production environment

When the confirmation is finished, it is introduced into the production environment. Start your deployment in accordance with your pre-planned plans.

▪ Operations Management

Operation management is necessary even after the deployment is over. Let your employees know how to use the new features and fix the problem.

4.Is it possible to push it off as Win7?

If you don't want to update, can you push it out of Windows7? You can use your computer even if it is out of support. However, there is a risk of virus infection and information leakage, so we cannot recommend it.


Microsoft has provided an update to fix any security issues or program glitches that have been discovered since product launch. The PC is safe to use by fixing the defect, but after the end of the support, you will not be able to receive such services at all.


If you use a computer that is closed to support, it is very dangerous to get into a third party that finds the faulty part of the OS, infect the virus, or have a phishing scam. You may be able to steal photos and personal information stored on your computer. In addition, even if you are using the OS after the end of the support, you are at your own risk and are not insured. To avoid risk, we recommend that you upgrade before the end of the support.


Windows7 support will end on January 14, 2020. Be sure to upgrade to Windows10 before you finish. Recently, there are a wealth of apps and cloud services available to help the construction industry. You can use these services to streamline your business. Take the transition to the machine and try to introduce apps and services that will help you with your work.

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