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Home > New Gear > Xbox 2 - Xbox Anaconda: a more powerful console will arrive soon
Xbox 2 - Xbox Anaconda: a more powerful console will arrive soon

Xbox 2 - Xbox Anaconda: a more powerful console will arrive soon

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-27 1031 0

Microsoft wants to launch the next generation console with the Xbox 2, codenamed Anaconda, clearly reining in the upcoming PlayStation 5. This is reported by various insiders who have often hit the mark with their reports in the past.

A few days ago, Sony announced initial information about the upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5 console. Among other things, a backward compatibility has been confirmed by the system architect Mark Cerny. For enough power, the processor is intended to be based on a third generation variant in the AMD-Ryzen series with 8 cores and a 7nm-Zen-2 microarchitecture. The graphics card, on the other hand, is based on the AMD-Radeon-Navi series, which offers up to 8K resolution and is intended to support real-time ray tracing, among other things. All information about the installed hardware can be found here:

Sony vs. Microsoft

However, the competition is not dormantioning and Microsoft obviously doesn't want to take the title of the fastest gaming console on the market to date. Because currently the Xbox One X is in front of the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of performance, which is noticeable again and again in current titles. And even with the new generation of consoles, the Redmonders are arguably planning to trump the PlayStation 5 in terms of performance.

The upcoming Microsoft consoles are said to be codenamed Lockhart and Anaconda . The first model is the more cost-effective option, while Anaconda is the top-of-the-range model and is designed to rein in the PS5.

Judging by some insiders, the stronger Xbox Anaconda will actually have more power available than the Sony console does. According to journalist Ainsley Bowden, "several insiders" confirm that the Xbox Anaconda will be "more advanced" than the PS5.

Microsoft still wants to have the most powerful console hardware available on the market, as is currently the case with the Xbox One X. Noted Xbox insider Klobrille also confirmed on Resetera that Microsoft intends the Xbox Anaconda to be the "clearly more powerful device" of all available consoles once the next generation hits the market.

These, by the way, are the same insiders who previously reported that Microsoft is working on a digital version of the Xbox One. This rumour has now turned out to be true .

The official unveiling of the Xbox 2 is expected at Microsoft's press conference as part of E3 2019.


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