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Home > New Gear > ( Xiaomi Air2 TWS) Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus: Winner is?
( Xiaomi Air2 TWS) Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus: Winner is?

( Xiaomi Air2 TWS) Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus: Winner is?

By  Joe Horner 2019-10-09 4253 0

Now many mobile phone manufacturers are starting to make Bluetooth headphones, such as the recently released Vivo TWS headphones, but the price is 999RMB, which can be said to be very high in Chinese TWS earbuds. At its recent launch, Xiaomi unveiled a new TWS headset, the Xiaomi Air 2, which costs as little as $81.99, about the same price as this year's JEET Air Plus wireless Bluetooth headset, but what's the difference between the Xiaomi Air 2 and the JEET Air Plus? Let's compare it together.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS 

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS: Specs Compare

First, let's take a look at the configuration comparison between Xiaomi Air2 TWS and JEET Air Plus TWS headphones:

Xiaomi Air 2 TWS


Core Chip


Qualcomm QCC3020

Drive Units

Moving coil unit

Armature unit

Single Use



Battery Box



Bluetooth Version


Waterproof Rate






It is not difficult to find that, JEET Air Plus whether it is a chip, unit, endurance are better than Xiaomi Air 2 TWS, so what is the real experience? Please read on.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS: Wear Compare

On the outside, these two headphones are relatively simple, we will focus on wearing it.

JEET Air Plus TWS Bluetooth headset design pays attention to "non-fashion", pure black frosted design is more wear-resistant and durable, worthy of the flagship machine of sports fever brand. The bright side design of the geometric lines also adds a bit of texture to the headset and looks beautiful.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS 

The line design of JEET Air Plus TWS earplugs is more ergonomic and more suitable for the ear canal, especially the ingenuity of SR aeronautical earbraces and highly active nano-silica earplugs, as well as shock absorption and cushioning technology, making the wearing experience further. It is worth mentioning that the, JEET Air Plus silicone earcap and the fuselage ring are integrated to increase the overall firmness and comfort close to the human body.

Xiaomi Air2 TWS (also named as Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2) Bluetooth headset is still the pure white wind of Xiaomi as always. The charging box of Air2 TWS is more round and smaller than that of the previous generation. The main body of the headset has been changed to a semi-ear design similar to AirPods, which is more comfortable to wear. Even if you wear it for a long time, you won't have an earache.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS: Battery Life Compare

For TWS Bluetooth headsets, consumers tend to opt for a longer battery life. According to the official introduction, JEET Air Plus TWS has a single 10 hours and a total of 35 hours of duration, in actual use, depending on the use scenario and volume settings, this data is for reference only, but from my actual use, general use does not need to charge for a week, in addition, JEET Air Plus TWS supports fast charging, which also provides a strong guarantee for continuous use.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS 

Xiaomi Air2 TWS headphones are not so long in battery life, which support music playback endurance of about 4 hours, with the charging box can last up to 14 hours. Moreover, headphones and charging boxes all support fast charging, 1 hour can be filled. For daily use, the  Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 is still satisfactory.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS: Performance Compare

Bluetooth 5.0 has contributed to the prosperity of TWS headphones this year, greatly improving transmission efficiency and stability, which is by no means comparable to last year's Bluetooth 4. 2 or 4. 0 headphones.

In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, JEET Air Plus TWS uses Qualcomm chips, LDS laser engraved antennas and long-distance radio frequency technology, as well as unhindered acoustic conduit material, which further improves the transmission efficiency and stability between the front end and the front end. In this period of experience, JEET Air Plus has never been disconnected, and in the process of watching movies and mobile games, there is almost no latency, the experience is comparable to wired headphones.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS 

In addition, JEET Air Plus TWS also comes with JEET PLAY APP, to check the status of headphones on the phone and perform basic operations, in affordable headphones, proprietary APP is very rare.

This time Xiaomi Air2 TWS and MIUI are deeply customized. when you open the charging box next to the phone, the phone will be alerted by the pop-up window, which can also see the battery state of the headset and the charge box. After the first connection, once open the charging box can automatically complete the Bluetooth pairing and connection, just pick up headphones to enjoy music only in an instant, that is, speed matching pairs do not have to wait.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS 

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 built-in infrared optical sensor, can detect the wearing status of headphones in real time. Immediately into the ear can be sensed, remove either side of the headset automatically pause playback. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, take it off and stop, which is not only better than every frame, but also can effectively improve the actual use of headphones.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS: Sound Quality Compare

JEET Air Plus TWS benefits from the blessing of full-frequency moving iron and Qualcomm QCC3020 chips to achieve high resolution on TWS headphones. Android front-end supports APT-X, Apple front-end support AAC, can bring almost CD sound quality when experiencing high-quality music. In a period of experience, the feeling given to me by, JEET Air Plus TWS can no longer be described as surprise. The three-frequency hierarchy is strong, the transition is smooth, the dynamic response is fast, the springback is powerful, the high frequency permeability is strong, the intermediate frequency analytical force is strong, and the degree of separation is high. Chorus and toothed sound is also clearly discernible, low-frequency dive full, so balanced and comprehensive quality, almost this year's affordable TWS headphones sound quality is the best!

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 VS JEET Air Plus TWS ​ 

In terms of sound quality, Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro 2 uses LHDC HD Bluetooth decoding technology to enjoy sound quality close to Hi-Res level. At the same time, its built-in special large composite diaphragm moving ring, bass plump and rich, medium frequency soft and natural, high frequency bright and transparent. In terms of sound quality is also very good.


Through the above comparison, although the price of the two sets of TWS headphones is similar, the JEET configuration is still higher, the life time is longer, and Qualcomm chips guarantee the stability of the connection, and the performance and price ratio are very high. And Xiaomi Air2 TWS Bluetooth headset with Xiaomi mobile phone use, the experience is also good, we choose on demand.

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