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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi E-series slim frame Mi TV and 65-inch mural TV released: the price starts from 1099 yuan
Xiaomi E-series slim frame Mi TV and 65-inch mural TV released: the price starts from 1099 yuan

Xiaomi E-series slim frame Mi TV and 65-inch mural TV released: the price starts from 1099 yuan

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-26 7268 0

On April 23, Xiaomi officially released a new flagship TV: Xiaomi mural TV, and updated the latest generation of its multi-size TV, Xiaomi full-screen TV. Let’s show you more details.

At the beginning, it was the stage of sellers' show: for example, the third-party data organizations claimed that in 2018 Q4 and 2019 Q1, Xiaomi is the manufacturer who sells the most products in the domestic TV market; in nine months of entering the Indian market, they won the first sales result of smart TV. On the spot, Xiaomi attributed this achievement to "making explosives" and "letting users".

Full screen upgrade for TV series

The first thing is the traditional television update, Xiaomi did not name this generation of equipment "Xiaomi TV 5", but called it: Xiaomi full-screen TV. The full range features a narrow-bezel full screen, a Xiaomi Bluetooth voice remote control and the same design style, depending on size and processor.

Specifically for the sale part, the price of Xiaomi full-screen TV 32 inches 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM version is 4164, while the price of 43, 55, 65 inches version is $298, $447 and $596, respectively. The corresponding resolutions of the four TV sets are HD, FHD, 4K and 4K.

the four TV sets  HD, FHD, 4K and 4K 

Xiaomi mural TV - smart home entrance

Another key point of this conference is Xiaomi mural TV, which inherits the previous concept of ultra-thin design and adopts split design, which integrates the TV motherboard and power supply into the split SoundBar. Cooperate with the 13.9 mm distance between the fuselage and the wall to achieve the effect of wall embedding, while Xiaomi also built a large number of oil paintings and posters in the device, in order to achieve the mural effect.

Xiaomi mural TV - 

Voice control is the highlight of this device. It can be turned into a "small love tape screen speaker" when the TV is turned off and on. It can complete the voice control of all intelligent devices in the home, including the voice operation of the TV (no remote control is needed to control voice).

In addition, with the help of the screen, it can also complete more manipulation interaction. For example, it can interact with the camera at the door to see the guest's condition. When the smart home appliances are operated, they can also pop up notifications on the screen. On the whole, it is the interaction center of the whole family intelligent equipment.

In terms of hardware parameters, the screen of Xiaomi mural TV is equipped with Samsung original 65-inch 4K panel, carrying four-core 64-bit flagship processor, running storage 2GB, and body capacity storage 32GB. Compared with the TV box which usually has not enough storage (the storage is full at any moment), the expansion space is much larger.

SoundBar is equipped with six-channel SoundBar and Subwoofer Audio System to support dual decoding of Dolby and DTS-HD. SoundBar is equipped with 2.25-inch medium-low speaker x2, 20-core top tweeter x2 and inverted cavity x2, and 11-liter super-heavy subwoofer loudspeaker.

As for the sale price, the product will open an appointment at 18 o'clock tonight for $1043.

Smart home appliances collection

At the meeting, Xiaomi also launched a number of Internet of Things intelligent devices. First is the vertical air conditioning system of Mijia Internet. The device redesigned the air conditioning remote controller, and distinguished the common and common functions by screen, five-way button and small button. In addition, there is also a blind operation button at night to facilitate the operation of a key before bedtime.

The official price of this air conditioner is 2999 yuan (about $536). Xiaomi also prepared three summer weight loss sets: Mijia foldable walking pad, Mijia DC frequency conversion fan, and Mijia body fat scale.

Smart home appliances collection 


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