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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset review: is it worth buying
Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset review: is it worth buying

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset review: is it worth buying

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-08-28 32054 0

True wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones are becoming more popular in the market because they are lighter and more portable. As more manufacturers have launched true wireless headphones, the prices of real wireless headphones have also dropped, and there are more and more types of true wireless headphones at about 100 yuan. However, many manufacturers have reduced the quality of headphones and launched low-end products. Although the price is very low, it has sacrificed sound quality. Xiaomi has been producing cost-effective products in the ecological chain of Haylou brand has also launched a 100 yuan Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset , how the performance of this headset. 

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS: Appearence

Understand the situation behind the market, some friends may be confused: can have Bluetooth 5.0, waterproof, sound quality performance is good, meet these conditions of the real wireless headphones, how much can you buy? 

The Haylou GT1 true wireless Bluetooth headset (GT1), which costs 99 yuan, may be an effective answer to the above questions in the real wireless headset market. 

The outer packaging style of GT1 is consistent with the common fast consumer digital products these days, and we can see what GT1 looks like from the front of the package. 

At the first contact we can find that the surface of the storage box using frosting and painting technology, whether the feel or durability are better. 

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset


In addition, we can find two pairs of silicone earplugs (three pairs of silicone covers on headphones), micro-USB charging wires, and instructions in the box. With the price of GT1 only 99 yuan, this configuration is also reasonable. 


Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset

Starting with the GT1, we can feel that the size of the GT1 is perfect for keeping in a trouser pocket or in a small pocket you carry while running. 

By opening the lid of the storage box, we can find that the inner cabin of the storage box has a magnetic suction design, which can effectively prevent the headphones from accidentally falling off. 

After the first manual Bluetooth connection, in the subsequent use process, as long as the GT1 is removed from the storage box, the headset will automatically boot, automatically complete the series pairing step, and really remove and use it. 

On the other hand, if you take off the headphones and lower the recovery box, the machine will be automatically turned off and charged. This senseless experience can be said to give full play to the advantages of true wireless headphones, allowing people to enjoy a different experience from traditional wired Bluetooth headphones. 


Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset

GT1 also features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a great improvement in transmission distance, delay, encoding and decoding speed, wireless signal compatibility, and so on. For 9102 Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 is also a trendy approach. 

In fact, Haylou GT1's design also places considerable emphasis on "nothingness." Headphones look like a thick kidney bean, the lines are quite soft and delicate. 

With the deflection angle of the catheter, GT1 wearing is not only quite consistent and stable, because of its bean-shaped design, there will be no obvious drum outside the ear, really to hide the vision, if nothing to use the experience. 

GT1 can achieve invisible wearing experience, in addition to thanks to the bean-shaped design, but also has nothing to do with the GT1 surface without any buttons. A variety of complex functions can be accomplished by touching the headset panel. 

When you are on standby, you can play / pause music once, tap 3 times to turn on the voice assistant, tap twice when you call, answer the phone twice, press long to refuse to answer the phone, and double-click on the left and right ears to switch the upper / next song respectively. 

All use of touch interaction can eliminate the pain of pressing the ear during the operation of solid keys. 

As you wish, GT1 supports the IPX5 protection level. It means that GT1 works well in a sweaty gym and outdoors in a light rain. 

In addition to supporting IPX5 class waterproof, GT1 also comes with its own noise reduction function, through the Bluetooth chip internal DSP intelligent digital noise reduction module, can offset some of the external noise, making the sound quality more pure. 

Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset: Sound quality and battery life

In terms of functionality and styling, Haylou GT1 has delivered surprising performance. So what is the actual listening experience of GT1? 

From the point of view of the parameters, the GT1 is equipped with a unit with a diameter of 7.2mm, and the vibrating film is made of polymer resin. Combined with the volume of the cavity, its sound performance should be biased to the middle and lower plate. 

We tested the sound performance of GT1 through current pop music and some jazz / classical repertoire. On the whole, GT1 follows the current exercise headphones to medium and low frequency performance-based routine, sound to do more thick, warm and smooth, high frequency is more as a sound embellishment. 

The whole sound does not show a very large sense of scene, probably in the same range as a mini-bar. Therefore, GT1 is more suitable for listening to studio albums, and if you are a friend who likes to listen to EDM for exercise, think about it.



 Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset

In terms of battery life, if it is played continuously at a volume of 2 to 3, the GT1 can have a battery life of about three hours. With the storage box charging, the total battery life is about 11 to 12 hours. 

If it is only used during commuting time, it can be used for a week. 

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 TWS Bluetooth headset

As a headphone that is also true wireless and at the same price, it is difficult for the QCY T1C, which sells well, not to be compared. 

As a newborn calf, the GT1 is equipped with a larger horn (GT1 7.2mm, T1C 6mm) in a smaller fuselage than T1C, which is more portable and has better bass performance and easier handling. The magnetic suction box cover also has better protection. 


The price of 99 yuan, put in the current Bluetooth headset market, that is, you can buy some large manufacturers of entry-level wired Bluetooth headset products. 

As a Xiaomi industrial chain enterprise, the product power of Haylou GT1 true wireless Bluetooth headphones is quite similar to that of the products in the matrix. Considered a must for true wireless Bluetooth headphones in the future, Bluetooth 5.0, IP protection level, and excellent sound quality, GT1 has been implemented. 

At that price, Haylou GT1 is tempting for consumers curious to try real wireless Bluetooth headphones. If you are a digital enthusiast with a taste that is rarely greater than anything else, Haylou GT1 believes you will be able to stir up your desire to buy.

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