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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Everything we know from the successful smart bracelet to date
Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Everything we know from the successful smart bracelet to date

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Everything we know from the successful smart bracelet to date

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-19 944 0

Whether you are a fan or not Xiaomi, chances are that if you hear about a smart bracelet come to mind the Xiaomi my Band 3. And that is, this bracelet has made the Chinese company become the first manufacturer with the largest number of wearables sold in the world. And it is not for less, remember that this fantastic bracelet offers a great number of features, a nice design and autonomy of 20-40 days, for little less than 25 euros.

Still, it is clear that technology advances at a frantic pace, and what seemed perfect or almost perfect during the past 2018, this 2019 we might think that there are small details to improve. Therefore, if Xiaomi continues its pace of renewal, this 2019 will see almost with total security a new my Band, in this case the Xiaomi my Band 4. A new bracelet that even though no detail is known officially, if we have started to read various rumors on the net.

ECG Sensor

One of the main rumors that is taking more strength is the fact of the inclusion of a new heart rate monitoring sensor. In this way, the next Xiaomi my Band 4 could perform electrocardiograms (ECG) and thus measure our electrical activity of the heart, preventing the user on anomalies in the correct functioning of his heart and general health.

And is that, if we give a general review to the current market we can see as much of the wearables, whether they are smart bracelets or smartwatches, are integrating this new technology that would make even more attractive these devices in order to maintain our health Monitored at all times.

Color screen

Other rumors that run through the network is the fact that the next generation of the successful Xiaomi smart bracelet has color screen. A small detail that although it seems farfetched, mainly because of its increase in energy consumption, could be seen thanks to the new panels of AMOLED type that allow to have a consumption rather cut simply by the fact of representing the Black color by turning off the pixels in question.

Color screen

Still, it is clear that one of the main attractions of the range of my Band Xiaomi, is the great autonomy of which each of their bracelets. Something that could certainly be harmed in the case of integrating a color screen but that would counteract the fact of being able to display small graphics and color data.

Improved connectivity

Another of the obvious improvements that I could tell the next Xiaomi my Band 4 is your Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. In this way, the new bracelet would gain in a reduction of its energy consumption, as well as in a greater range (up to 50 meters).

In the case of integrating Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it could counteract as far as energy consumption is concerned, the fact of having either the heart rate sensor by means of electrical impulses (ECG) or even integrating a color screen. In addition, the powerful Bluetooth 5.0 would allow us to leave our mobile in any part of our home or work, and continue receiving notifications and other content in our my Band without the need to always have on our smartphone.

New Design and Personalization

Finally, although no new detail has been rumored in terms of design and structure is concerned, there is always the possibility that the next Xiaomi my Band 4 receives some sort of update in its form and design.

And is that, although the current my Band 3 already has a very attractive and elegant design, the new my Band 4 could have a less voluminous design and at the same time have new accessories, either in the color, shape or material used in their belts , allowing you to customize it to a greater extent.


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