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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router: the best wireless mesh systems for large homes
Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router: the best wireless mesh systems for large homes

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router: the best wireless mesh systems for large homes

By  Adeline Belluz 2019-06-05 2380 0

Now as the increase of living area, before may live in one room one hall, now two rooms one hall, three rooms one hall have corresponding door model, some small partners even live on the floor, these door model is very difficult for the router, after all, the single router coverage is limited. Most people might add multiple routers or power cats in different bedrooms to deal with the embarrassment of not having signal coverage, but overall it's cumbersome. Recently, xiaomi publicly tested a new router, the mi router Mesh. It is said that more than 10,000 people signed up during the public test, which shows the popularity of this router.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router

At present, the current market of the sub-machine is really many, this is due to the increase in living area A single router can not reach the signal coverage, there is a router that claims to be able to wear walls, but most of the router with the function of wall-piercing signal coverage is not good, the sub-machine is currently the best wall-piercing solution. Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router in the hardware aspects of the use of Qualcomm 4 core ARM processor, single-core main frequency up to 717MHz, memory using 256MB large memory, it can be said that such a configuration can fully meet our daily use needs. In terms of connectivity, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router supports up to 248 device connections, which also means that the router can meet the growing number of IoT networked devices in the home.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router is a known stable coverage of the ubiquitous router, it uses Mesh technology to support 2.4G, 5G, Gigabit Power cat, network cable mixed network, and other multi-channel mixed network so that the signal covering every position in the home, it can be said that Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router is the most powerful network on the market router

Because the router takes a long time to work compared to a computer, TV, working long hours means that electronic components continue to heat up. Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router in order to solve the heat dissipation problem, the overall shape of the router is designed as a chimney, which can play a good heat dissipation effect, coupled with the internal use of ultra-large heat sink and heat conduction technology, can be very good to help Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router physical heat dissipation, even if the use of millet router Mesh for a long time, The internal electronic components still do not overheat the occurrence of the situation.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router is a set of brother routing, it is worth noting that compared to the current on the market sub-mother router, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router is not divided into the main pair. The advantage of this is that it does not affect the work of another machine when there is a problem. This also shows that Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router two machines are using a unified hardware configuration, only in the hardware network when the first connected router is the main, the second network is the extension, but in the definition of any millet router Mesh can be the master route.

With three gigabit WAN\/LAN Adaptive Ethernet ports in the back interface, the car was surprised that the Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router did not label the WAN\/LAN interface at the interface location. Through the query of relevant information to know that Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router wire port using automatic identification technology, when the user will be the external network cable inserted, other network cable automatically switched to LAN interface. For most routers small white, do not have to call for help, external network cable Connection to any one network cable can be connected to the Internet.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router bottom design a bit like the Xiaomi router R1D, which was launched five years ago, may consider that the base is in contact with the ground for a long time, and the base is the only place to use a black PC material.

In fact, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router's most attractive function is that the built-in 1300M power line is commonly known as the Electric cat, this function can be transmitted through the power cord to the other side of the wall, can effectively solve the problem of indoor wall blocking signal. Of course, with the disadvantages of the millet router Mesh power cord and rear plug is larger, and in the plug head also used three plugs, of course, with the wall through the plug is also acceptable.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router supports mobile APP settings, even at the beginning of the setup can be completely detached from the PC side settings, only on the phone side can be set. The APP's interface is also relatively simple, and users can create a network by connecting to select the location of the device.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router's main page is still using the classic pages of Xiaomi router, Xiaomi related product connection can be automatically identified through the router. In the depth speed measurement download speed reached 11.55Mbps, upload speed reached 3.09Mbps according to the APP to determine the bandwidth reached 93M, the car home at that time is 100M Telecom broadband, considering the home connected to the smart device has not broken the net, 93M bandwidth is basically in line with, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router did not bring too much to the network Wide loss.

On the APP, you can see the current status of the Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router, and you can see that one of them is a network cable connection, while the other is a 2.4G\/5G connection.

Of course, the PC side can not be ignored, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router also supports the PC side, MAC side and so on basic to meet the needs of most people

In fact, before the car has been using Xiaomi router R1D, that is Xiaomi five years ago released a router, now has Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router car will use two routers to compare. When the phone is close to two routers, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router signal strength is-12 and Xiaomi router R1D is-18, perhaps most people think the signal difference of 6 is not enough.

Of course, when the router and mobile phone approach does not show the advantages of Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router. When in the bedroom away from the two routers, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router signal strength of-21, and Xiaomi router R1D signal strength of-51, it has to be said that in the wall performance of the millet router Mesh effect is really good. Most careful friends he can find that when the phone is closer to Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router download speed of 92.5Mbps, and mobile phone in the bedroom and router farther, download speed of 92.3Mbps is almost 0 loss, so whether in the house or living room Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router can indeed achieve full signal coverage.

Some friends may say that the signal strength does not mean that the download speed and upload speed is fast, the car also did the relevant tests. Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router in the near distance test load speed reached 92.5Mbps, upload speed reached 24Mbps. Mobile phone away from the router across a wall when the speed reached the 92.3Mbps upload speed reached 23.5Mbps, compared to the speed of close testing, although across a wall but download and upload speed basically did not have much impact.

When the phone is close to the Xiaomi router R1D, the download speed is 46.8Mbps and the upload speed is 2.49Mbps. But when you put your phone in your bedroom away from the router, the Xiaomi router R1D when it's close, the download speed is 35.5Mbps and the upload speed is 2.65Mbps. It can be seen that the impact of a wall on the download speed of Xiaomi router R1D is very large, but Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router has not been affected in any way.

Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router using white main color is really very durable, whether placed next to the computer or desk are a good decoration. In addition to the appearance of external hardware, Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router using Qualcomm IPQ4019 four core processor, memory using DDR3 256MB, which can basically meet our daily use. And the network cable uses automatic identification technology so that the router small white no longer have to tangle into that one socket, random a socket are WAN network cable port. Finally, with the support of 2.4G, 5G, Gigabit power line, network cable mixed network, such as a number of coverage WIFI signal scheme, it has to be said that Xiaomi Mi Mesh Router can indeed achieve no dead angle coverage. What do you think of this router?

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