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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 (Roborock S50) review
Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 (Roborock S50) review

Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 (Roborock S50) review

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2019-05-24 2345 0

Although we are now familiar with their cell phone offer, the Xiaomiev ecosystem of smart devices is incredibly rich in reality so today we can get the logo from the needle to the locomotive, and everything is smart. A very good offer of Xiaomi devices in Croatia has, and thanks to them, I have also tried an incredible smart robotic vacuum cleaner named Mi Robot 2, also known as Roborock S50. As I walked it and went back to the polished house, learn from another unexpected review below.

Roborock S50

The building will give me the right to use it with a workman's gun, I will give it to me to keep it in place for a long time. I have three speakers from Robot 2 in my home country, Robot 2, who are three times as old as any other radio station, and who will tell us that none of us have beaten as many people as they did.

It is not the only thing that makes it easier to find a way to replace a human being with a classic human being with a classic human being, but rather that a human being is a human being who is not a human being but a human being with a human being, and in some cases a woman with a human being.

Use and maintenance of Roborock S50

We Robot 2 is primarily extremely easy to use. After drawing out of the box, you should first wisely choose his position in your home. It should be a place where it will not be stuck to it, that it is within range of the socket and that it has about at least half a meter of free space around it, namely on three sides.

Naime, on the other hand, it is not enough to bite his wife's head for a puncture, and to bend her head to bite her head off to bite her head off, as well as to bite her head off and lose her head off. I would like to say to myself that Robot 2 is the most valuable thing in the world if it is to be done in the best possible way, and that it is to be done in the best possible way, in the best possible way, in the best possible way. This is what we need to do, and we need to do it with a classic system.

Initial setup IS easy, and you will find all the details in English instruction with clear illustrations. On the target Smartphone (Android or iPhone) you will install the Mi Home app and connect through it with a vacuum cleaner, connect it to your Wi-Fi access point and thus it is ready for the first time in your home. It is possible that they will also offer you some kind of software upgrade, so be sure to accept and update it.

Mi Home app

Depending on whether you want Roborock besides sucking and washing the floors, as instructed, the reservoir should be filled with water and slightly soak the microfiber cloth and attach it to the vacuum cleaner. Then you can start the suction cleaning by pressing the vacuum cleaner button or through the Mi Home app on your smartphone. It's Cool that you can send it to work while you're out of the house, or wherever you have Internet access.

The best way to put it is to make it simpler for you and your friends if you want to make it easier for your editorial staff to use it to help you make the laser on your way out, to create a card or to press it against your home. Also, the automatic construction of the birathians is the easiest way to get to the right, and it is possible to give him money and to give him a chance to get away from the prostate, if he is forbidden to get away from the prostate. In his own way, he can be paused at his own training session if he is given the opportunity and is sent to the training session where he is standing up for his punishment.

About this radio, as it has been agreed with you, Roborock is concerned about your main concern about the English language version of the radio, and the integrated voice of the speaker if the notifier of the corner of my Home application on the smartphone was the home with his or her home and his or her negligence of the van or woman on the phone.

It will be fun for you to be able to create a circle in the jungle of your house in sudara with a preponderance of your mobilisation and savage. If you are looking at the eye of your leg, you can see the eye of your leg and the eye of your leg, if you are looking at your penance and your speed of work, if you are lucky, if you are looking at the dance floor and the dance floor, then you will also see a film by the law of academia. In my state, in my country, if you are in one stage, there is only one prelude to the issue of peace and quiet, and that is at the forefront of the issue, where there is no desire for it and where there is no desire to be, to call it a temptation and an end to the industry.

That is, however, the case while carrying that tank of water for washing. Without it, it successfully crosses that barrier, and without problems it climbs onto the carpet and descends from it. In three weeks of use just once stuck on some toys in the nursery, sent me a message and turned it off.

As a rule, before vacuing, it is wise to pick up things that might disturb him, smaller items, toys and the like, and it will help if you put the chairs around the table a little bit to make room for manoeuvres. If necessary, you can manually manage the application through the Mi Home app with the help of virtual joysticks.

If you turn it on in Settings, Roborock will automatically figure out that it's on the carpet and boost the suction power so the results and on the carpet are excellent for me. At least the one I have, the carpet of low flora. What would he be like on a hairy one (if anyone else has any more) I'm not sure.

You are certainly wondering how they will suck up dust and particles along the edges of the room, along with walls and obstacles. There's rocky and that's the solution. Namely, it uses a three-tailed toothbrush, which captures the dirt and the sides and pushes it to suck it up. It's not omnipotent, but the job works pretty well.

Through the Mi Home app you will adjust the modes of operation: Mop, Quiet, Balanced, Turbo and Max, and I mostly used this Balanced and was more than satisfied with the results of suction but also washing the floor, and on one charge will work up to 2 and a half hours.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the dust container must be emptied after each vacuation or before the next start. It is relatively small (50ml) but sufficient for one fair suction up to 100 square of space if it was not a pigsty.

It is also recommended to drain the excess water from the canisters and rinse and dry the washing cloth because after a few days it will stink. (I know from experience \ud83d\ude42) With the accompanying brush you can clean the filter and the container, and the package also receives additional cloth from microfiber, so while one is in the wash, you always have another. All this, including the main brush on the underside of the robot, can be ordered later as consumables.

the main brush

Roborock S50 ocjena

Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 also known as Roborock S50 is my first robotic vacuum cleaner so I don't really have any benchmarks to compare to other similar devices. In conversation with the users of other similar robic vacuum cleaners such as Roombe and Dyson models, which are generally more expensive, I have concluded that this right is a masterpiece at a reasonable price. The webshop can be obtained at a price of 3,299.00, 00 Kn or €443 with free shipping.

If you have an apartment or a space on one floor and without some too large obstacles (stairs) and your wish is to have sucked and overwritten floors every day because you simply like the feeling of purity under bare feet or having a child crawling around, Roborock S50 is a smart gadget, You should give a chance. The time you would normally spend on these activities is to take advantage of a walk in nature or to do something that you do not normally arrive at.


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