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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera review: the cheapest 360 camera produces excellent photos
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Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera review: the cheapest 360 camera produces excellent photos

Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera review: the cheapest 360 camera produces excellent photos

By  Linky Johnson 2019-02-10 5363 0

We always like to use smartphones, action cameras, SLRs to record beautiful moments around us, but sometimes we feel that there is something missing in these flat photos. At this time, you may need a panoramic camera, which can help you capture everything around 360 degrees in an all-round way. So what is the actual experience of these devices? Would it be more fun than traditional cameras? Today we are going to experience a panoramic camera launched by Mijia - Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera. Let's see if this is a product worth buying.

Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera: video display

First, let's enjoy a video display shot by GearBest.



Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera - BLACK INTERNATIONAL EDITION
$374.61 $234.99    


Design: compact and portable

The Mijia panoramic camera adopts a square shape design. The overall design looks simple, with black color and the middle frame is made of aluminium alloy. Both sides of the cover are skin-like coatings. When you touch it with your finger, you feel smooth and comfortable. This product is also well-made. In addition, Mijia action camera also supports the IP67 protection level.

the design of Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

The size of the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K panorama action camera not very big. It's slightly larger than a conventional action camera. It's easy to carry with one palm. With the weight of 108 grams, it is very convenient to carry out. But there's a concern that the lens on both sides of Mijia panoramic camera are slightly protruded. If you just use ordinary bags to wrap them, they may easily cause damage in the process of carrying.

The whole body of the Mijia panoramic camera has only three buttons on the top of the body, which are on/off key, WiFi key and photo/video key. From these simple buttons, it can be imagined that the operation of the equipment should not be difficult.

the display of Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

There are TF slots and micro USB interface with protective cover on the side. The edge of protective cover also has a sealing ring, which is used for waterproof and dustproof.

The bottom of the camera has a 1/4 inch standard threaded interface, which can be mounted with selfie stick, tripod and other peripherals.

A small tripod is also included in the package list of the Mijia Panoramic Camera, which allows the camera to stand more steadily. The tripod can be used as a mini selfie stick when it is combined together. The mini selfie stck is very practical, because when we take panoramic photos or videos, if we hold the camera body directly, it will block the sight. If we have a pole to hold, it will not have a great impact on the pictures quality.

Mijia Panoramic Camera has built-in 1600 mAh capacity battery. It can take more than 200 panoramic photos at full power, and can record high-definition panoramic video for about 75 minutes when WiFi is turned on and 90 minutes when WiFi is turned off. In addition, it also supports QC2.0 fast charging and can be charged by mobile power supply.

the portable design of Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

Using experience: fast startup speed, quick capture shooting and rich functions on APP

The Mijia Panoramic Camera is quite simple to operate. It can be used without connecting APP. Just press the boot button and then press the photo/video button to start the work. Even with the switch of the photo/video mode, the whole process takes only about 5 seconds to meet the needs of fast capture.

For more detailed operations and settings, you need to connect the camera with APP. The Mijia Panoramic Camera can be connected with your smartphones via WiFi. The connection mode is similar to most of the smart devices.

The operation on the App is not complicated, and you can enjoy more functions on the APP. Besides supporting basic photography/video, the APP also supports regular photography and Interval Photography. Under the video mode, the camera supports quick mode, delay photography and slow motion. At the same time, it also supports more specialized settings in parameters, such as supporting the adjustment of IOS sensory, shutter time and white balance, etc. Through APP you can also see the images or videos transmitted by the camera in real time.

Viewing files is very convenient on the camera's APP, it supports a variety of display modes, such as: spherical, flat, asteroid panorama. In addition, it also supports VR mode. Different display modes can produce different display effects, which is much more interesting than ordinary pictures.

the three shooting modes on the portable design of Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

Shooting effect: overall effect is excellent

The Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 4K panorama action camera adopts two 190 degree ultra wide angle fish eye lenses to synthesize a panoramic picture through two images captured by the lens. The pixel of each camera is 16MP, and the resolution of a panoramic picture reaches 6912 x 3456.

From the pictures shot by the Mijia Panoramic Camera, we can see that the shooting quality is good. For example, when we use the flat mode of APP to view panoramic photos, the local picture effect of the photos is not much different from that of ordinary cameras, but there is still a slight distortion effect of the ultra-wide angle lens, which can obtain better visual impact in the spherical mode.

Panoramic photos shot by the Mijia Panoramic Camera have good overall imaging effect. It has accurate color restoration and high clarity. Viewing the original image through mobile app, the enlarged details are still very clear.

Video fluency is good. The dynamic picture at the junction of the two lenses is excessively natural and smooth, and the high dynamic picture still can not see the flaws. Because Mijia Panoramic Camera supports 6-axis electronic anti-shake, it has a certain shake compensation. For example, the pictures taken during walking and jogging are very smooth. It supports 3456 x 1728/30fps video shooting. At this resolution, if your mobile screen reaches 2K or above, it will still be very clear to watch in VR mode.

the 6-axis anti-shaking on the portable design of Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K Panorama Action Camera

Summary: a high price-performance panoramic camera worth buying

The performance of Mijia Panoramic Camera has impressed us in many aspects, such as excellent workmanship, easy to use and good performance in panoramic photography. Of course, there are many details that need to be optimized, such as the design of non-replaceable batteries, easy to mistouch boot keys and some minor defects in photo synthesis. However, for Mijia's first product, it has done very well. It can meet all kinds of daily shooting needs. And it has a high cost performance ratio. It only sells for $234.99 on GearBest. If you want to experience a panoramic camera, this Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 4K panorama action camera is worth considering.


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