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Home > New Gear >  Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner review: stronger, smarter and voice-controlled
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 Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner review: stronger, smarter and voice-controlled

 Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner review: stronger, smarter and voice-controlled

By  GB Blog Official 2019-04-12 13509 0

The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum Cleaner was released at the recent Mi Fans Festival and follows the bestselling Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. The Mijia 1S comes with several important upgrades like better navigation, voice control, more powerful suction, etc. So, should you upgrade from the Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum to the new 1S Robot Vacuum? We will try to answer this question in our detailed review of the Xiaomi Mijia 1S.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: specs

First, let’s take a look at the bare specs of the Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner.


Product name
Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot cleaner
350 x 350 x 96mm
Net Weight
Suction power
Cortex A35
Cleaning Time
2.5 hours
Cleaning Area(After fully charged)
250 square meters
Dust Collector Size
App Control
Voice control


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Sweeping Robot - White

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Sweeping Robot - White

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: main upgrades

Compared to its bestselling predecessor - Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot vacuum cleaner, the Mijia 1S Robot Vacuum comes with a number of notable upgrades. These include:

● More cleaning power (2000 Pa compared to 1800 Pa on the Original Mi Robot Vacuum)

● A stronger processor (10% lower power consumption and 40% overall better cleaning performance)

● Improved Laser Distance Sensor (+13% in cleaning efficiency)

● AI Image Recognition (the robot can differentiate between the rooms of the house)

● Voice control (in addition to app control, you can manage the S1 by voice via Xiaomi’s AI speaker)

● And more

If you want to learn more about how the two devices compare to each other, check out our Xiaomi Mijia 1S vs. Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum comparison.

Now, we will dig a bit deeper into the main features, functionality and design of the new Xiaomi Mijia 1S.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: design

All Xiaomi’s smart vacuum cleaners look very similar — and this is the case not only for Xiaomi. Actually, most smart vacuum cleaners look alike. The Mijia 1S comes in the standard circular shape with minimal controls on its surface. On the Mijia 1S, you will only find the on/off button and the home button. The robot is made in classic clean white with a small red accent around the vacuum’s "tower" that houses the new and improved Laser Distance Sensor.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner design  

The Mijia 1S robot vacuum is quite compact measuring just 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.78 inches and weighs less than four kilos.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: navigation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Mijia 1S comes with an improved Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) and enhanced navigation algorithms.This lets the vacuum create more accurate maps of the cleaning area as well as design and remember the shortest cleaning routes in your home. This saves the robot plenty of time as well as battery power as the 1S will not go over the same areas twice. According to Xiaomi, this has improved the robot’s cleaning efficiency by 13% compared to the previous model.

Plus, the 1S features additional sensors that help it "find its way" around the "complicated" areas at your home like corners, staircases, carpets, furniture, etc. These include (in addition to the LDS) the visual sensor, dust collector detector, bump sensor, e-compass, cliff sensor, edge sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, anti-drop sensor, odometer, fan speed sensor, etc.

LDS laser sensors and the visual sensor 

You also get AI Image Recognition onboard, which allows the robot to recognize different rooms of your house — and this means you can customize the cleaning process even further by assigning more specific tasks.

AI Image Recognition  

Better navigation is supported by the new 4-core processor, which has also significantly contributed to the robot’s overall cleaning performance.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: cleaning efficiency

The Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner comes features 2000 Pa of suction power — and this makes it a real debris destroying machine. This is one of the most powerful smart robots on the market — and the Mijia 1S will be able to pick up even the smallest dust particles as well as pet hair. This will be a much appreciated feature by anyone suffering from allergies, chronic coughs, breathing problems, etc.

2000 Pa of suction power 

The smart robot comes with a decently sized dust collector — 0.42 liters. However, there is no mopping option, which is one of the most disappointing aspects of the 1S.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: control options

You can easily control the Mijia 1S via the dedicated Mijia app. Here, you will be able to assign cleaning areas and cleaning times, check the robot’s maps and routes, etc.

An interesting new option is the ability control the robot via Xiaomi AI speaker — the two devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You will then be able to simply give out voice commands to the Xiao Ai assistant saying something like "Xiao Ai, sweep the floor" or "Xiao Ai, return home to charge". There is an important catch, however. At this point, both devices only support the Chinese language — and while English is expected in the future, you will have to master some basic vacuum cleaner commands in Chinese if you want to use the speaker control option at this point.

Xiaomi AI speaker control 

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: battery and charging

The Mijia 1S comes with the 5200mAh battery, which is enough to allow the vacuum to efficiently clean an area of 250 square meters or 2.5 hours of cleaning. Once the vacuum’s charge is lower than 20%, it will automatically return to its charging dock and charge until the battery is at least 80% full. It will then go on with its cleaning route or stay in the dock if its cleaning routine has been completed. A nice new addition to the vacuum’s charging station is the adjustable cord that gives the whole setup a much cleaner minimalistic look.

battery and charging 

Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: price and availability

The Xiaomi Mijia 1S smart vacuum cleaner can be available now on Gearbest with the price of $549.89, which is about $150 higher than the Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This is not bad for what the new improved version of the device has to offer. However, if you do want a smart robot capable of mopping, you might want to take a look at our comparison of the Xiaomi Mijia 1S and the Roborock T6 for a more informed decision.



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 Is Xiaomi Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner worth to buy?


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