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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi MiJia 1S robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner:Which one should we buy?
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Xiaomi MiJia 1S robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner:Which one should we buy?

Xiaomi MiJia 1S robot vacuum cleaner vs Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner:Which one should we buy?

By  Niki Jones 2019-08-03 7558 0

Recently two of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market that we can find have been launched and surely many of you have doubts about which one to choose, or which one suits you best.

At the time we talked about the Roborock S6  and of course the MiJia 1S Robot Vacuum, which came as a renewal. But ... Which one should we buy? In this article, we will review some characteristics that can be overlooked, and we will analyze their differences to try to help you in the difficult task of choosing one.

Xiaomi MiJia 1S vs Roborock S6 

Xiaomi MiJia 1S vs Roborock S6: Comparative specs


Roborock S6

Xiaomi MiJia 1S

Suction power

2,000 Pa

2,000 Pa

Battery life

150 min

150 min

Recharge & Resume



Battery capacity

5,200 mAh

5,200 mAh

Mapping technology



Mapping sensor


LDS + visual sensor

Dustbin capacity

500 ml

420 ml




Climbing ability

20 mm


Noise level

50 dB

68 dB

HEPA filtration



Carpet boost






Room recognizing



Room cleaning




Cortex A7

Cortex A35


24 months

12 months






Xiaomi MiJia 1S vs Roborock S6: the differences

As you can see, both are very similar, however, there are some differences:

●The Roborock S6 model uses only a laser distance sensor (LDS), just like the previous Roborock S5 generation.

●On the contrary, the Xiaomi MiJia 1S fuses the LDS sensor with a sensor with HD vision that identifies the doors and helps in positioning, making it even more precise. Thanks to this system, the MiJia  1S will never be lost, even if we move it when it is working.

MiJia 1S LDS sensor 

●The Roborock S6 uses an SoC with a 32-bit ALLWINNER TECH R16 Quad-Core CPU from Texas Instruments and the STM32F103 MCU. This processor has 4 Cortex A7 cores.

●While the MiJia 1S uses an improved version with 4 Cortex A35 cores at 64 Bits, which gives you 40% more performance and 10% less energy consumption, so cleaning efficiency is improved.

MiJia 1S  

●The Roborock S6 uses 14 sensors, for the 12 of the Xiaomi MiJia 1S, however, the additional sensors of the roborock are related to the scrubbing function.

As we have said before the MiJia 1S Robot Vacuum has a sensor with image recognition, the aspect in which it stands out.

Dust tank size: in this case, the Roborock S6's tank is slightly larger (0.48L vs. 0.42L), so it can come in handy if there is a lot of dirt in your house.

●The brushes of both vacuum cleaners can be removed for cleaning, however, in the Roborock S6, we can disassemble the bearing to more easily clean the trapped hairs.

Roborock S6 brushes​ 

●As you have already read, the Roborock S6 can scrub (pass a wet mop) while the Vacuum 1S does not have this function.

Conclusions: MiJia 1S vs Roborock S6

This new generation of vacuum cleaners has improved especially in the software since now the application allows us to select and perform the cleaning by rooms.

Both previous models could clean half of a room and go to another, an aspect that did not convince us.

Therefore, the cleaning algorithm and the recognition of the areas to be swept have been greatly improved, which results in greater speed and therefore the task will be completed in less time.

The noise level has also been improved, which does not exceed 55dB at maximum power.

A novelty in the Roborock S6 is the side brush that, instead of being hair, is now rubber. As you can see the evolution with respect to the Roborock S5 model has been very small.

Although if you look at it in another way, it is difficult to improve something that is already very good.

Since it also incorporates the new image recognition that improves the mapping and a new generation processor more powerful and with less consumption; Not to mention that it has a much more attractive price.



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