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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera experience: cheap but good
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Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera experience: cheap but good

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera experience: cheap but good

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-23 1058 0

The variety of cameras available today gives us a different choice for photographers. Cameras that used to be very expensive are getting smaller and smaller, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper, even products like sports cameras. Although there are also sports cameras under $1,000 on the market, they do not support 4K recording. Mijia camera, which is a sports camera that supports 4K ultra-high definition video, but the price is much lower than the camera on the market, and the price is very high. Can it really beat those products that are twice as expensive? What is the quality of the image? We can take a look together.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

Real thumb camera

The body of the Mijia small camera is very compact and weighs only 99g. The volume parameter is 71.5 × 42.7 × 29.5mm, and there is not even one big palm of my hand.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

This small camera adopts a rounded rectangle design, which is simple and beautiful, and looks good. The black color of the whole body also makes the Mijia small camera look very professional.

Its body does not have too many buttons, only one button for shooting and one button for the switch. We can press the top button to turn the camera on, and the shutdown is the same.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

The side of this camera has a USB2.0 interface, which can directly charge the mobile phone through this interface, or you can externally charge the treasure to enhance the camera's battery life. This design I like very much, very user-friendly.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

The back of the camera is a 2.4-inch touch screen. I personally think that for a camera that doesn't have too many buttons in the whole body, the ability to provide a touch screen is already a very pleasant design.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

At the bottom is a battery compartment and a standard aperture tripod interface. The way to open the battery compartment is relatively simple, similar to the design of the phone's push switch and then push the door open. The battery capacity is not much, 1450 mAh, the official said that it can meet 2 hours of use, but in fact may not be that long.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

It should be noted that the Mijia small camera uses a TF card as the storage medium, and the card slot is next to the battery compartment.

Overall, the design of this camera is a bright spot, and it can be said to stand out in a group of sports cameras. At the same time, the addition of the touch screen also makes the operation of the camera simple, which is a great advantage for the motion camera.

Lens parameter

The Mi Jia small camera uses the IMX317 sensor component provided by Sony. The sensor measures 1/2.3 inch and the pixel is 4K resolution, which is 8 million. If you look inside the phone camera, this is a "big Mac" sensor.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

The lens of the Mijia small camera is a super-super wide-angle lens of 145°, and the real shot effect shows that the wide-angle end of this lens is very terrifying, and even with obvious viewing angle distortion, it is almost a fisheye lens. The lens has an aperture of F2.8, a focal length of 3.2mm, and comes with a UV mirror.

As a motion camera based on recording, such lens parameters should be decent. Moreover, this super wide-angle lens is not suitable for taking pictures normally. Of course, if you want to use it to take pictures, it is best.

Camera operation

Although the size of the Mijia small camera is not large, but all kinds of functions are available, it has a lot of photos and photography functions.

There are 9 working modes in the camera, including photography and ordinary photography, which can meet the needs of most people. At the same time, the loop recording function allows the small camera to function as a driving recorder.

The operation of the camera is very simple. The only button on the body is the switch and the start button of the video. The button will start to take pictures and record video. Press again to end the recording.

And we swipe left in the viewfinder interface to bring up the main menu, and swipe to the right is the gallery.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

In addition, Mi's products are a little better, that is, the Mijia App can be perfectly connected, and the Mijia Small Camera is no exception. In addition to directly operating the camera for taking photos or videos, we can also remotely control the camera through the WiFi connection of the Mijia App.

All the functions in the camera can be used on the Mijia App, and the experience is very good. Moreover, the camera's viewfinder screen is also synchronized to the screen of the mobile phone. We can monitor the camera viewfinder screen in real time and adjust it very conveniently.

Still photos and 4K videos

Mijia also supports the shooting of still photos, which is good in the latitude and color reproduction of the photos. In the scene where the contrast between light and dark is not too big, the details of the dark part and the bright part are presented on this Mijia small camera.

Xiaomi Mijia Camera Mini 4K camera

The 4K lettering on the camera screen is the place I am most interested in. This also tells us the main features of the Mijia small camera: 4K video.

At present, the camera of many mobile phones can't do 4K video recording, and the camera products that get 4K video recording are worth a lot of money, which is why the price and performance of Mijia small camera is high.

Mijia small camera can support 4K/30fps video, of course, if you want to shoot a higher frame video, such as 100 frames of video, then you have to reduce the resolution to 1080P.

In addition, Mijia small camera also supports video shooting up to 720P/200fps, which means that Mijia small camera supports slow motion video.

This is not surprising. After all, many people use the slow motion function of the motion camera to record the exciting moments of the sport. Therefore, the slow motion function is basically standard for sports cameras, but only supports slow motion of 200fps. Less common.

In the picture quality of 4K video, Mi Jiaxiao camera can only be said to be quite satisfactory. The edges of the captured picture have obvious purple fringing, and the contrast and sharpness of the picture are not high.


Although the official propaganda said that the Mijia small camera has 6-axis EIS electronic image stabilization, this only works when using 1080P resolution mode. That is to say, when using 4K shooting, there is no anti-shake, and the picture is very shaken.


Although the Mijia small camera has these shortcomings, it is cheap. Again, it is also the lowest price 4K sports camera on the market. Regardless of the quality of the picture, 4K video is indeed much clearer than 1080P.

On the whole, the Mijia small camera is indeed a very cost-effective camera that is worthy of its price, which is very suitable for beginners. If my sharing is helpful to you, please like me.

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