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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mijia LED makeup mirror review
Xiaomi Mijia LED makeup mirror review

Xiaomi Mijia LED makeup mirror review

By  Darline Hogben 2020-01-06 2362 0

It is said that the feelings of a young girl are always poetry. since reading "if Life is just like seeing for the first time", Zhai Xiao Mi has the same feeling. When I was young, the secretary of the house was full of yearning for the world of poetry, because in this secret's view, every word in the poem has a different emotion. As described in Wen Tingyun's "Bodhisattva Mountain overlapping Jinming Extinction", "the hills overlap Jinming extinction, and the clouds at the temples want to enjoy the fragrant snow on the cheeks. Lazy to draw moth eyebrows, do makeup comb wash late. According to the front and rear mirror of the flower, the flower faces reflect each other. The new post embroidered Luo Yu, both golden partridges. " Although it only describes the dressing moment of my daughter's house every morning, it embodies the exquisite feeling of women's life everywhere and makes people feel the indescribable beauty.

In the early morning, the eyebrow makeup was dyed, the forehead of my daughter's house was yellow and half-dark, and the loose hair on the temples made her cheeks more pure and flawless. Every day she would get up late to comb her morning makeup, paint her eyebrows casually, and look at her beautiful face in the mirror again and again. Just reading, as if in such a situation, quiet and well. Let's take a look back to the present, where there are more cosmetic products than before, and there are many novel cosmetic aids, such as LED cosmetic mirrors.

In recent years, LED cosmetic mirror has become the hottest product in the market by virtue of its practicability. If you think about it, anyone will be curious if you change the cosmetic mirror with its own light source. Gradually, all kinds of LED make-up mirrors begin to appear in the market, so if you want to win the first place in one fell swoop, you must spend a little thought on "light". So today, the secretary will share a good cosmetic mirror-MijiaLED cosmetic mirror for the above products.

The appearance is simple, in line with the girl's mind.

The overall appearance and color of MijiaLED cosmetic mirror is white, and the overall product presents frosted ceramic texture, which is very in line with the current mainstream aesthetic concept, concise, Nordic style, exquisite and advanced texture. This cosmetic mirror is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the mirror, the pillar and the chassis. The front of the mirror is surrounded by a white light belt with transparent texture, and there is a small non-transparent white fork directly below, and there is a white circle on the mirror directly above it, which is the light switch. Second, the chassis of the MijiaLED makeup mirror can be used to place frequently used small objects, such as bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and compact cosmetics.

MijiaLED cosmetic mirror.

As far as the home secretary is concerned, put the earrings that are often worn in daily work on the chassis of the makeup mirror. First, when you take off makeup when you get home from work every day, it will naturally be placed on top of it, and it is not easy to lose. At the same time, it can also serve as a reminder to us every hurried morning, so that you will not miss every step of being beautiful.

Mijia LED Cosmetic Mirror Base effect display.

Finally, let's talk about the "highlight" of the appearance design of MijiaLED cosmetic mirror-mirror. For cosmetic mirror products, the mirror is a prerequisite for judging the practicability of the product. In this regard, the MijiaLED makeup mirror is equipped with a high-definition silver-plated mirror with a reflective performance of up to 92% and 6.5-inch mirror size, which can contain the details of the whole face. In addition, it can restore skin texture in high definition and give users the most authentic skin feedback.

MijiaLED cosmetic mirror.

Three-block light source, switch at will according to the scene.

Generally speaking, indoor light will affect our real visual effects. For example, in the dark morning, visual deviation may lead to problems such as excessive makeup. MijiaLED cosmetic mirror preferred high-definition LED lamp beads, the general color rendering index Ra is as high as 92%, the light is natural and real, it can show accurate color, and restore delicate true color, so that every exquisite Girl bid farewell to the wall painting face, blush is not thick, eye shadow is just right, lipstick is not biased.

MijiaLED Cosmetic Mirror Light Source switch.

The MijiaLED cosmetic mirror uses a patented circular light guide plate with built-in 100000 + light guide dots to realize the uniform distribution and balanced luminescence of the light source by points and surfaces, so as to create a brighter, more real and more uniform light effect. The most amazing thing is that the light source of MijiaLED cosmetic mirror can achieve 3D omni-directional lighting effect, and the details such as sideburns can also be restored in high definition.

MijiaLED Cosmetic Mirror charging Interface.

This cosmetic mirror has three blocks of brightness and is divided into soft, bright and high definition. Among them, soft gear, 10cm distance illuminance up to 300 luxe, suitable for night skin care; bright light barrier of 500 luxe, suitable for morning makeup; high definition illumination of 900 luxe, which is very friendly to users who need fine skin care and detailed makeup. Moreover, the above three light sources have all passed the health test, there is no radiation hazard, and the light is soft and not harmful to the eyes.

Three-block light source of MijiaLED cosmetic mirror.

Easy to install and easy to operate.

When the product box is opened for the first time, the main body of the product is divided into two parts, and the user needs to connect the pillar with the base. In addition, there are Type-C interface charging wires, mirror cloth and instructions in the package. The MijiaLED cosmetic mirror can store electricity and can be recharged when the power is too low. There is no need to connect the power supply during the daily period. Of course, users can also use it while charging. Its battery capacity is 2000mAh and can be charged from no charge to full charge in four hours. According to the official statement, the product runs for 30 minutes in the brightest gear every day, and the maximum battery life of the product is seven days.

Strobe situation: it needs to be recharged!

MijiaLED cosmetic mirror can also adjust the mirror angle, the angle range is 0 °- 45 °, users can adjust according to their own conditions. Generally speaking, the product has obvious function, convenient installation and disassembly, no occupation of land, easy to carry, intimate design, mainstream appearance, high performance-to-price ratio and strong practicability.


To be fair, if you have no requirements for other functions of the makeup mirror, you can try the MijiaLED makeup mirror. Although its main function is only lighting, it is commendable to do your job best. According to the standard of the secretary of the house, the MijiaLED makeup mirror is very good in all aspects. If you happen to want to buy a cosmetic mirror product, you can refer to my share today. So this is the end of this period of sharing, and we'll see you next time.

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