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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp pro review: smart eye protection without glaring light
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Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp pro review: smart eye protection without glaring light

Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp pro review: smart eye protection without glaring light

By  Linky Johnson 2019-02-09 10061 0

At the 315 meeting in 2018 in China, a question about stroboscopic light from the LED lamp caused many people's attention. What does stroboscopic light mean? The simplest definition is that it’s the continuous fluctuation of light in the switching period. This kind of light fluctuation sometimes causes many kinds of harm to the human body.
Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL Portable Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp

Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL Portable Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp for Home - WHITE
$103.87 $94.99    


Relevant biological and medical studies have shown that stroboscopic light may cause brain cell damage. According to some researchers, even if the light flash in the environment is too fast to be noticed, the retina of an organism can still distinguish and respond to light with the frequency ranging from 100 Hz to 160Hz, even up to 200 Hz. In animal experiments represented by cats, 100-120 Hz light has caused burns to brain cells, which belong to lateral geniculate tissue which can control the eyeball.

Besides, stroboscopic light may also affect reading and vision. Some studies have shown that stroboscopic light from fluorescent lamp and CRT display can affect people's eyeball movement when reading text, many people's visual impairment is caused by stroboscopic light. In addition, experiments have found that stroboscopic fluorescent lamps with a frequency of 100 Hz may increase the incidence of headache among office workers. As a result, many desk lamps with non-stroboscopic light gained wide popularities on the market.

According to the search data, the price of LED lamp varies from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars, and their main function is eye protection, which shows people's great attention to eye protection. Recently, Mijia cooperated with Yeelight launched a new stereo illumination without visible light flash, Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp pro, which is also the second product of Mijia desk lamp. It has reached the new international standard A level illumination and passed the German TUV "eye comfort" certification. It supports Mijia, Yeelight, Apple HomeKit APP control.

Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL Portable Eye-protection LED Desk Lamp

A-level illumination, anti-glare

Unlike the first generation of Mijia LED desk lamp, the Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp pro adopts three-axis rotation adjustment. The rotation axis of the lamp can achieve 45 degrees up or down rotation. The rotation axis of the lamp arm can meet 30 degrees of forward tilt, 40 degrees of backward tilt, and the rotation axis of the base can meet 19 degrees of forward tilt, 15 degrees of backward tilt and 30 degrees of left and right rotation. This design brings more flexibility and practicability.

the three-axis rotation adjustment on Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp

The head of the Mijia desk lamp Pro is very thin, and it comes with a round design with a diameter of about 116 mm. It adopts side luminous structure and offers a luminous flux of 700lm, a rated power of 12.5W. The lamp is equipped with 64 built-in 0.14W LED modules. The lighting area can reach 1.25m in diameter.

Another key feature of a desk lamp is anti-glare. The anti-glare indicates that the light is not dazzling, and it is also an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the desk lamp. As the light source itself, the higher the brightness is, the more obvious the glare is; the closer the position of the light source to your eyes, the more obvious the glare is.

Glare is a great threat to eye health, so we should choose the desk lamp that adopt side light to distribute the beads evenly on the side of the lamp, because the side light can effectively avoid direct light damage to the eyes. While the Mijia desk lamp Pro adopts a unique side luminous structure. The light is fully refracted and reflected in the very thin lamp. In this way, the light is more uniform and transparent, which can effectively reduce glare. Through testing, we also found that the Mijia desk lamp Pro does not have the problem of stroboscopic light.

 the eye care design on Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp

In addition to anti-glare, people are very worried about blue light. Usually, we recommend you had better use the desk lamp that is below the RG1 (I class, low risk, no additional requirements, the blue light doesn't cause any damages to retina within 100s). Besides, the color temperature of the desk lamp should be no more than 4000K, and the color rendering index should be above 80. In this way, the blue light problem will not occur on LED products.

German TUV "Eye Comfort" certification

Mijia desk lamp Pro has passed the German TUV "Eye Comfort" certification, which means that Mijia desk lamp Pro is a good product with low blue light, and its light is also close to natural light and no visual stroboscopic light.

the Xiaomi Mijia MTJD02YL LED desk lamp is close to natural light

In addition, there is another parameter that can not be ignored, that is, the color temperature. The color temperature is also known as the color temperature of light source. Generally speaking, it indicates the cold and warm color of light source. The color temperature of the sunrise and sunset is 2000K, and it's 4000K for one and a half hours after sunrise. It's 4300K for morning and afternoon, 5400K for noon in sunny day and 5000K-6000K for afternoon. Therefore, the color temperature between 4000K and 6000K is more comfortable. The color temperature range of the Mijia desk lamp Pro is 2500k-4800k, which can provide a more comfortable color temperature range for users. If the color temperature is too high, and the blue light becomes higher, which will hurt user's eyes, so it is recommended that the color temperature at night should be below 4000K.

Mijia + Apple HomeKit APP, easy to operate

The color temperature of Mijia desk lamp Pro's adjustable range is 2500k-4800k, which can be adjusted through the button on the lamp. The light brightness can be adjusted by turning the button. The color temperature can be adjusted by pressing and turning the button. But how to well adjust the color temperature or brightness parameters to a comfortable level? Then, Mijia APP or Apple HomeKit APP can fulfill this requirement.

It is very simple for Mijia App to bind an Mijia desk lamp Pro. You just need to insert the reset hole through the paper clip and other tools for 3 seconds. When the lamp starts to breathe and flicker, you can find the Mijia desk lamp Pro in the Mijia APP and then follow the prompt steps. In Mijia APP, you can not only switch more conveniently, but also can adjust the light independently. Of course, if you are not sure what color temperature is suitable for your use scenario, Mijia APP presupposes two modes of reading and computer, which you can choose directly.

Besides, the Xiaomi Mijia desk lamp Pro also supports Apple Homekit APP control. The connection of Apple HomeKit APP is also very simple. You just need to find the "home" app in the IOS 9.0 System or the version above of the iPhone, click on the top right corner "+" and add accessories, then scan the QR code or input the eight-bit settings code to finish the connection. Then you can adjust the brightness or set the color through APP, which is also very convenient.

The verdict

Without the harmful light flash and blue light, the Xiaomi Mija MTJD02YL desk lamp pro is a very good desk lamp with great eye care function. Its compact design offers good stability and portability. The adjustable color temperature of 2500K - 4800K is enough to meet your daily use of studying, sleeping or working. Coupled with the convenient Mijia APP or Apple HomeKit APP control, you can precisely control the brightness of the lamp. Besides, you can also control the lamp with the Xiaoai voice assistant or Siri.  

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