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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven review: what is the difference of the traditional microwave oven?
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Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven review: what is the difference of the traditional microwave oven?

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven review: what is the difference of the traditional microwave oven?

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-08-05 10360 0

Mijia, which focuses on the smart home market, recently launched a smart microwave oven to make the lineup of small home appliances more abundant. The overall style of the Mijia microwave oven is pure white and minimalist, which is close to the rice appliance oven that was introduced before. But Mijia microwave oven supports Mijia App and Xiao AI, which can be operated remotely and voice control, and it seems to be smarter than Mijia oven.

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven 

Core: Toshiba imported magnetron

As a series of products, the design of Xiaomi Mijia microwave oven continues the white minimalist design, which is in sharp contrast with most microwave ovens on the market.

 Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

The front is a transparent glass oven door that can be seen inside when working, but it cannot be directly seen through. On the right is the control area. You can see the electronic display used by the Mijia microwave oven to display information such as time, firepower, mode, etc. The brighter white looks very textured.

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven 

Below is a function and fire control touch button that can adjust various modes of the microwave oven, recipes, etc., which are described in detail later.

It is worthy of praise that the Mijia microwave oven uses electronic knob control, the push knob is to start and pause the microwave oven, the rotation control function and the firepower adjustment.

 Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Perhaps you have noticed that the Mijia microwave oven does not have a door handle, which is opened by pressing the button at the bottom of the right side.

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven 

Core: Toshiba imported magnetron

As we all know, the magnetron is the core component of the microwave oven. The Mijia microwave oven is made of Toshiba imported magnetron. Because it has excellent microwave emission capability and long life, it can reach 4000-6000 hours. A higher degree of acceptance of the magnetron. After the magnetron emits microwave, it is introduced into the microcrystalline plate through the waveguide, and the microwave is evenly dispersed into the cavity through the agitator. The microwave directly reaches the liquid tissue inside the food, and the food is heated in multiple directions and the temperature is uniform.

 Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Microwave ovens are divided into rotary and flat plates according to the hob. Rotary type is the most common type. Microwave ovens of less than 500 yuan on the market are basically rotary. The Mijia microwave oven uses microcrystalline plate heating, which is more uniform than the rotary microwave oven. Because it does not need to rotate, the food with the soup is not afraid of sprinkling. The volume of the microwave oven is 20L , which is larger than that of the same volume rotary type. It is enough for daily use.

 Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Because the bottom is a flat right angle with the cavity, the cleaning is very convenient. The rag is wiped clean. The rotating type used in the home is difficult to clean, especially under and around the turntable. It is always full of oil.

Child lock, safety for your family

For safety, the Mijia microwave oven has 4 microwave barriers, and also supports one-button child lock. In addition to long-pressing the 5- second function button to turn it off, you can also control the child lock through the Mijia APP and Xiao AI classmates, and lock the rear panel. If LOCK is displayed , nothing can be done.\

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Access to Mijia APP and support Xiao Ai

As a rice series product, Mijia microwave oven is a smart kitchen electric appliance, which is connected to Mijia and supports the control of Xiao AI.

Through the Mijia APP, the firepower can be adjusted, the time can be precisely controlled, and scheduled appointments can be made. In addition to the firepower settings, you can also see the thawing, recipe, sterilization and optional features, which are also the characteristics of the microwave oven. Of course, these functions can also be set manually through the microwave oven control panel.

By pressing the function key, the Mijia microwave oven can cycle between normal, defrosting, recipe and sterilization functions. Rotate the knob to set the time.

 Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Firepower default is 60 seconds fast heat mode, I tried to heat a large plate of fried pork, can be directly heated to the eating temperature. By pressing the fire button, you can set the fire mode, and set the five positions of high fire, medium high, medium fire, medium low and low fire.

Under the thawing function, the rotary knob can rotate the type of unfrozen food, which is divided into meat, poultry and seafood. The display panel displays d-01 to 03 respectively .

The recipe mode of Mijia microwave oven is also quite good. There are 11 kinds of recipes built in, which introduces the ingredients in detail. It is very helpful for friends who can't cook. You can do it according to the problem, don't worry about firepower. It is custom designed. Switching between recipes is also a knob rotation selection. There are also some extended recipes, as well as practices and pictures.

Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave oven

Mijia microwave oven also comes with a sterilization function, in addition to cavity sterilization, there is a bottle disinfection. The disinfection of the cavity can remove the odor in the cavity. The disinfection of the bottle is very suitable for friends with children at home. It is filled with half a bottle of boiling water, and it can be disinfected and poured out after being disinfected. The electronic sterilization is simple and safe.

The Xiao AI voice control is still relatively simple. In addition to controlling the child lock switch, the remaining heating time can be queried.


In general, Mijia microwave oven is very attractive in the same level of products, simple and high-value design, flat heating with more uniform heating, is a smart microwave oven connected to Mijia, and at the same time in the aspects of thawing, recipes, etc. With a professional mode, priced at $58, is a very good home microwave oven, friends who want to buy may wish to look.

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