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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Mijia SWDK handheld dust mite vacuum cleaner review: a small and powerful mite killer for your bed
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Xiaomi Mijia SWDK handheld dust mite vacuum cleaner review: a small and powerful mite killer for your bed

Xiaomi Mijia SWDK handheld dust mite vacuum cleaner review: a small and powerful mite killer for your bed

By  Livio Defranza 2019-01-14 22364 0

Recently, Xiaomi released a special vacuum cleaner - Mijia SWDK handheld dust mite vacuum cleaner. The mites cleaner features compact design and powerful functions. It can efficiently kill mites and bring you a healthy and clean living environment. The SWDK mites cleaner is perfect for those who requires a lot on cleanliness, such as neat freaks, babies, pregnant mothers, etc.


SWDK KC301 Hand-held Mites Vacuum Cleaner - WHITE CHINESE PLUG (3-PIN)

SWDK KC301 Hand-held Mites Vacuum Cleaner - WHITE CHINESE PLUG (3-PIN)


Xiaomi Mijia SWDK handheld dust mite vacuum cleaner 

It is amazing that there is nearly one-third of time in our whole life spent in bed. And the cleanliness of bed can even directly affect our sleep quality and health. However, our sheets, pillows and other beddings may look clean, but there might be many invisible dust mites, dander and other allergens. So it is very necessary for us to get a professional mites cleaner to keep our bed really clean and hygeian. Here, the newly released Xiaomi Mijia SWDK hand-held dust mite vacuum cleaner is a good choice. What makes this SWDK mites cleaner so special? Let's take a close look at it.          

Efficient UV light sterilization

First of all, compare to some ordinary vacuum cleaner, thanks to the UV light it has the ability to eliminate all the bacteria and mites which in normal circumstances could affect your health. Place it over the surface you're planning to clean and in five minutes you will achieve a fully bactericidal effect.

UV light sterilization 

12Kpa powerful suction

In addition to the UV light, this vacuum cleaner has a strong suction function of 12000pa, which basically means that no dust mites will survive once you clean it with SWDK KC301 Hand-held mites vacuum cleaner.

12Kpa powerful suction 

Stainless steel HEPA double filter

All the dust, hair and mites will pass through the stainless steel HEPA double filter, which primary purpose is to filter visible dust particles with a diameter of 0.3mm.

A HEPA filter is a mechanical air filter; it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles like pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke and pet dander.

stainless steel HEPA double filter 

0.4L detachable dust cup

Smaller particles will end up in the dust cup, whose total storage capacity is 0.4 liters. Once the dust cup is going to be full, you can replace it with a new one or wash it.

0.4L detachable dust cup 

5m long cable and round-toothed tapping module design

The 5m long cable allows you to use it all around your room; in case you will use it mostly for cleaning objects made of fabrics, there's a tapping module which prevents any scratching or possible entanglement (such as hair) which might affect the normal functioning of your vacuum cleaner.

round-toothed tapping module design 

78dB low working noise

Your neighbors will like this vacuum cleaner too, since it doesn't produce too much noise, up to 78dB. Just as an example, that's comparable to the sound of two people conversing in a quiet room.

Compact design for easy storage

Once you will finish to use your SWDK KC301 Hand-held mites vacuum cleaner, you can easily storage it your wardrobe or cupboard, thanks to its small dimensions, 12.8 x 6.69 x 10.83 inches, you're gonna save space and keep your room tidy.

Compact design 

A small tip for using the SWDK mites cleanner

We suggest you to use this mites vacuum cleaner to clean your home on a weekly basis, especially in those parts of your home which are more commonly used and which are in direct contact with your children's hands. Special attention should be paid to pillows and mattresses because on average we spend eight hours per day on sleeping.

Bottom line

In conclusion, if you are striving for a cleaner living environment in order to avoid future allergies, finally there's a solution to your problems, buy a device which is reasonably priced at just $69.99 (currently it's even discounted on a limited promotion, so you've better to hurry up!), we're sure you will be more than satisfied with SWDK KC301 Hand-held mites vacuum cleaner.

For the record, in case you would like to compare this vacuum cleaner with other vacuum cleaners, you can have a look at our website's category Cleaning appliances where you can find any kind of cleaning devices.


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