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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow review: when dreams are sweeter
Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow review: when dreams are sweeter

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow review: when dreams are sweeter

By  GB Blog Official 2018-06-27 7716 1

Quality sleep is essential to our wellbeing and taking a short nap during a busy working day has been proven to have multiple health benefits. Unfortunately, we may not always have the conditions necessary for a good rest. Whether it’s trying to get some beauty sleep at the office or on a long distance flight, there are few places outside our homes that are equipped for quality sleeping. But here’s the good news: Xiaomi’s Multifunctional Nap Pillow promises solve all of these problems once and for good. How? Let’s find out.


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Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow


Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow

Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow - LIGHT GRAY


What is Xiaomi's multifunctional nap pillow

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow is a specially designed portable pillow that is meant for giving your head, back or neck the needed support as you take a nap, work or travel. The word "multifunctional" in the name is not just for show. It can be:

A sleeping pillow: thanks to the special design, the pillow is perfect for a quick nap behind your desk at work or in a chair.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow can be used as a sleep pillow

A lumbar cushion: the pillow can provide much needed support for your lower back during a long flight, road trip or as you work on a project at the office.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow can be used as a lumbar cushion

A cervical pillow: neck pain is one of the most common side effects of an uncomfortable sleeping position and can be a real pain in the neck (pardon the pun) throughout the day. This problem can also be solved with Xiaomi's wonder pillow.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow can be used as a cervical pillow

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow: design

The first thing that will catch your eye about the pillow is its unusual shape — keep in mind that the pillow has been designed specifically for napping and is meant to assist in a comfortable sleep even in less than comfortable positions.

The material used is high-density memory cotton — it is neither too hard nor too soft and perfectly fits the natural curves of your neck and back. This means that even if your nap morphs into a longer sleep, you won't experience any discomfort or have any ‘sleep marks' left on your face.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow adopts high-density memory cotton

slow rebound cutton on Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow

The pillow comes with a breathable inner cover that absorbs sweat and keeps the pillow dry making the experience perfectly hygienic. At the same time, the outer cover is made of soft knitted fabric ensuring your sleep is comfortable and relaxed.

the breathable inner cover on Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow

the soft knitted outer cover on Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow: benefits

There is a great number of benefits to having a comfortable portable orthopedic pillow by your side. Let's go over a few of them:

Convenient. This is the most obvious one — having the ability to take a quick comfortable nap wherever you are and without suffering the consequences in the form of back and neck pain.

Great for napping at work. While some offices go as far as having their office spaces equipped with hammocks, most companies still have much more modest facilities for sleep — Xiaomi Multifunctional Pillow can be your personal accessory for quality napping.

Portable. Measuring just 11.81 x 9.45 x 4.72 inches, the pillow is easily portable and can be a great travel companion. Whether you are gearing up for a long distance flight or a lengthy car ride, having a chance to get some quality sleep can make all the difference between arriving sullen and exhausted or well-rested and smiling.

the dimension of Xiaomi Multifunctional Nap Pillow

Healthy. It's not all about sleeping. The pillow can do wonders for those who frequently suffer from back pain or need some extra support for the neck. Thanks to the smart design, the pillow can be easily attached to the top or middle of the chair and make sure the time you spend sitting is significantly more comfortable.

Easy to clean. When you want to freshen up your sleeping accessory, all you will need to do is take off the light pillow case and wash it in the washing machine at low temperature. The pillow case will dry quickly and will be ready for use again in no time!

Xiaomi multifunctional nap pillow: summing things up

If there are any disadvantages to having an orthopedic pillow at one's disposal, we have not yet found any. And the only thing standing on the road leading to a better sleep is the pillow's $35.11 price tag. Then again, let's recap what you will be getting: a multifunctional (sleeping, lumbar and cervical support) high-density memory cotton pillow made with a breathable inner cover and a soft knitted outer cover designed for a variety of sleeping scenarios. Is it worth the money? The answer to the question is yours and yours only — but before you do answer, try napping in a pillowless chair one more time.

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