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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow review:Various functions to effectively solve sleeplessness
Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow review:Various functions to effectively solve sleeplessness

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow review:Various functions to effectively solve sleeplessness

By  Niki Jones 2019-07-04 3302 0

Most people today may have the habit of staying up all night, some because of work, while others may be due to insomnia. Having a good sleep every day may be what our generation needs most. Good sleep can make us work harder the next day. However, good sleep also needs a good pillow, and the unscientific design of the pillow can also lead to a decline in sleep quality. Xiaomi released a graphene-heated far-infrared cervical vertebra pillow some time ago. Now, let's take a look at this product.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow design

First, the pillow is quite large, and the design of front protruding and posterior concave is used in appearance. This design is more ergonomic and more in line with people's sleeping position, and it can also reduce the risk of falling pillows the next day after sleep, stabilize our sleeping position and increase the ventilation between the pillow and the head. It can also effectively protect our neck.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow 

The smart pillow is also very particular about the choice of materials, the use of 3D skin-friendly pillowcase and comfortable pillowcase, can effectively prevent dust and bacteria, and use 65D high-precision memory cotton as the pillow core. The pillow core has the advantages of high springback and no deformation, and the pillow core adopts a high-precision open-die design, and the weight is also extremely light, which can realize tight support and balanced pressure distribution, unlike ordinary pillow core is easy to appear local collapse.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow functions

The pillow is designed to divide the pillow into five areas, namely, the head support area, the shoulder and neck extension area, the ear relief area, the groove wrapping area and the breathable slot area, each of which has different functions. 

The supporting area of the head can simulate the curve and weight of the head, so that the pillow can be subjected to uniform force, the stretch area of shoulder strength can stretch the cervical vertebra, the shoulder is not suspended, and the pressure relief area of the ear has a special cochlear design, which can ensure that the ear is not oppressed. The grooves can completely wrap the cervical vertebrae and fit the shoulders, while the breathable grooves can make the pillows more breathable.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow five areas 

Graphene far-infrared technology

From the name of the product, we know that this model is not only designed with great care, but also adds graphene to the pillow. Maybe many friends don't know what graphene does. Here we first give a simple spectrum: graphene is a dense layer of carbon atoms wrapped in the honeycomb crystal lattice. The thickness of graphene is only 0.34nm, which is the thinnest, strongest and most conductive material known at present. And it can be integrated into the pillow to achieve a variety of benefits that ordinary pillows do not have. After electrification, this material can release 6-14um far-infrared life waves close to the human body, which can help our bodies promote metabolism, maintain cell activity, prevent cell aging, promote human blood circulation and improve human health, can be said to be a very good thing. 


When we lie on this pillow and turn on electricity, graphene will have a balanced fever, and the heating time is very short, only 1 less, the fever can fully fit our neck, let the heat flow directly, better help sleep. At the same time, graphene material also specifically attracts the function of electromagnetic waves, now many people like to play with mobile phones before going to bed, and graphene can effectively reduce the radiation brought by displays, mobile phones and other electronic products.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow 

The temperature is adjustable in third gear

Graphene heating far infrared cervical vertebra sleep pillow has three gears can be adjusted when heated, the first gear 45 degrees, the second gear 55 degrees, the third gear 65 degrees, users can freely switch temperatures according to their own needs. The driving voltage of the product is only 5V, and the safety of the user is absolutely guaranteed in use. The heater can reach 35 degrees in 10 seconds, and after we use it for 35 minutes, the temperature control will automatically turn off the power, and the stability is very high. Users can safely use it.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow 

Bone conduction music

Some friends like to listen to music when they sleep, but the wires of headphones and earplugs that fit into their ears for a long time can be very uncomfortable, especially when sleeping, and this pillow has a very good design, taking into account the user's habits. That is, music can be listened to with the pillowno longer have to worry about the headphone wire and earplugs. Graphene fever far infrared cervical vertebra sleep pillow through hidden design to hide the audio chip and sensor, so that it is difficult for users to detect. At the same time, it also uses three-dimensional high-fidelity sound to ensure the sound quality and atmosphere of listening to songs.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow listening music 

If we want to listen to music with the pillow, we need to connect it to our mobile phones or other smart devices through Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth also adopts 4.0 protocol, which is very stable, allowing us to completely get rid of the constraint of headphone wire. In order not to disturb others while listening to songs, sleeping pillows can well restrain the leakage of sound sources, and do not have to worry about affecting others. In addition, it is possible to watch TV and listen to novels through connecting with Bluetooth. 

APP intelligent sleep monitoring

Moreover, this pillow can also be used to monitor our sleep quality and alarm clock awakening by downloading App connections. Users only need to download the “Sweetsleep” through the QR code on the product scan manual or the major app stores. New users register to successfully select their own products for binding and activation. In App, we can see a variety of functions, such as sleep detection, intelligent awakening, biofeedback, decompression training, etc., so that we can understand our sleep status in a timely manner. And according to the recommendations of the App system to adjust to improve the quality of our sleep.

Xiaomi PMA graphene smart pillow sleep monitoring  


Overall, the performance of this pillow is very good. If you've been having trouble getting a good night's sleep lately, try this product, which might improve.

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