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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone hands-on review: compact, smart and practical
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Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone hands-on review: compact, smart and practical

Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone hands-on review: compact, smart and practical

By  Town Kassis 2019-07-23 9643 0

Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone is Xiaomi’s ecological chain product, and its predecessors Qin 1 and Qin 1S have gained wide popularity on the market. This time, Xiaomi Qin 2 comes with a full screen design and some new features. Let’s show you more details.

5.05-inch full screen design easy for one-hand operation

The Xiaomi Qin 2 is a full-screen phone, which is very much in line with the current trend, but also in line with the expectations of the public. The phone is still small and slender. It measures 132.6x55.4x8.6 mm in size. Compared with the current 6-inch phone, it is several laps smaller and is very mini and easy to carry.

Xiaomi Qin 2 

When it comes to Qin 2 ID design, I personally think it is worth praising. Simple and generous rectangular appearance, the use of straight lines, as if let me suddenly return to the iPhone4 era, once I thought that feeling will never go back, but after seeing Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone, my heart rekindled hope.

The front pure black glass panel, smooth and pure, the sense of integration is very strong, when the screen flameout is like a piece of black jade. When the screen was lit, I found that the three sides of the border were very narrow, which completely exceeded my expectations. Only the chin is a little wider, but it's still acceptable.

Xiaomi Qin 2 

On the back, the Xiaomi Qin 2 has no extra configuration, a camera in the upper left corner, a flash, and the rest is a flat panel. The multi-relative mold is very good, the plastic rear shell has made the metal texture, the smooth has the texture, like the metal rear shell.

On the side, the Xiaomi Qin 2 has four physical buttons: volume +, volume -, power button, and AI key. Interestingly, the red one is the power key, and the long bar next to it is the AI key. Its power key is very small, can only use fingernails to press, feeling is not very convenient. Compared with the power key, the area of the AI key next to it is larger, which may be due to the multi-parent considering the frequency of use, deliberately strengthening the AI button and weakening the power button.

At the bottom, the Xiaomi Qin 2 has 8 circular holes, symmetrical design, and uses Type-c Jack at the same time. The highlight is the addition of two metal electrodes, which can be recharged by purchasing an additional charging base.

At the top, the Xiaomi Qin 2 still supports infrared emission and does not have a 3.5mm headset port.

In other ways, the Xiaomi Qin 2 is still not equipped with a charging head, but is equipped with a Typc-c charging cable.

Novel UI design and powerful system functions

Because the Xiaomi Qin 2 screen is slender, if it is a common UI design, it is not very beautiful, so the Xiaomi Qin 2 system UI adopts a new design. By default, it is manipulated by a full screen gesture, the theme icon is selected up and down, and the right slides into the group. When you turn on the grouping, you find that the Xiaomi Qin 2 contains almost all the features of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Qin 2 

In addition to the common phone SMS features, Xiaomi Qin 2 supports the standard version of WeChat, built-in Xiao Ai, Mijia APP, remote control, browser and so on. At the same time it offers built-in app management, you can download third-party applications at will. Therefore, I think the Xiaomi Qin 2 is more like a simplified version of the smartphone, is no longer a traditional feature phone.

The UI of the Xiaomi Qin 2 is designed based on Android 9.0 and is powerful, so there is no backwardness in the experience of using it. It is worth saying that since the Xiaomi Qin 2 does not have fingerprint recognition, you need to click on the AI key or power key to light up the screen every time you boot, which is the only slot point!

Modest hardware specs but smooth for daily use 

The hardware configuration of the Xiaomi Qin 2 is not high, and the storage is only 1G, so you can't expect it to do anything big. The SOC model is SC9832E, a processor platform owned by Ziguang Group, with a 4-core CPU, featuring low power consumption and high performance. It has previously been used on Meizu overseas versions of mobile phones and is an entry-level processor.

Xiaomi Qin 2 

Although the hardware configuration is not high, but in terms of actual use, Xiaomi Qin 2 is enough to meet daily needs. However, due to the limited configuration capacity, I personally suggest that don’t download too many download APPs, and you just need to download a few commonly used apps.

Practical functions: Xiao Ai voice assistant, multilingual translation, remote control function

Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone features Xiaomi AI voice assistant, multilingual translation and remote control function. These three features were also available on my previous multi-parent QF9. These features look unremarkable, but they are very practical and once used, they are highly dependent.

Xiao Ai on the Xiaomi Qin 2 can be activated directly through the AI button, which is the full-featured version of Xiao Ai, so questions and answers are almost unlimited, the experience is smooth, and smart and easy to use. It can be also used together with other Mijia smart devices .

Xiaomi Qin 2 

However, the multilingual translation on the Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone is still a fee-paying service, which needs to be recharged to the account to use this feature. It is worth noting that new users can charge a penny to 10 yuan, which is a small benefit for everyone. Multi-parent translation supports the translation of 62 languages, but also photo recognition translation, text translation, powerful, used for professional purposes is also OK.

As for the fee for translation, I personally do not think it is cheap. Take the most frequently used speech translation, for example, a penny per second, 60 cents for a minute and 36 yuan for an hour, which is a little expensive for people like me who have non-rigid needs. Of course, professional users are different.

In terms of remote control function, Xiaomi Qin 2 supports 12 categories of more than 100 brands of home appliance control, the function is also very powerful. Don't underestimate this remote control function. As an old user of Qin smartphone, the remote control in my home is basically concentrated on the multi-parent phone. It is very convenient to use in peacetime, and I think it is very practical.

Xiaomi Qin 2 

However, the built-in infrared code is still incomplete, and I think it is necessary to upgrade it. Some old models and individual online models do not match, my home has an old beautiful fan and a new Haier water heater can not match the code.

Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone Pros and Cons 

With the addition of a full screen, the level of Xiaomi Qin 2 has been upgraded, so it is bound to be accepted by more people. Moreover, the resolution of the screen reaches 576x1440, clear and delicate, and has a good look and feel.

The important thing is that the ID design is really beautiful, simple and generous, like it at a glance. Small size fuselage one-handed grip is also very good, thumb typing feeling is really cool. At the same time, the Xiaomi Qin 2 is also a fully functional Android machine, which can be applied on WeChat and down. The system is smooth, supports Xiao Ai, multilingual translation and remote control functions, and is very practical. Anyway, it's powerful, and for me, if it's high enough to lose it, I can consider using it as a mainframe.

Xiaomi Qin 2​ 

However, I must also talk about the shortcomings of Xiaomi Qin 2 smartphone. Battery life did not meet my expectations, the measured full moderate use can last 1.5 days, and it’s hard to use for 2 days.

Besides, its Charging speed is also slow, do not support fast charging, so charging needs to wait. It also does not support memory expansion, there is no place to insert TF cards, so 32G capacity does not support multiple download applications. If you mind, you need to consider these factors before buying.

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