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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Redmi AirDots: A new level of comfort without wires
Xiaomi Redmi AirDots: A new level of comfort without wires

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots: A new level of comfort without wires

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-17 1155 0

In this post, we list some main features and frequently asked questions about the Redmi AirDots.

Instant connection

The left and right earpiece are no longer connected ties the cable, they are completely independent of each other and serve only your comfort. It's enough to get them out of the docking station, and they're ready for work.

New Generation Bluetooth 5.0

The new generation of headphones is the latest technology. Redmi AirDots are equipped with the latest chip Bluetooth 5.0, which twice as fast transmits data compared to the last generation. With this speed and high signal strength, both music and games sound great.

Nice sound, clear voices and smart Technology DSP

To get the best sound from the smallest size, headphones require the largest driver capable of better transmit low frequencies. Redmi AirDots are equipped with a driver with a diameter of 7.2 mm with enormous potential and saturated medium and low frequencies. Especially for compact headphones was used the technology of smart noise reduction DSP, thanks to which extraneous noises do not interfere with the conversation, and the voices will sound clear to both sides.

Only 4.1g and three pairs ear cushions

Compact dimensions-a key feature of Redmi AirDots, the weight of each earpiece is strictly controlled at the level of 4.1, despite the miniature, the headphones are firmly in the ears thanks to three pairs of ear cushions of different sizes. You can choose the most comfortable pair for sports or simple listening to music, and they will always be together with you.

4 hours from one charge

Docking station combines the functions of storage and portable charging station, with it you can not be afraid to stay with an empty battery in the midst of the day.

Other features

 Convenient button with protection against accidental clicks

 Manage your music and calls

 Voice control

Find smartphone


Double-click the Multifunction button to wake up the voice assistant. It allows you to navigate the route, arrange a meeting in the restaurant with friends or send a voice message through the messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have two smartphones, can I connect Redmi AirDots to both?

Redmi AirDots can be connected to only one device at a time.

What degree of protection does REDMI AirDots have?

The headphones have a degree of protection IPX4, the docking station is not waterproof

Can I use REDMI AirDots to adjust the volume?

Adjusting the volume on the chassis is not supported, you need to adjust from your smartphone.

Does REDMI AirDots work in dual channel mode?

Redmi AirDots are equipped with a Bluetooth chip RTL8763BFR with support for surround dual-channel sound.

Can I manage music and receive calls when I'm 10 meters away?

Yes, if there are no obstacles, the REDMI AirDots connection radius can reach 10 meters.

How do I know the charge percentage of Redmi Redmi AirDots?

It is possible to see the charge on Android or iOS devices, but only the main earpiece is shown.

Can I connect Redmi AirDots to Xiaomi Mi Band or other Bluetooth devices?

No, because different hardware is used to transmit and receive data that is not interoperable.

Can Redmi AirDots be automatically disconnected?

Outside the docking station, when disconnected and inactive, the headphones are automatically disconnected after about 5 minutes.

Does Redmi AirDots understand voice input?

Support is available on iOS, Android devices for voice input by default use the microphone on your smartphone.

Is there a stable signal when talking, listening to music and playing games?

Yes, however, when using high-power radiators Wi-Fi, 4G or interfering devices may cause minor jams.

When you use both headphones in games, how much is the delay?

Depending on the conditions of use, the quality of communication and the speed of the smartphone can delay different degrees.

How to charge headphones?

First you need to make sure that the docking station is charged and the contacts are not contaminated. If the conditions are met, the headphones should be installed in the docking station and be sure to start charging. If the charge has not started, please contact the after Sales Support Center.

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