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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Roborock T4 review: the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner with 2000Pa suction power, 5200mAh battery and voice control
Xiaomi Roborock T4 review: the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner with 2000Pa suction power, 5200mAh battery and voice control

Xiaomi Roborock T4 review: the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner with 2000Pa suction power, 5200mAh battery and voice control

By  GB Blog Official 2019-05-31 2009 0

The Roborock T4 is the latest smart vacuum cleaner robot presented by Xiaomi. The new model follows the earlier released Xiaomi Roborock T6 and looks quite similar to its predecessor. But are there any upgrades in the performance and functionality? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at the Xiaomi Roborock T4.

Xiaomi Roborock T4: specs

First, let's take a look at the main specs of the Xiaomi Roborock T4 robot vacuum cleaner.


Product name

Xiaomi Roborock T4 robot vacuum cleaner



Automatic charging


Sweeping area




Water tank


Battery capacity


Sweeping voice


Working time


Navigation type

Laser navigation

Dust box capacity


Suction power



Xiaomi Roborock T4: Sleek modern design

The Roborock T4 comes in stylish black color (which is an interesting change from Xiaomi's signature white) but follows the same design principles as the company's previous models: smooth circular shape, minimal physical controls (on and off button and Home) and LDS sensors sitting in a small "tower" atop the vacuum. The whole device is quite compact and should not get into any trouble as it navigates even a tightly furnished home.

Xiaomi Roborock T4 design 

Xiaomi Roborock T4: 2000Pa suction power

We know that the Xiaomi Roborock T4 comes with 2000 Pa of suction power, which puts it on the same level as the Roborock T6 and gives it a very good base for a strong cleaning performance. 2000 Pa of cleaning power means that the robot vacuum will be able to pick up more debris and dust from your floor as well as carpeting. This, in turn, will free your home from small airborne dust particles, which often result in allergy reactions and other ailments. With a number of users complaining that their smart vacuums did not deliver enough cleaning power, the Roborock T4 aims to be evidence to the contrary.

Xiaomi Roborock T4 2000Pa suction power 

Xiaomi Roborock T4: 5200mAh battery

Next, the Roborock T4 sports a large 5200 mAh battery — just like on the Roborock T6. If the Roborock T6's performance is any indication, this potentially translates into up to 150 minutes of cleaning time. This should be quite enough for a comprehensive cleaning session of a standard-sized apartment or a small home. But even if the robot runs out of power in the middle of its cleaning session, that won't be a problem: when the T4 detects low battery, it will head to its charging dock to juice up. Once the robot has recharged, it will resume its cleaning session where it left off. Once the cleaning route is complete, the robot will return to the charging dock and await its next task.

Xiaomi Roborock T4: Intelligent mapping

Just like the T6, the T4 is said to come with advanced mapping capabilities thanks to the LDS laser navigation and route memorizing function. After touring your home, the robot will be able to create an accurate map and then use it to plan out its cleaning sessions effectively. Thanks to obstacle avoidance and cliff sensor, the T4 will easily navigate around furniture and corners and avoid going down staircases and falling over.

the LDS laser navigation 

Via the app, you will also be able to set "no-go" zones for the vacuum. These are the areas where you don't want the vacuum to go — pet corners, child play areas, etc.

the smart control app 

Xiaomi Roborock T4: Smart controls

Just like with most Roborock models, you can control the Roborock T4 via the Mi Home App, where you will find some extra functionality and customization options. Additionally, you can control this model via voice commands with Xiaomi's Xiao Ai smart speaker — note, however, that you will need to give it commands in Chinese. There is no word yet as to whether the new vacuum supports Amazon's Alexa.

Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai smart speaker 

Xiaomi Roborock T4: Easy maintenance

Just like most vacuum robots in the Roborock series, the T4 is easy to take apart and clean. You can take out and wash the vacuum's filter; plus, the main brush bristles can also be removed for a more efficient clean-up.

Roborock T4: price and availability

The Xiaomi Roborock T4 smart robot vacuum cleaner is just priced at 1999 yuan in China, which is the cheapest vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi so far. While with its 2000Pa suction power and the large 5200mAh battery, the  Roborock T4 will well finish most of sweeping tasks for your home and it also offers a nice more budget-friendly alternative to some high-end vacuum cleaners like Roborock S6.

The Roborock T4 will officially go on sale in the middle of June, and you can pay close attention to our blog to get up-to-date information aobut it.   



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