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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Roborock T4 robot vacuum cleaner hand-on review
Xiaomi Roborock T4 robot vacuum cleaner hand-on review

Xiaomi Roborock T4 robot vacuum cleaner hand-on review

By  Adeline Belluz 2019-06-05 2265 0

As a tech geek, two of the biggest headaches for editors are sweeping and cleaning.Fortunately, the world is friendly to otaku, after all, "laziness" is one of the driving forces of technological innovation.In recent years, various kinds of floor sweeper emerge in an endless stream, among which millet ecological chain enterprise stone technology with rice home floor sweeper and other products, became a dark horse on the market of household floor sweeper.

Recently, IT home editorial department received a new floor cleaning robot T4 from stone technology, this is a new floor cleaning robot product of stone technology, the price of 1999 yuan, appointment saving 300 yuan, on June 18 sold at 1699 yuan.

The new Roborock T4 has 10 highlights, namely, LDS Global planning, two-year warranty, 2000Pa suction, 5200mAh large power, zoning cleaning, support for dual virtual walls, innovative translucent design, 3 Noise Reduction Unit optimization, easy to clean the main brush and washable filter.

Now, IT House brings a hands-on experience of this product to our small partners.

Part I: Appearance section

Stone sweeper Robot T4 sanwei size of 354*350*96mm, weight of 3.8kg, the company's 173cm sister holding just good hands (of course, no one will hold a sweeper robot so).

The biggest difference from the previous products is that the Roborock T4 uses a translucent front cover, the biggest benefit of this design is that you can intuitively see the dust collector inside the robot, in addition, translucent also brings some scientific and technological feel to the whole product.

Above, the "lookout tower-like" device of floor sweeper T4 is actually an LDS laser range finder, a high-precision LDS laser range finder that can scan a room at a speed of 5×360°/ s, creating an accurate and real-time map of the room and planning the cleaning route through the original SLAM algorithm.

In addition to the LDS laser range finder, T4 also has the TOF range finder module's wall sensor, cliff sensor, dual electronic compass, drop sensor, and so on.

Part Ⅱ: sweeper robot key words small popular science

The Roborock T4 is a route planning sweeper robot that adopts laser navigation and supports automatic recharge.

Before the start of the test, small make up here is necessary to give you science sweeping robot behind some "keywords".At present, the common algorithm of sweeper robot can be roughly divided into two types: random covering method and path planning type cleaning.

Random coverage method:

Random covering method, some also called random collision type navigation, but that is not means the robot collision occurs and the environment of the real object, nor of unstructured moving randomly on the floor, in other words "random" in the operation of the project is also a difficult to meet the requirements, random covering method refers to the mobile robot based on a certain algorithm, such as triangle, pentagon trajectory tentative coverage areas, if there are any obstacles, execute the corresponding to the function.

This approach is a low-cost strategy of trading time for space, such as achieving 100% coverage regardless of time.

If a random collision type navigation of the robot hit your shoes, then sweep robot turned away, a small operation, sweeping robot after the collision to actually have a lot of function of data operation, it is a "SAO" operation, but the problem is - ondemond sweeping robot the sense that gives a person is to hurl herself around the room

Path Planning Type:

The sweeper uses the navigation and positioning system to remember the coordinates of the starting point and the cleaning path, construct the environment map, and calculate the planned cleaning line, and finally combine its own algorithm to clean to ensure that the deviation is not run. However, if you want the planning sweeper to work perfectly, you also need a prerequisite--the need to set up an environmental map and locate it, positioning-composition-planning-cleaning four links one can not be missing.

From a practical point of view, the path planning sweeper is better than the stochastic overlay robot, but for a support path planning sweep robot, the positioning technology behind it is the key to the realization of this technology.

If there is no positioning, the built map must be inaccurate, map inaccurate planning efficiency is low, efficiency is too low, it is better to buy a random sweep robot directly.

At present, there are three kinds of positioning types of sweeper robots on the market: Inertial navigation, visual navigation and laser navigation system.

Inertial navigation:

Inertial sensors use gyroscopes and accelerometers to obtain information on the angular acceleration and line acceleration of the robot, and the location information of the robot is obtained by complex mathematical algorithms.

This technique has one drawback: there is a cumulative error, and as the travel time and distance increase, the error increases.

Visual Navigation:

Technically, the technology is called vSLAM, which is based on the principle that a camera is installed on the sweeper robot, which picks up and records the large number of feature points of the object (especially the corners of the object) through the vSLAM algorithm, and constantly tracks these feature points during motion, while constantly detecting new feature points, This creates an environmental map.

The disadvantage is that the technology is greatly affected by illumination conditions, the accuracy of high dynamic environment decreases, and the complexity of the scene is high. Between the cost is too high, the positioning technology of the sweeper robot prices are very high.

Laser navigation System:

The room is scanned by laser ranging sensor to obtain the distance information quickly, and when the laser is projected onto the obstacle, a spot is formed, and the image sensor calculates the center distance of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel number of the spot. Combining with the algorithm of sweeping robot itself, the room map is constructed and the cleaning is positioned in real time.

At present, laser navigation is the most practical and effective system.

The Roborock T4 USES the "watchtower-style" LDS laser ranging sensor, its "eyes", to quickly scan the room and build up map information before it starts sweeping, in line with intelligent path planning.

Part III: Cleaning

Stone sweeper robot T4 fuselage has only two keys, in fact, when you use this product, most of the operation is done on the phone.

As a member of the Rice family ecological chain, the stone sweeper robot T4 naturally supports the rice home App.

Connect the T4 with the stone sweep robot, complete the corresponding firmware upgrade, you can start the sweep trip.

In the stone sweep robot T4 main interface, you can choose the global sweep and paddle sweep, with the SLAM modeling algorithm, stone sweep robot can build their own layout of the room, and plan their own cleaning route.

Stone sweeper Robot T4 also has 5200mAh large-capacity battery, according to the official version, the working life can reach 2.5 hours, can clean 250 square meters of house area.

When the ground is swept, the stone sweep robot T4 automatically returns to the charging pile for charging.

At the same time, in the Mi home App, you can also choose quiet, standard, powerful and MAX four wind speeds.

IT a family of small make up a simple decibel meter test here, under the mode of "quiet", about 53 db, can produce the sound basic will not affect the normal working life, if open the robot to the "MAX" gear, will reach 76 db + voice, the voice is mainly from the outlet of the robot location, if close to the ear, noise and small make up the 1200 w home hair dryer.

It should be noted, however, that in the case of the Roborock T4, stone technology focuses on optimizing gear design, motor vibration and equipped with a noise reduction air screen to make it work with less noise.

Vacuum test:

GIF figure, small make up deliberately scattered on the ground a whole bag of white cat used to reduce weight before "coarse food powder", if these powdery things are handled a little careless, will make the whole house "dust flies".

T4, a stone sweeper, can easily absorb dust that would otherwise be difficult to handle by using a high-power fan (2000Pa suction force) and a streamlined air duct combined with a floating main brush.

When the cover is opened, the dust collecting box on the back of the equipment can be seen. By holding down the bayonet, the dust collecting box can be easily taken out, accompanied by the sound of "dust collecting box taking out".

Obstacle test:

Small knitting deliberately in the stone sweep robot T4 Cleaning area put a tripod, you can see, when T4 detect obstacles around, it will immediately change the angle to start cleaning, and eventually around the obstacle, the most likely to sweep all areas around the obstacle clean.

If the ground cable, then how much will have a certain impact on the robot cleaning process, but in the small series of tests, for the time being has not encountered the robot can not independently get rid of the cable situation.

Of course, if you're worried that the robot is entangled in a cable, you can set up a virtual wall or a restricted area in a region with many cables.

After the setup is successful, the sweeper will take the initiative to avoid these areas during the cleaning process.

In addition, the Stone Sweeper robot T4 built-in cliff sensors to prevent the device from falling down the stairs.

In addition, it needs to be added that the stone sweep robot T4 can be remotely controlled through the MI home App, such as small pieces in the writing of this article has been in Chengdu, but at this moment the small series can still be manipulated through the MI home App in Qingdao office in the Stone Sweeper robot T4.

In terms of life, small series of measurement work 36 minutes, cleaning area 28 square meters, a total of 9% power consumption, after cleaning, the robot automatically returned to the charging pile for charging. As can be seen in the figure above, T4 almost swept all the positions in the room within these 36 minutes.

In other ways, the sweeper T4 can also set up robotic voice, even including the stiff fish version and the DA version.

In other features, you can also set up regular cleaning through the Mi home App, where to refer, view cleaning records, find devices, and more


Sweeping the robot's role is to liberate the hands, especially for "otaku", such as small make up by stone sweeping robot T4 experience these days, small make up think, considering the price of 1699 yuan, and powerful features, in many of the robot products, stone sweeping robot T4 is very competitive.

Small noise, support mijia App, rich functions, a sense of design...Stone's new cleaning robot T4 can meet almost all the needs of most households, and the two-year warranty adds to the charm.

At present, there are various kinds of floor cleaning robots in the market, with huge price differences. Friends should keep their eyes open and keep in mind their real needs when buying such products.

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