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Home > New Gear > Xiaomi Roborock T7 Review: Smarter Than Ever Before
Xiaomi Roborock T7 Review: Smarter Than Ever Before

Xiaomi Roborock T7 Review: Smarter Than Ever Before

By  Joe Horner 2020-03-24 6544 1

Office workers usually spend more time in the office than at home, but on weekends, do you want to have a rest and relax after a week of hard work? Today, I would like to introduce a robot vacuum cleaner, which not only supports sweeping function, but also adds the function of mopping, which completely frees you from the boring housework. This is Roborock Technology's flagship product in 2020, which named Roborock T7.

Roborock T7 Appearance

Roborock T7 uses the common white body of floor-sweeping robots, which has the advantage that no matter what kind of decoration style your home is, the Roborock T7 will not be too obtrusive at home and is a versatile color match.


The Roborock T7 laser sensor is embellished with a ring of champagne gold decorative strips to avoid a large white body that makes the device look monotonous. After all, it is a flagship product, and its flagship identity can also be reflected with champagne gold.

The top of the Roborock T7 has three buttons, from left to right, the recharge button, the sweep/boot button, and the local sweep button. These three buttons correspond to three functions. When we do a comprehensive cleaning of the home, we can directly choose the Please clean button, and the Roborock T7 will clean the floor of every house in the house. If only the local area is dirty and needs to be cleaned, you can choose the local cleaning function. Under this function, the Roborock T7 will take the equipment as the center and clean an area of 1.5x1.5m.


When the Roborock T7 is cleaned, it will automatically return to the charging base for charging, and there is no need to press the recharge button manually. When the device is paused, pressing the recharge button will return to the charging base.


The dust box can be seen by lifting the cover on the top of the Roborock T7, while Roborock Technologies also equips the Roborock T7 with a cleaning tool for the main brush, which can use the brush head to clean the dust and use the knife head at the other end to cut the thread and hair wrapped around the main brush.


The dust box of Roborock T7 is made of transparent material, and the amount of rubbish inside is clear at a glance. At the same time, it is also equipped with a dustproof net to avoid secondary pollution. The dustproof net can be removed and cleaned and can be used again after drying. Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner also gives an extra dustproof net for a rainy day.


The method of removing the main brush head is very simple. There is a protective frame outside the main brush at the bottom of the Roborock T7. Press and hold the buckle at both ends to remove the external frame and remove the main brush head. We can see that there are silicone strips on one side of the bristles on the main brush head to achieve closed vacuuming, while hair, thread and other winding around the main brush will also be supported by silicone strips to facilitate cutting and cleaning.


The Roborock T7 is equipped with a unilateral edge brush, which is needed to sweep the garbage when cleaning the corner of the wall, which is easy to clean up the equipment. One advantage of the unilateral brush is that it is easier to get out of trouble when winding the cable.


Roborock T7 uses a three-wheel design, two rubber wheels can provide better grip, and the ability to surmount obstacles is stronger, generally 2cm high obstacles can be crossed. A separate universal wheel is used to adjust the direction and adjust the forward direction of the equipment according to the information provided by the sensor.


The water tank of Roborock T7 is located at the rear of the equipment, with a capacity of 297ml, which can be said to be a "giant" in the industry. the large water tank can meet the needs of equipment cleaning and avoid frequent water addition. The water tank of Roborock T7 can mop 250 square meters in small water mode.


Thanks to the design of the water tank of the drawer type, the water tank can be removed without turning the fuselage. The removal or installation of the water tank is very convenient, and it can be taken out by pressing the tail buckle with one hand. When installing the rag, you don't need to turn the machine over, you just need to get the rag stuck under the water tank. The water tank is connected with the mop by a clasp, so it is easy to operate. In addition, the Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner uses a double-effect ultra-fine fiber mop to easily shovel dirt and effectively remove dirt from the ground.


The charging port of the Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner is also a white color match with the fuselage. A line slot is reserved on the surface of the charging pile, which can hide the excess antenna in the slot and be shielded by a cover plate and can make the charging pile close to the wall and improve the beauty.


Roborock T7 Cleaning Test

The Roborock T7 uses a brand new brushless fan with strong performance and can provide the highest 2500Pa suction, which is 25% higher than that of the previous generation Roborock T6 and can clean up the dust on the floor seams and carpets. We also tested the cleaning ability of Roborock T7.


First of all, test the cleanliness of the scraps of paper, cut the toilet paper into small pieces and put them on the ground, the scraps of paper are very light and easy to be scattered by the wind. However, when the Roborock T7 passes by, it can clean up all the confetti.


We also put some flour on the ground, which is not only light but also belongs to dust, which makes it more difficult to clean up. But Roborock T7 can still clean up all the flour at once.


Finally, we tested with rice. Millet is ground grain, and it also tests the gathering function of the edge brush of the floor sweeper to garbage. If the edge brush exerts too much force, it may not have the effect of gathering, or even break up all the millet. As in the previous two tests, the Roborock T7 cleaned up all the millet grains at once. Through three tests, we can see that the cleaning ability of Roborock T7 is still very good.


Wet mop mode can be used on smooth floors, such as wood flooring and ceramic tile flooring. The constant voltage electric control water tank of the Roborock T7 has a large 297ml capacity, which can mop 250m2 of small water and 200m2 of medium water. The amount of spraying water is accurately controlled in three aspects, spraying 2.475ml accurately per minute, and keeping the mop at a proper humidity during the mopping process.

The Roborock T7 uses a constant pressure spring design to maintain a stable lower pressure, with a ground pressure of 300g, with a wide 248cm dishcloth, under this pressure, the wet drag area is larger and cleaner.


Roborock T7 will not spray water at rest to prevent soaking the floor. In addition, in the equipment skidding, trapped and other special abnormal conditions, will not spray water. When the Roborock T7 is recharged, it will also stop spraying water, and the control of water spraying is very intelligent.


Roborock T7 Mop Route Programming

The Roborock T7 fuselage is equipped with multiple sensors for path detection and planning. At the top is the laser ranging sensor and the LDS pressure sensor. When the equipment enters the table/bed, if the height is not high enough, the pressure sensor will be triggered, and the sweeping machine will automatically exit and no longer enter.


The side of the fuselage is equipped with a wall sensor and a recharge sensor, which can make the sweeper more accurate in cleaning the edge of the room, and the recharge sensor is used to detect the position of the charging pile.


Six cliff sensors are added to the bottom of the fuselage, using the layout of the first four and the second, which can accurately detect the ground condition. If it is used on the second floor or other places with stairs and holes, it can prevent the sweeper from falling.


In addition, the Roborock T7 is equipped with gyroscopes, accelerometers and electronic compass sensors to provide data for path calculation for floor sweepers. Roborock T7 carries the brand-new RR Mason 7.0Roborock Robot system algorithm, carries on the data fusion analysis of the data collected by the sensor, combines the navigation and motion algorithm, and finally plans the cleaning path.


RR Mason7.0 algorithm optimizes the Z-shape algorithm, reduces repetition and improves efficiency. At the same time, the wrapping algorithm is improved, and the route is smarter in the multi-table-chair-leg environment. In addition, when cross-room and recharge, the RR Mason7.0 system will load more obstacle information and choose the best path wisely.


There are many ways to start Roborock T7, you can use Xiao Ai, small speakers, Tmall genie, Siri shortcuts for voice startup, and you can also start the Roborock floor sweeper remotely through Mijia APP, even if you are not at home. You can also make the Roborock T7 floor sweeper work.


Roborock T7 uses the new map management 4.0. After turning on the map saving function, a floor plan of the house will be generated in the map management system, and each room can be customized to clean and set different suction and water output. For example, in the bedroom, you can choose small water + quiet mode, while the living room is medium water + strong mode, for rooms that need key cleaning, you can choose large water + Max mode.


In addition, you can also adjust the room cleaning order through Map Management 4.0, you can give priority to cleaning the bedroom, and then cleaning the living room. Map Management 4.0 can also set virtual walls, clean restricted areas and mop restricted areas on the map, and manage the cleaning areas on their own. The degree of customization can be said to be very high. Map management 4.0 add floor map automatic recognition, you can memorize and edit 4 maps at the same time. When changing floors to clean, the robot can automatically identify the floor, load the corresponding map and start to work.


What’s more, we can also remotely control the Roborock T7 through our mobile phone to carry out special cleaning in specific areas. In addition, we can also check the consumables of Roborock T7 through our mobile phone.


The Verdict

Roborock T7 is not only a floor-sweeping robot with strong cleaning ability but also an intelligent floor sweeper, which can be controlled by voice and operated remotely, breaking the time and region restrictions. In addition, in view of the current more complex family living environment, Roborock T7 adds a regional customized cleaning function, which allows consumers to make cleaning plans in line with their own families.


On the whole, Roborock T7 has excellent performance from user experience to the cleaning effect, and it also belongs to the ranks of excellent products of the same level in the market. The price of the Roborock T7 is 2899RMB. It will also give you a sense of value for money.


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