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Home > New Gear > XIAOMI Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8: what is the use of this 8-inch screen? Let me tell you something!
XIAOMI Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8: what is the use of this 8-inch screen? Let me tell you something!

XIAOMI Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8: what is the use of this 8-inch screen? Let me tell you something!

By  Cecil Perez 2020-03-03 4417 9

Smart speakers are no longer new. It seems that before the Internet of things is fully expanded, and before not all Internet of things devices will be connected to the voice control function, smart speakers are the best entrance choice. However, with the continuous upgrading of this category, the shape of intelligent speakers began to change, such as adding a variety of new functions, and even adding a screen to the speaker.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 outer package.

Recently, the house secretary received a Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8, as a new product, which is obviously an example of adding a large screen to the smart speaker. What difference does the addition of this big screen bring to the smart speaker? Why don't you let the secretary of the house try to show you with his own hands.

The addition of an 8-inch screen.

Different from the traditional smart speaker products, starting from the previous Xiao AI touch screen speakers, this series is destined to be smart speakers with screens. This time the home secretary received a Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8, with the name 8, which refers to its newly added 8-inch screen. This is a multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1280mm 800 pixels, which is placed on the upper side of the audio host at a special tilt angle.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

The sound body at the bottom also becomes the base of the 8-inch screen, which feels comfortable to touch, although it is not a product that needs to be held in hand, but in some scenes, it needs to be moved or bored in the process of fiddling with it. It can still bring a good feel.

Xiao AI touchscreen speaker Pro8 physical button.

Although the addition of the 8-inch touch screen has improved the interactive experience of the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8, physical buttons are still given as a safeguard in product design. The button is set in the back position on one side of the touch screen, the longer one above is the volume adjustment button, and the lower circle twist is the switch button.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro 8.

In addition, it is also important to mention the new camera added by the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8, which is located at the top of the front screen, in addition to the camera and the microphone. The addition of them also adds more usage scenes to the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

What is the use of "I" with this big screen?

Of course, the "I" here does not refer to the house secretary himself, but refers to the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8,. Many people will probably ask, is it really useful to install a screen for the smart speaker? Some people may even say, isn't this the installation of a speaker base for a tablet? Actually, it's not.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

What the house secret wants to tell you is that the emergence of the category of smart speakers has never been accidental, but inevitable. It is a necessary stage for the development of smart home and even smart family. What is the most critical experience of intelligence? The answer, of course, is interaction. In the intelligent interactive experience, there is no doubt that voice is a more convenient one at present. But at present, most household appliances have the function of voice interaction, so they can interact with each other. at the same time, the intelligent speaker, which can link household appliances and sensors through software, has become an expedient measure for the entrance of smart home.

Xiao AI touchscreen speaker Pro8 is controlled by voice.

Since it is an expedient measure, voice is fine, why add a "big screen"? In fact, the addition of the big screen is not like what many people think, but simply adds a "tablet". The addition of the big screen is to add a visual sensory experience to the intelligent speaker on the basis of hearing. This is also a good groundwork for the development of smart families in the future. Further explore the scenes that can be covered by the intelligent speaker, in the future, these parts can be integrated into any place under the intelligent home scene, and truly realize the seamless linkage of the whole scene.

Play video with voice.

For example, you are busy in the kitchen for dinner when someone rings the doorbell. You can answer the doorbell by voice and see the scene in front of the door in real time through any screen placed anywhere. Then decide whether to open the door for the visitor or not. On the way to open the door, you can communicate continuously and seamlessly with visitors through various screens along the way. This is the future.

It's a big screen, but not a tablet.

The house secretary really can't agree with the idea that the "big screen" on the Xiao AI touchscreen speaker Pro8 is called a tablet, because it is essentially different from a tablet. First of all, although it can also play videos, but the APP of all content partners are pre-installed in the system, users can not take the initiative to install other third-party applications, forced installation will also lead to a reduction in the overall user experience.

In the actual test, take the content source preset on the home page as an example to play the first resource of iqiyi in "Qing Yu Nian". At the same time, the source can support a resolution of up to 1080p. The overall perception is relatively satisfactory. In addition, playing songs and querying information can all be realized.

With this "big screen", the voice of the user through the voice interaction will be recognized in real time at the bottom left of the screen, and the user can more intuitively see whether his voice command is successfully recognized by the speaker.

In the actual use process, the speaker for speech recognition accuracy is very high, the corresponding sensitivity is also very satisfactory, the overall recognition experience in the current Xiao AI version, can be regarded as a leading experience.

It not only has the function of gateway, but also the hub of smart home.

Different from the previous Xiao AI speakers, Xiao AI touchscreen speakers Pro8 not only has the function of Bluetooth Mesh gateway, but also has the function of Bluetooth gateway, which can be linked with many Bluetooth devices. This kind of design is still very popular, and at least one less Bluetooth gateway can be installed, which means one more power outlet. In general, door locks, light bulbs and other devices can only be connected through the Bluetooth gateway, and the Bluetooth gateway is integrated in the speaker, which is definitely a good attempt to do subtraction.

At the same time, the, Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 is equipped with a large screen, so after the internal preset Mijia APP, it can also be used as the central device of the smart home, through which you can easily control all the products connected to Mijia APP.

On the connection of smart home products, Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 realizes a word distribution network, users only need to say "Xiao AI classmate, find equipment", Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 will automatically start the pairing of devices, and easily realize the interconnection in the smart home scene.

In the actual measurement, the experience of operating intelligent terminal devices on Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 is roughly the same as that of Mijia APP on smart phones, which basically belongs to zero learning cost. For users who already have Mijia smart devices in their homes, it is easy to achieve parallel migration.

The first step in a full-scene video call.

In the previous experience, the house secretary mentioned that the Xiao AI touchscreen speaker Pro8 has a brand-new video call scene after adding a large screen. In the actual measurement, it is indeed very convenient. It is divided into the following scenarios:

The camera used for the call.

When a guest comes to visit, as long as he cooperates with the intelligent doorbell, Xiao AI touchscreen speaker Pro8 will receive a prompt when someone presses the doorbell, and the picture captured by the visual doorbell will be played in real time, and the user can choose to talk to him directly on the screen or to change his voice.

Security camera, the overall experience of viewing the images captured by the security camera on the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 is similar to the experience of viewing video in the mobile APP. The overall interaction is relatively perfect, which is relatively convenient for users, because there is no need to take out the mobile phone any more.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

Full scene call, if the linkage with intelligent doorbell and security camera is only an initial stage, then full scene call is the first step for Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 to open. The former secretary of the mansion has also discussed the full scene calls that the future screen can create in smart homes, while as an initial stage, what the current Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 can do is to interact with other terminals to achieve remote visual calls. It is understood that when this function is launched, it will support long-distance visual calls between Xiao AI touch screen speakers Pro8 and Xiaomi full screen TV Pro 55\ 65 inches, Xiaomi TV 5Pro 55 rainbows 65 inches and Mi Rabbit children's phone watch 3C.

Perhaps, the current experience is still very rudimentary, but for the future development of smart families, it is undoubtedly the first step in the realization of full-scene video calls.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

A digital photo frame that is more beautiful than a speaker.

If the traditional smart speakers are on standby, that is, they are placed there, perhaps not even a device, then the, Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 is much more practical by comparison. Through this 8-inch screen, users are provided with a variety of possibilities.

For example, in standby mode, users can choose the right dial according to their preferences, so that the Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 can become a beautiful desktop clock without being awakened.

Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8.

In addition, in addition to the clock, the, Xiao AI touch screen speaker Pro8 can also become an electronic photo frame in standby, which can randomly and continuously play the photos that users upload to the cloud photo album in advance, so that the pictures full of memories keep scrolling around the home.

Write at the end.

After a period of use, the secretary seems to have come to understand why smart speakers need a screen. With a large 8-inch screen, it really enriches the application scenarios that can only be affected. At the same time, the brand-new interactive way makes the intelligent speaker products more like the intelligent family center. The house secretary feels that it is a new product of smart speakers that is good and accessible.

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