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Home > Tech News > 4K 144Hz also takes two-way SLI? Asus DSC e-sports monitor saves you money on a 2080Ti
4K 144Hz also takes two-way SLI? Asus DSC e-sports monitor saves you money on a 2080Ti

4K 144Hz also takes two-way SLI? Asus DSC e-sports monitor saves you money on a 2080Ti

By  Artemas Racugno 2020-02-06 1223 17

With the continuous development of e-sports industry, especially after the popularity of FPS games such as "PUBG" and "CSGO", the e-sports display with 2K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate has become the standard and mainstream standard for gamers. But for some performance enthusiasts who love 3A masterpieces, the configuration of 4K+144Hz can meet their "minimum" basic requirements.

In recent years, there are several 4K+144Hz pyramid cutting-edge e-sports display products on the market, generally speaking, Xiaobian opened gearbest search "4K 144Hz", including the Asustek ROG player country sold last year PG65UQ (need to overclock) 65-inch giant screen electronic competition screen, there are only a few three or four products on the market.

4K+144Hz players are the real "money ability" hardcore players

How grandiose is the picture quality of 4K+144Hz 's e-sports monitor? It is estimated that most gamers in front of the screen will not be able to give an answer. Not only because the display with such specifications is very expensive in the market, even if it can afford the ten thousand yuan cost of the display, it may not be able to have a strong enough computer configuration to carry such picture specifications. The 4K resolution is usually 3840x2160, which is equivalent to a LED screen that refreshes an array of about 8.3 million pixels per second. This picture refresh requirement has far exceeded the hardware limit of the current graphics card. In order to experience the extreme pleasure brought by the 4K+144Hz screen, early players usually choose the two-way graphics card SLI firefight setting.

NVIDIA SLI Multi-graphics Card bridging Technology

Exaggerated 4 RTX 2080Ti graphics cards SLI

The purpose of bridging two or more video cards is very obvious, that is, multiple graphics cards can perform rendering computing tasks at the same time, just like the work that one person could not finish before, but now the leader hires another person to assist. However, due to the extreme high specification of 4K+144Hz, even two-way SLI graphics cards must be above GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, and HDR must be turned off at the expense of some chromaticity sampling. If you turn on the highest picture quality and HDR function, it is at least above the GeForce RTX 2080 series graphics card, and because of the insufficient bandwidth of the existing DP line, the lossless output of the picture calculated by the video card cannot be guaranteed. From this point of view, the cost of dual video cards with 4K+144Hz monitors is very huge.

"Chuanxin" cool techs 4K+144Hz lossless solution DSC came out of nowhere

So, is there no real solution in the world that can output 4K 144Hz without loss? The answer is: finally!

The DSC display stream compression technology developed by AMD, a well-known "agricultural enterprise" chip manufacturer, has solved this problem for the current e-sports display market. The so-called DSC technology is actually a general standard in the industry. It can stream high-resolution images with a single interface at high speed without reducing the quality of the display screen. At the same time, it also supports variable refresh rate (VRR) and high dynamic range imaging (HDR). In other words, with the blessing of DSC technology, 4K+144Hz 's e-sports display can perfectly present excellent extreme game quality without the traditional concept of two-way SLI graphics cards, lossless output of every frame of detail, allowing players to experience a dripping game masterpiece.

  The first DSC technology, Asustek ROG XG27UQ one-way graphics card "black" to the end

At present, there are very few e-sports monitors equipped with DSC technology, and from the listed products, the editor has only heard that the Asustek ROG player country has released a ROG Strix XG27UQ called "Shadow". This product has been launched in gearbest, with a price tag of 7999 yuan and a lossless 4K, which is basically the same as the price of the first-generation 4K+144Hz display.

The DSC e-sports display was first publicly unveiled at the Cologne Game Show in 2019. Official propaganda does not require a dual DP connection or chromaticity sampling, but only through a DP1.4 cable connection, it can show the visual effect of extremely smooth 4K ultra-clear picture quality and 144Hz refresh rate. From the official recommended PC configuration, we can see that the graphics card requirements of this ROG XG27UQ shadowless e-sports display are not high. A GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 5700 graphics card can easily turn on the DSC function, so that a large number of players can easily enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

I have to say that Asustek joined hands with AMD to achieve the real landing of DSC e-sports display, which can be called the second generation 4K+144Hz e-sports display, and it is also a lossless "real" 4K+144Hz display, which really solves the double problem that everyone wants to get ultra-high picture quality games and ultra-high refresh rate at the same time.

After buying the DSC e-sports monitor, what interesting 4K144Hz games are available on the market? In addition to FPS online games such as "CSGO" and "Watch Pioneer", such as "call of Duty 16", "Gujian Qitan 3" and "Metro: leave" are all very good stand-alone choices. If you also want to play 4K 144Hz masterpiece, quickly get a DSC e-sports monitor to try it, but also save the money of a graphics card, absolutely make you smell so good!

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