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Home > Tech News > China 5G super SIM card can be held in their own hands is the safest!
China 5G super SIM card can be held in their own hands is the safest!

China 5G super SIM card can be held in their own hands is the safest!

By  Fernande Guy 2020-01-14 562 8

Since the popularity of smartphones, Micro SD cards have gradually disappeared from our lives, and when needed, we need to look for it at home or in the office. When the editor moved, I found a Micro SD card that had been with me for a long time. When I opened it, I found that the content stored in it was still in 2014. As more and more smartphones adopt the "Nano SIM+ memory card" slot design, "put the SIM card or put the Micro SD card" has become the same dilemma as "girlfriend and mom fall into the water first to save".

At the same time, there is another problem in the 5G era, that is, how much storage space do 5G mobile phones need? From the 3G era to the 4G era, the mobile phone storage space has increased from 8G to 1T 5G era. Can 128G body storage space meet daily use? if not, do you want to buy 5G phones with more memory?

You can easily increase the memory capacity of your mobile phone without hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The lack of mobile phone memory has always bothered me. As the capacity of the mobile App becomes larger and larger, Wechat and nails alone occupy dozens of gigabytes of memory space, most of which are work-related materials, because I don't know when it will be used again, so I can't delete them easily. The editor used 32 gigabytes of memory before, and its storage space is often full. After replacing a new phone, the storage space is expanded to 128 gigabytes, but the remaining memory is less than 20 gigabytes in a few months.

I believe that many friends will encounter the same problems as editors, so why not buy a mobile phone with more storage space when you choose to buy it in the first place? It's because of poverty! Other configurations between mobile phones are the same, just because of the different size of internal storage space, the price difference can be hundreds or even up to thousands of yuan. I always feel that there is a "blood loss" to spend this money.

What's more, there will be a dilemma of "whether to choose a memory card or a mobile phone card" when installing a memory card for a mobile phone. With the increasing internal integration of the mobile phone, although considering the needs of users for memory, the mobile phone is equipped with and or card slots in the form of "Nano SIM+ memory card", which can realize dual-card dual-standby or single-card + memory expansion, but it is still impossible to achieve dual-card dual standby and expand memory at the same time. 5G super SIM card appears. This problem is solved perfectly, and you can have both fish and bear's paw at the same time.

The 5G super SIM card jointly issued by Guangdong Unicom and Ziguang Guowei allows users to enjoy the 5G/4G network while also expanding the storage space of the mobile phone, and will not be bound by the storage space of the phone itself, so that the tight body storage space can be released. Even if you buy a mobile phone with smaller storage space, you can also expand the storage capacity through the 5G super SIM card.

At present, Guangdong Unicom supports the handling of 5G super SIM cards, with a retail price of 99 yuan for 32G cards and 199 yuan for 64G cards. What's more, there is a recharge upgrade service: the 32G card can be upgraded with 120 yuan on the spot, the 64G card can be upgraded with 240 yuan, and the 5G super SIM card with 64G is recharged with 240 yuan, which is equivalent to increasing the storage space of the mobile phone without spending money.

5G Super SIM Card can easily achieve efficient machine replacement.

With the development of mobile Internet, smart phone has become an indispensable part of people's daily work and life. But for a tech editor, every change of phone is a painful and happy experience. Because of the need for in-depth experience testing of various brands of mobile phones, each test represents a difficult data transfer between mobile phones. If the same brand of phone is not so troublesome, some of the data can be downloaded and recovered from the cloud by logging in to the same account. Between different brands and different systems, it is still necessary to import and export data through computers or third-party applications by means of wired or wireless transmission, which is not only inefficient, but also needs to be retransmitted after data interruption.

The emergence of 5G super SIM card makes the process of changing machine more convenient for users. Before changing the machine, you will only need to back up the data to the super SIM card, and after changing the machine, you will directly restore the data to the new phone, so that the SIM card that has been with you for a longer time will become the carrier of data, making it easier for the phone to be replaced.

In addition, in addition to more convenient. Under the existing circumstances, when using APP such as "one-click switch", users need to give the software the highest access to information, including the network information in your address book, and so on. In the past operation, the editor often worried about the disclosure of information. When changing the machine with one button through the 5G super SIM card, because the information is stored in the local super SIM card, there is no need to worry about the outflow through the network. At the same time, the 5G super SIM card also has a financial-level security chip to ensure the information security of users, eliminating the worries of users.

Accidental damage of mobile phone to achieve rapid data migration.

The recent experience also makes the editor feel that the 5G super SIM card can really "save people from water and fire" at some point. Due to the needs of work, the editor often takes part in various activities by plane, and the mobile phone is an indispensable tool in the journey. Because of the use habit, I will carry two mobile phones with me when I go out, one for docking work and the other for life. But accidents always come all of a sudden, in the course of catching a plane, the work machine screen that I carry with me is broken and can't be used properly because of being in a hurry. At this time, the plane was about to board and take off, and there was no time and place to repair the phone in a very short time, so we had to download some of the data to another mobile phone through the cloud disk in a limited time. To reluctantly resolve this embarrassing situation.

With the 5G super SIM card, all this will be different. If you pay attention to backup or are used to saving data to the super SIM card in daily life, after the phone is accidentally damaged, you can directly take out and install the 5G super SIM card into the new machine, select "decryption recovery" in the super SIM card APP, and transfer the information, call records, notepad, contacts, photos, applications and other data backed up to the super SIM card to the new mobile phone, which is done during the flight. In this way, users can achieve seamless docking of data and face the work calmly.

Local storage to effectively ensure privacy and security.

When the editor used the network disk in the early years, he would keep the important data in the network disk, but after the network disk was stolen, he found that many important data stored in the network disk were lost, so he formed the habit of backing up the data locally. However, it is relatively troublesome to transfer mobile phone transmission to a computer or hard disk. With a 5G super SIM card, you can store important data directly without having to worry about security.

For the security of the 5G Super SIM card, Xiaobian is very relieved, because this product uses a high-performance security chip developed by Ziguang, which has passed the international CC EAL6+, domestic ISCCC EAL4+ security certification, UnionPay chip security certification, national secret algorithm secondary certification and many other authoritative qualifications certification, the security level is comparable to the bank-grade products. And the use of high-quality storage particles and industrial-grade M2M products the same packaging process, with high durability and stability.

In this way, the daily use of the data will be stored in the 5G super SIM card, unless the physical level of damage, the data will not be lost and stolen, so that the data is really in their own hands.

The emergence of 5G super SIM card not only solves the problems of user data backup, transmission and replacement, but also solves the problem of insufficient memory space of some mobile phones and the dilemma of online storage. In terms of experience, the 5G super SIM card is fully compatible with the 5G/4G/3G/2G network, supports storage and communication functions, and is protected by financial-grade security chips, making users feel at ease to use and change the machine, and become a private data center in the 5G era.

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