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Home > Tech News > Does the Aqara N100 smart door locks worth buying?
Does the Aqara N100 smart door locks worth buying?

Does the Aqara N100 smart door locks worth buying?

By  Anatola Perna 2019-12-28 1976 5

"sharing" is an unavoidable topic for many people wandering in first-tier cities, whether through long-term rented apartments or real estate agents, they will always meet strangers, and the room you live in will become your own reserve. Between opening and closing the door, the two worlds are connected.

If the room door becomes the dividing line between the two worlds, the door lock is the key node to open and close the two worlds. Therefore, I have very high requirements for door locks. First of all, we must ensure absolute safety, because only this room is my own land in this strange city, so this piece of pure land is not allowed to be disturbed by anyone. Secondly, considering that you usually have to wash or carry out other activities in public areas, sometimes you may not be able to use the key to open the door or to open the door in person, so the way to open the door should be convenient and diversified. After all, for social animals, time is money. Finally, the cost of the transformation should be controlled within a certain range. Finally, I replaced the room door lock with Aqara smart door lock N100.

One of the reasons for choosing Aqara intelligent door lock N100:

Safety is an important reason for my consideration when I buy. In terms of security, Aqara intelligent door lock N100 compared with other brands of products, completely exceeded my expectations. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 not only integrates the security concept into the overall product design, but also wins my heart in the interaction.

It is understood that the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 carries out the design concept of "minimalist design, strong and durable". It adopts alloy integrated structure, is safe and strong enough, has the integrated panel design of scratch-resistant material of IML technology, and has enough strength to resist the black intermediary to dismantle the door lock.

 Unfortunately, in the course of using it, I encountered the case of being violently unlocked, when my phone received a reminder that the lock had been picked. This is because when the distance between the front panel of the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 and the facade is too large, not only the sound and light alarm of the door lock will be triggered, but also the app will push the remote alarm. Thanks to this function, I will inform the security guard and go home in time when I see the prompt to pick the lock, so as to avoid the loss of property.

Of course, in addition to timely reminders, straight plug-in C-level lock core and stainless steel lock body also played a big role. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 puts the straight plug core C-level lock core into the stainless steel lock body, so after the black intermediary removes the entire front panel, it is still facing the complete lock body with C-class lock core. At the same time, the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 also places the clutch inside the stainless steel lock body and places the main control on the rear panel, so even if the front panel is removed, the door lock cannot be opened. It also provided me with plenty of time to get home.

In fact, when renting a house, I saw the intermediary use a business card to unlock the door, so I immediately considered changing the lock after checking in. The Aqara smart door lock N100 adds corner tabs and is equipped with sensors for each latch, all of which can detect the state of ejection and folding. In addition, the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 also has a door handle action detection function, combined with the verified unlocking mode and tongue locking action, it can distinguish the operation, cooperate with the Bluetooth gateway, even if the person is outside, the lock status can be seen on the mobile phone App. 

The second reason for choosing Aqara intelligent door lock N100:

Why I chose Aqara intelligent door lock N100, in addition to the above security, the support of dual platforms, 7 major unlocking methods also deeply attracted me. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 supports fingerprint, password, temporary password, emergency key, NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth, HomeKit unlock a variety of ways. In daily use, I will use fingerprint unlock, convenient and fast, Aqara intelligent door lock N100 fingerprint identification module and the front panel door handle into one, as long as the finger up, you can obediently unlock, unlock directly press the door handle, you can open the door.

Every spring and autumn, my hands become prone to skin bursting, resulting in a great reduction in the success rate of fingerprint recognition. During the "sick" period of my fingers, I usually choose the password to open the lock. For convenience, I only set up a six-digit password. In fact, the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 can set 6mur10-digit passwords and support 20-digit virtual passwords. With the imaginary password, I am not afraid that other roommates will remember my door password when I open the lock.

As a lazy person who can lie down without standing, he will make an appointment with a cleaning aunt to clean the house every month. Previously, when I used a mechanical door lock, I could only wait for my aunt at home on weekends, and I couldn't do anything. Now with the Aqara intelligent door lock N100, make an appointment with the cleaning aunt during office hours, and send the one-time password directly, so that the aunt can use the one-time password to open the door. In addition to one-time passwords, the Aqara smart door lock N100 can also set periodic passwords, but I don't need this feature yet. If a friend comes to stay, you can try a periodic password.

Aqara intelligent door lock N100 can access App and HomeKit. After opening the Mijia App, select the door lock, enter the interface and press the lock for a long time, or add the Aqara smart door lock N100 to the iPhone "home". After selecting the door lock, you can unlock it.

Almost every weekend my girlfriend will come to the place where I live to spend time with her. In order to make it easier for her to get in and out, besides telling her the password and adding unlocked fingerprints for her. I also turned on the NFC unlock function for her Xiaomi phone and the 4 NFC version of Xiaomi bracelet. Now all she has to do is to switch her phone or watch to NFC-only swipe status, and then she can unlock it through NFC.

However, what I have been worried about is that, although there is a low power reminder, what if the door lock is out of power after a long trip. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 can be emergency power supply through portable battery, or the use of mechanical keys, the replacement of the battery after entering the door is good, it can be said that it is very thoughtful.

The third reason for choosing Aqara intelligent door lock N100

In addition to the above functions, the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 is the only product that supports dual platforms at present. It can be connected to App and HomeKit of Mijia. This is of great attraction to people like me who are full of smart home products at home. The dual platform is still very convenient, no matter whether I choose Xiaomi's products or Apple's products in the future.

At the same time, the front panel of the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 also has a security button, after setting the logic on the phone App, going out is a key to start the leave mode, you can turn off the lights, turn off the appliances, automatically start the camera, guard the safety of the home when I go out, and when I go home, you can wake up a warm home. You don't have to turn on your cell phone to do this anymore when you go out, and you don't have to worry about it. The

Aqara smart door lock N100 also integrates the doorbell into the panel so that when a roommate has a problem with me, he can directly click the doorbell on the panel, so I know someone is looking for it outside to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

N100 this lock really did not fail me, in life to bring me a lot of convenience. In the process of use, whether it is the seven ways to unlock, or the alarm function, have played a role. I also use Aqara intelligent door lock N100 in Mijia App and HomeKit to easily create a smart home ecological closed loop that can achieve rich linkage scenes. With this product, it saves me a lot of time and improves my life quality in an all-round way. I think it is a smart product that should be of due value to users.

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