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Home > Tech News > Eating barbecue like this in winter is not easy to cause cancer! Instead, I'm more worried about getting fat.
Eating barbecue like this in winter is not easy to cause cancer! Instead, I'm more worried about getting fat.

Eating barbecue like this in winter is not easy to cause cancer! Instead, I'm more worried about getting fat.

By  Matty Logan 2020-02-27 1589 18

[PConline Information] eating something cool in hot days is called relieving summer heat, while eating something hot in cold days is called warming up. As the weather gets colder, have some barbecue, eat some hot pot, friends and colleagues meet for a few drinks. Well, it's a good choice.

It doesn't matter whether you are fat or not. If you get fat in winter, you will lose more in spring, summer and autumn. Anyway, no one wants to move when it's cold. A cold day can save one calorie is one calorie. But there are also some foodie friends who are very health conscious, often after you ask him to eat barbecue, hot pot and other delicacies, wipe your mouth and tell you: "I heard that this barbecue is carcinogenic!" Eat less in the future! "

In fact, such a "rumor", ah, spread quite fiercely. Let me make it clear to you that this is not a rumor. It is true. In this way, some foodie friends began to panic, "finished, have eaten so much barbecue, I am afraid this cancer must be determined." But if a real barbecue has the "effect" of causing cancer, who dares to sell it? In fact, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic has a lot to do with your cooking methods, but you really can't beat the barbecue to death with a single blow.

Prior to this, there are professional experimental institutions that have done research. They randomly buy chicken wings on the market and bake them in ovens at 180 degrees Celsius (medium and high temperature) and 230 degrees Celsius (high temperature) for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Remove the chicken wings from the bones and break them in the machine. Then, n-hexane solvent was added to extract benzopyrene. Then concentrate with a rotary evaporator. Then, the impurities are removed by a benzopyrene special column. Finally, the content of benzopyrene was determined by liquid chromatography.

The results showed that the contents of benzopyrene in the samples baked at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes were: undetected, 1.2 μ g / kg, 3.6 μ g / kg;, respectively. The contents of benzopyrene in the three samples were undetected, 2.0 μ g / kg and 5.4 μ g / kg, respectively. the results showed that the contents of benzopyrene in the samples baked at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes were undetected, 1.2 μ g / kg and 3.6 μ g / kg, respectively.

So,There is no benzopyrene in the freshly baked food, the more paste it is, the higher the content of benzopyrene is!At this point, many people don't understand what this thing called benzopyrene has to do with carcinogenesis. Since I don't know him, I have to introduce you to this guy who is far away and close at hand. Benzo pyrene (barium ng b) is a kind of common indirect carcinogen and mutant with high activity. It is a kind of organic compound with obvious carcinogenic effect. It is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compound formed by the combination of a benzene ring and a pyrene molecule.

At present, more than 400 kinds of major carcinogens have been detected, more than half of which belong to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Among them, benzopyrene is a strong carcinogen. Benzopyrene can be found in smoking smoke, high-temperature vegetable oils that have been used many times, foods that are scorched, and foods that are fried to paste.

Studies have shown that when the content of benzopyrene in the living environment increases by 1%, the death rate of lung cancer increases by 5%. But benzopyrene does not exist only in burnt barbecue, smoking smoke, high-temperature vegetable oil used many times, and cooked food. it also widely appears in coal tar, all kinds of carbon black and coal, oil and other combustion smoke, as well as coking, oil refining, asphalt, plastics and other industrial sewage.

After knowing what Benzo pyrene is, will you be afraid to eat barbecue in the future? Don't be afraid, as long as it doesn't burn, there's nothing wrong with it, but although the barbecue is fragrant, you have to control the frequency of eating, once or twice.

Of course, there are also friends who switch to hot pot, for those who eat hot pot, I still have to interrupt here, there are many people like to eat hot pot, do not think hot mouth is not delicious. In fact, long-term consumption of hot food or drinking more hot water is a bad eating habit, because hot food will damage the esophagus, which can easily lead to esophageal cancer. But as long as you blow or cool before eating, take the appropriate temperature.

In fact, I don't mean to scare you, just to help you avoid these seemingly unimportant health problems. However, it is inevitable that there are friends who love barbecue. I can recommend to you that a good guy who can have a barbecue at home will not be reduced to gray products all the year round.

The reason why this family electric baking tray is introduced is that it is convenient, first of all, the location is convenient (just have a socket), and then it is easy to operate (what you want to eat on the baking pan, as long as it is not burnt). Finally, it is convenient to clean (just scrub and wash casually, and the cleaning area is small). The best thing is that there is no lampblack, and the whole room will not smell like lampblack. It is still not recommended to use charcoal or firewood for barbecue, because the fuel used for smoking and roasting, charcoal and dry wood, will contain a lot of benzo pyrene, and then burn the food, which is really poisoned and poisoned.

In addition to the electric grill, the household self-rotating grill is also a necessary artifact of "gang ganging". This kind of rotary grill can automatically set the temperature, there is also no oil fume, and grilled chicken wings can be easily done in 15 minutes.

There is also a kind of infrared heating barbecue machine is also very good, it can be said to restore the real "charcoal roast" to a great extent, the temperature of infrared heating can go above 1000 degrees, infrared rays penetrate the food and quickly cook the food, while retaining the original flavor, without scorching, this process is really great!

Well, having said so much, we should know that eating too much barbecue can be very unhealthy. But compared to the carcinogenicity caused by barbecue! I think I am more afraid of getting fat. After all, "fat" is also recognized as a common disease with great harm in the world. So here I still suggest that everyone, do not forget to eat out more exercise, pay attention to a reasonable diet, have a healthy body is better than anything else.

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